The major responsibilities of theĀ  HMFS Board are to serve as stewards for the organization in the fulfillment of its mission and to monitor its financial health. Individual board members are expected to attend board meetings or to send a written proxy when they are absent.

Each board member serves on one or more committees, and these committees may have meetings at other times and places. All board members are expected to serve on the MoonDance committee, which holds separate meetings. Board members pay regular admission and lodging fees for all dances and weekends. Board members who register for MoonDance in a timely fashion will be assured of cabin space if desired.

For every dance at River Falls Lodge,one board member takes responsibility for opening and closing, coordinating the work of volunteers, collecting and distributing money,making announcements, etc. New board members will learn these responsibilities first by signing up to assist an experienced board member. If a board member cannot attend a dance that he is scheduled to open/close, it is that person's responsibility to trade dates with another board member.

A lot of information is circulated among board members by board-only email; however, important matters requiring discussion, vote, or consensus generally are dealt with at meetings.

As you can see, serving on the board is a big responsibility! It's also rewarding to know that we are making it possible for people to enjoy dancing in a safe and friendly atmosphere.