Board Meeting: January 5,2008

Place: River Falls Lodge

Present: Jimmy Smith, David White, Jerry Vice, John Bryson, June Glenn, Frank Farmer, Wayne Richard,Tammy Miller, Neil Cross, Jennie Wakefield, Catherine Scott

Meeting began at 3:10 pm


- David thanked the movers of the old outdoor equipment (ice machine, dtc.) that were hauled off to the landfill.
-Thanked the Web Review committee for their work gathering information.
-Thanked Jerry and Wayne for their work in preparing for water fountain installation.
-Thanked Wayne for working on the bathroom repairs, etc,.
- Jerry acknowledged David for his work on preparing agendas for the board meetings.
- John acknowledged Teresa Wilson for her patience with meetings as she takes minutes.
Robert’s Rules of Order

Robert's Rules of Order

Wayne handed out and presented a primer on Robert’s Rules.
An ex-officio member is someone who is already a member of an existing committee.
An honorary member is one who is non-voting. While motions should primarily be prepared ahead of time and written down and read when presented, it was added that motions can be verbal, allowing for some spontaneity.



John moved to accept the minutes as read, Wayne seconded. All Approved.


Scheduling Meetings

It was suggested that meetings should not be held on first Saturdays as it presents a conflict with already scheduled Food Co-op meetings which Teresa attends.There is a preference for afternoon meetings.

Old Business

Report on Monster Mash - Catherine reported on the positives and negatives of hosting the Monster Mash. It was agreed that a detailed report would be sent out with a proposed alternative to the Monster Mash for the future.


Jimmy is presently responsible for keeping up the website for HMFS. His term is up in September. While he will not continue as a board member, he would like to continue working the website. There is a desire by the committee to have more that one person be able to make changes if necessary.

The Website Committee consists of Jimmy, Jennie, and Jennifer. Due to Jennifer being sick and absent from the meeting, Jennie made the presentation of their information finding to date. It was presented as a handout. No decisions were made other than they will continue to research the possibilities of having the site done professionally.

Inappropriate Behavior

The Inappropriate Behavior Committee consists of Jimmy, Jennifer, and Jennie.The committee had a handout prepared regarding recommendaations that address inappropriate behavior.Their hard work was acknowledged. A motion was put forth: The (Inappropriate Behavior) Committee move the board accept the Inappropriate Behavior Policy as written. Discussion was started. Due to time constraints, Wayne made a motion for the discussion to be tabled for now. Tammy seconded the motion. It was decided that discussion continue by email.

Leon Chapman Benefit

The Leon Chapman Benfit Dance Committee consists of David, John, and Tammy. An update will occur later.



Jerry presented a summary of the budget. A request was made to include moondance in the update.



Jerry discussed progress on RFL signs. A target for sign completion was set for one month.

Jerry and Wayne discussed water fountains. A motion was made to purchase up to 2 water fountains for installation at River Falls. The motion was seconded and approved.

Wayne discussed toilet draining procedures and how much washer fluid to add.


Band/Caller Payment Guidelines

A motion was put forth: Jerry Vice made a motion to remove all exceptions to minimum payment guidelines for future bookings, specifically these exceptions: Friday dance, Sunday dance, and touring bands for the Y dance. That is, all RFL dances will have the same minimum $100 payment with maximum $200 and there will be no extra payment for special bands. Discussion began.The purpose is to assure that more dances break even or make a profit. Catherine seconded the motion. It was approved.


Y Dance

A motion was made by the Y Dance committee that:

“The admission fee for the Y Dance, starting in February 2008, will be

 $5  for 14-17 year olds, and $8 for adults.” Motion was approved. No second was needed since it was a committee motion.


A motion was made by Jennie Wakefield:

“The time of the Y dance will now be 7 pm for beginner’s lessons. The dance itself will be from 7:30 until 10 pm, beginning in February 2008.”  The motion was seconded by John Bryson. The motion was approved.


An amendment to the by-laws was passed that would allow for youth representatives to be on the board. *The motion is to amend Article III of our by-laws with the addition of a new section, entitiled "Youth Representatives."
Under "Youth Representatives" it shall read:
"In addition to the 12-15 members of the HMFS board, the board of directors may elect 'youth representatives' to serve as voting members of the board of directors. Youth representatives do not contribute to the quorum. Youth representatives must attend or have attended a local high school or college in the past year. Youth representatives will serve 1-year terms and a maximum of 3 consecutive terms. Youth Representatives will participate in board meetings and serve on a committee of interest to them."This was emailed to the board on November 19, 2007.

Minutes completed by Catherine Scott and David White

Next meeting : Sunday February 24th, 2008, 3:00pm at Jennie Wakefield’s house.

The meeting adjourned at 5:45 pm.



Board Meeting: February 24, 2008

Jennie Wakefield’s House

David White, Tammy Miller, Dwayne Plaisted, Teresa Wilson, Wayne Richard, John Bryson, Jerry Vice, Jimmy Smith, Catherine Scott, Jennifer Whiting, Neil Cross, Jennie Wakefield, Elaine Robson, June Glenn
Absent: Frank Farmer
Guests: Anna Rowe, Chris Bueker

Meeting began at 3:10 pm.

David’s acknowledgements:
Thanks to all who participated in the WYFF filming of contra-dancing at RFL
Thanks to Catherine for recording the minutes the last meeting.

Due to confusion, the corrections David made to the minutes from the last meeting in January were not added to the original minutes and re-submitted to the Board for review. David and Catherine will get together and re-submit the minutes. After board members have had time to review the minutes, we agreed to vote on-line to accept the revised minutes.

Old Business:
Inappropriate behavior. The detailed policy is attached to the minutes as Attachment A. To summarize the committees suggestions:

1) Most problems can (and should be) dealt with on the spot, by the host and/or other board members present
2) Violation of personal space and/or inappropriate verbal harassment violates the policy
3) Need formal compliant from the offendee for board to be involved, then board talks to offender.
4)See policy for strikes 1 - 3.
5) Post policy on the web.
6)Last ban is permanent.
7)Policy: Committee makes motion to accept the Inappropriate Behavior Policy as written.
Ayes - 11; Oppose - 2.

New Business:
Finance. Current bank balance = $10,287.

Jerry thanked Elaine (for hosting and providing lunch) and Wayne for spending 4 hours with him in working on the 2008 budget. Jerry handed out copies of the 2008 budget. Included this year will be a Flexible Fund category, to handle expenses like sound repairs/upgrades, emergencies, etc. The following budget items in the Flexible Fund category were voted on separately before voting on the entire budget.

The Y-dance budget was discussed separately bulk of which is already committed, includes fundraiser in Nov to help with funding Y dance; plan is to hire local bands/callers, limit $200 total per band/caller. Every 4th dance, we will budget $300 for band/caller. The Y-committee is not asking for anymore than allocated, since they are taking means to reduce the cost per dance, have received some funding from a local grant, and potential monies from the benefit this fall. The Finance committee made the motion to accept the Y-dance budget as presented.
Ayes - 11; Oppose - 2.

Also included in the 2008 budget is for upgrading the website. Two proposals have been submitted: from Kurt Stevens and Blake ??. The committee made the motion to accept Kurt’s proposal for $1000.
Ayes - 12, Oppose - 1

The Finance committee makes a motion to accept the budget as presented
Ayes - 13; Oppose - 0;

Elaine goes over the new payout sheet and a change in handling the money bags.
Important: New procedure for handling the money bags at the end of the dance
1) Count $150 start money (preferably 100 - $1, 10 - $5)
2) Replenish $150 emergency ones from the night’s take
3) Count rest of money - this is the dance income
4) Follow new payout sheet to determine shares.

Trash pick-up: the waste management company will not empty the green trash can if there is lose trash. Recommend moving the trash away from the gate BEFORE the dance starts.

Funding for capital improvements: Sound equipment. Sound committee will inventory sound equipment with Weogo. Initially bass speakers will need to be replaced. A mobile back-up system is needed. Recommend holding current flexible sound budget in reserve and make recommendations for purchase in 2009.

Benefit Dances:
Crossnore: in memory of Leon ( March 1)
GoTigers: hosted by a Clemson University group w/ Megan Witcher planning (April 12)
Discussion ensued on if/how much HMFS will charge for benefits. Committee will reconsider and make a motion.

Nominating Committee:
Nominating committee nominates Anna Rowe as youth representative to serve for 1 year.
Ayes - 13, Oppose - 0

Next meeting: April 19, 2008 at RFL 3:30-6:00
Tammy moved to adjourn. Neil seconded.
Meeting adjourned at 5:49 pm

Attachment A. Inappropriate Behavior Policy Proposal 
Recommendations that address "Inappropriate Behavior"
Short-term special committee: Jennie Wakefield, Jimmy Smith, Jennifer Whiting.
requested to 
1. Develop a poster that clearly states what is inappropriate behavior (IB). 
2. If deemed necessary, complete something like the three strikes policy that we started but never 
3. Develop more clear language for hosts making announcements. 
4. Present these and other proposals for approval at the next meeting. 
This document recommends policy pertaining to 
-a poster, 
-announcement language, 
- a Three-Strikes-You’re-Out policy, 
-communication of that policy on the website 
1. Poster 
The poster already on view at River Falls, written by Caroline Quinn, addresses sexually suggestive 
dancing (IB) as well as wild dancing. The committee believes the poster sufficiently clarifies what IB on 
the dance floor is. Its overall language emphasizes and takes for granted that contra dancers are 
responsible, considerate people, a positive approach that we believe is key to attracting and keeping those 
responsible considerate dancers. An additional poster pertaining specifically to conduct would be an 
overstatement. Therefore, we do not recommend an additional poster. We do recommend creating a new 
poster, or revising the one we have, that reflects the policy as stated in this document. That would alter 
the last sentence of item 8 (see below) to, "Dancers who exhibit offensive behavior repeatedly will be 
asked to stay away from the dance." 
For your information, the language as Caroline wrote it is as follows: 
Some love to twirl, some don't. Some prefer a good ole curtsey turn to a twirl, so be 
considerate on the dance floor. This is mainly addressed to men because men are typically the 
twirlers (vs. the twirlees). A woman should be given the opportunity to twirl, not be twirled by 
her partner. A forced or "cranked" twirl can be quite uncomfortable. After your partner twirls, it 
is your responsibility to help her become oriented towards the next move. In other words, don't 
"twirl 'em and leave 'em"! 
About that swing: Be respectful of the person you are swinging. Do not dance or swing too 
closely (as in pressing yourself against your partner) or dance suggestively unless you are 
absolutely sure your fellow dancer wants you to dance/swing with them like that. Never do so 
with a minor or newcomer. 
If a fellow dancer does anything to you that you deem inappropriate, let them know. If you 
cannot tell them during the dance, then do so afterwards. If they continue, notify the dance 
organizers. Dancers who exhibit offensive behavior repeatedly will be asked to leave. 
2. Announcement 
We have developed a script that we recommend be read from the stage once a month during 
announcements by two people, one man and one woman, preferably board members. We have identified 
two groups of people who would benefit from the announcement: (1) women or men who perceive that 
sexually suggestive behavior is the norm at RFL and feel pressure to accept it, (2) women or men who 
exhibit sexually suggestive behavior and think it’s appropriate. 
We suggest one male and one female because diverse voices would convey a stance of no-nonsense 
paternal supervision, as well as a stance of instructive maternal caring, and would call attention to the 
We recommend making the announcement only on the first Saturday dance. Any more than that would 
construct the problem as out-of-hand when it isn’t. 
The script is as follows (the speakers should wait until everyone is quiet to begin): 
She: We know that contra is a playful, flirtatious dance form. However, if you’re offended by 
someone’s behavior - and you’re uncomfortable asserting yourself to that person - please let the 
dance organizers know. 
He: And if someone lets YOU know that your behavior has been offensive, please accept 
responsibility for your part in that and rein it in. Contra dance is a clean, secure, relaxed, 
multigenerational social dance form. Please do your part to keep it that way for us all. 
3. Three-Strikes Policy 
The policy is a way to deal with perceived violations of personal space and/or verbal sexual harassment. 
The policy does not apply to uncontrolled, inconsiderate dancing; inappropriate costumes or dress; or 
public drunkenness. These behaviors should be dealt with on the spot at the dance, either by the caller or 
the dance organizers. However, multiple behaviors of this nature will be dealt with at the discretion of the 
board, as will other behavior not mentioned here. 
We define the scenario of personal space and/or verbal sexual harassment-violations this way: 
a. An offense happens. 
b. The offendee complains to a board member, who then speaks to the offender (if the offendee 
speaks to the offender personally, the strike scenario is not invoked. The strike scenario is 
invoked only when the offendee complains to a board member). 
c. The offending behavior continues. 
d. The board then informs the offender that he/she has Strike 1 (2 month suspension from HM 
If that entire scenario is repeated, the board then calls Strike 2 (4-6 month suspension from HM 
If that entire scenario is again repeated, the board then calls Strike 3 (permanent ban from HM 
This procedure assures that an offender always gets a warning before getting a strike and gives the 
individual plenty of opportunity to modify his/her behavior. It also protects the offender from a 
vindictive accuser. 
When someone from the board informs the offender of the strike, the board member should note that this 
is an official action by the Board and should encourage the offender to modify his/her behavior. 
4. Website info on IB 
We recommend that the website statement of Conduct remain as it is and that the following policy be 
stated on the website under a section on Board Policies: 
When a dancer believes that his/her personal space has been violated or that he/she has been 
verbally sexually harassed, and that dancer complains to the Board, the Board will take action 
against the offender by following this Three-Strikes-You’re-Out scenario: 
a. The offense happens. 
b. The offendee complains to a board member, who then speaks to the offender (if the 
offendee speaks to the offender personally, the strike scenario is not invoked). 
c. The offense continues. 
d. The board may then inform the offender that he/she has Strike 1 (2 month suspension 
from HM dances) 
If that entire scenario is repeated, the board then calls Strike 2 (4-6 month suspension from HM 
dances). If that entire scenario is again repeated, the board then calls Strike 3 (permanent ban 
from HM dances). 
We do not recommend any additional references to IB on the website. 

HMFS Board Meeting
Elaine & Peter’s Manor
20 July 2008

Present: David White, Tammy Miller, Teresa Wilson, Wayne Richard, John Bryson, Jimmy
Smith, Catherine Scott, Elaine Robson, Anna Rowe, Jennifer Whiting, Neil Cross, Jennie
Wakefield, Dwayne Plaisted
Absent: Frank Farmer, June Glenn

Meeting was called to order at 3:45 pm.


David’s acknowledged :

• Wayne and Jerry for helping to reduce our carbon footprint by installing water fountains so
  we no longer buy cups
• Wayne for installing paper towel dispensers in the restrooms
• Website committee and Kurt for the new and improved website
• “New” callers and musicians who participated and assisted in creating a successful
  “Community Caller/Band” Y dance
• Moondance committee: Catherine/Theresa/Gari as co-chairs, Anna for the flyer, John for
  website registration for camping
• June for arranging callers and bands for Monster Mash
• Elaine for simplicity and clarity on finances and handling money at a dance

Wayne moved to accept the minutes as published. John seconded. Motion carried.

Old Business

Resignation: David accepted Jerry’s formal resignation from the Board.

Policy -Jimmy on behalf of the Policy Committee recommended to accept the following
addition/correction to the policies:

Dance, festival, performing and visual arts materials may be displayed at HMFS
sponsored activities.

During discussion, some one suggested prefacing with “Only” for clarity. The policy was
changed to:

Only dance, festival, performing and visual arts materials may be displayed at HMFS
sponsored activities.

Jimmy moved to accept this policy. Catherine seconded. One opposed. Motion carried.

Caller instruction – David has updated some of the information on the website, which he has
emailed to the Board previously. Tammy moves to accept revisions to caller instruction on the
website. Jennifer seconds. Motion carried.

CCD video links – We will add the CCD instruction video link to our website. Also suggested to
have “take home” handouts at RFL and the Y. Tammy agreed to make the handouts.

New Business

Nominating Committee.

• Wayne has accepted the chair of nominating committee beginning immediately.
• By-laws state September and October as beginning dates for new Board members. We will
go with the October date, as we have been doing in the past.
• The Committee re-nominates Wayne and Neil for another 3 year term. Wayne accepts. Neil
is still considering. On behalf of the committee, John moves Wayne be re-nominated.
Motion carried.
• On behalf of the committee, John moves Anna Rowe be nominated to the Board. Motion
Officer Elections

The slate presented:

President – David White

Vice-president – John Bryson

Secretary – Anna Rowe and Frank Farmer

Treasurer – Wayne Richard

Secret ballot results and officers approved:

President – David White

Vice-president – John Bryson

Secretary – Anna Rowe

Treasurer – Wayne Richard

Finance. The checking balance is $11,529. Profit for the first half of 2008 = $596. Elaine handed
out the half-year report (see attachment) of expenses vs budget. This does not include any
Moondance income, as we have not deposited any as of 30 June 2008. The bottom line is we’ve
taken in more income than we projected in the budget which has covered expenses that exceeded
the budget, thus leaving us with a small profit of $596. David acknowledged Elaine for all the
hard work she’s put into creating clarity in regards to financial aspects.

HMFS Committees – David passed out the Committee list with current chairs and members.
With some rotating off the Board and a few others on numerous committees, there are some
openings available. Chairs to be filled: Governance, Finance, Volunteer Coordination, Facilities,
and Public Relations.

Break: 5:15-5:20

Check-in with remaining committees (the minutes only include those who had contributions to
Building/Maintenance: Bathrooms and fans need maintenance.
Special events committee : June is continuing to work on Monster Mash.
Moondance committee

Need 50 more men; $10 late registration fee now applicable; cabins have less bunks due to

remodeling by the park, thus some may not get into cabins because of request for single beds;

scholarship person needed; need 16 dozen more eggs; John and Jennifer are doing lights; more

attenuation needed to replace what’s at the Y; Harriett will cater dinner
Next Moondance meeting : 8 Aug 2007 @ 6pm at RFL before the advance dance.

Advance dance – make announcements clear that Advanced dance is for those who have been
dancing for awhile and feel comfortable dancing without walk throughs.

Y- Dance-Having a successful year w/ good attendance and staying with budget and payment
plan. Steve Walker should be paid $150 for sound since he drives from Mt. Rest.

Volunteer committee – reviewed the requirements to volunteer. Clarified confusion that progam
is for RFL only on Saturday dances and not the Y, though we could certainly consider
developing a program for the Y.

Booking/callers – any questions/concerns contact David

Sound Committee: John is the new chair of this committee. Immediate attention of the committee
is sound attenuation as related to Moondance and the Y.

Next meeting: 21 Sept 2008 @ 3:30-4:15, Moondance follow-up, party @ 4:30 at David’s house
in Pickens.

Tammy moved the meeting be adjourned. Dwayne seconded. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm


Board Meeting: April 19, 2008
Place: River Falls Lodge
Present: David White, Tammy Miller, Teresa Wilson, Wayne Richard, John Bryson, Jimmy Smith, Catherine Scott, Elaine Robson, June Glenn, Frank Farmer, Anna Rowe
Absent: Jerry Vice, Jennifer Whiting, Neil Cross, Jennie Wakefield, Dwayne Plaisted

Meeting was called to order at 3:35 pm.

David’s acknowledged those who helped with the benefit, those who were instrumental in organizing and participating in the callers collective and Wayne for installation of the two water fountains.
Welcomed Anna Rowe as a student representative on the Board.

Wayne moved to accept the January and February minutes. Tammy seconded. All approved.

Old Business
Benefits/donations - To make the email votes official, Wayne moved we accept the following 4 email votes for the record:
Charge for benefits: Crossnore ($0), Tigers Go ($75)
Charge and approval for Sunday Bryson/Farmer sponsored dance ($16)
Donate $50 to Callers Collective
Donate $50 to Eve Carson Memorial
Tammy seconded. All approved.

Previous minutes do not show the board voting on several policies that are on our web site. Two policies in specific are the callers responsibilities and publicity on table. All should review the policies included in Appendix A. Send comments/suggestions to David for clarification of callers responsibility. Email Jimmy for comments/suggestions for appropriate wording for what to include (or not) on the table inside the door.

David and Jerry are working on developing a resolution for his potentially reconsidering and remaining on the board.

New Business
Finance. Current bank balance = $9,300
Elaine handed out the first quarter report of listing expenses vs budget. Elaine will be creating quarterly reports from now on to hand out at meetings.

Public Relations
Jimmy is working with Kurt on redesigning the web site. We paid out $500 up front and the other $500 will be paid out upon completion. Kurt is hoping to finish within the month.

Phone message had not been updated in a few months. Catherine updated the message and will continue through June. John will update the messages regularly July - Dec 2008.
Due to the success of the two water fountains, Wayne moves that HMFS purchase two (2)additional drinking fountains at the cost of approximately $200 each. All approved.
John will post sign for dancers to bring their own drinking vessels.
Signs: Tammy brought the 2 small signs today. Will try to finish the 2 larger ones within a month.
Wayne will continue with electrical in the dance hall and plumbing in the restrooms as he has time.

Special events committee (includes benefits, Monster Mash)
The committee moves to continue Monster Mash as we have in the past (afternoon and night dance) and drop the registration process. All approved. Note: the cost will still be $15.

Moondance committee
Next meeting at 4pm at RFL (before the regular dance that night).

Y-Dance committee
David reported for Jennie. The committee moved the Y-dance payment formula be amended so that any money above expenses (band, caller, rent, sound, etc) will be halved between HMFS and Y dance. The Y dance share will be split among caller and band.
Discussion: bookkeeping cumbersome, profit should be kept by Y dance for nights no profit is made i.e, reinvest profit into dance, Y dance should be potentially autonomous, treasurer recommends leaving as is.
Yes - 7, No-7. Tie breaker by chair: David thoughtfully suggested more thought needs to go into amending the payment formula.
Committee will investigate Steve Walker for sound.
Jennie wants beginner session 1 on 1.

Volunteer committee
No one seems to be interested in volunteering. June will get with Teresa with some ideas.

Booking/callers - any questions/concerns contact David

Nominating Committee
Moves to nominate Ethan Hummel as a high school student representative. All approve.

Next meeting: July 20, 2008 @ 3:30-6:00, potluck following. Location TBA.

Meeting adjourned at 5:55 pm

Appendix A
Publicity Materials at River Falls Lodge
Only dance materials may be displayed on the publicity table and at other areas at River Falls Lodge. (Approved March 28, 2004)

Beginners Dance Session - Caller Responsibility
Callers should be prepared to lead or coordinate the beginners dance session at 7:30, with the help of experienced dancers. We have a flexible policy based on numbers of beginners - if the teaching is going well with the experienced dancers, then the caller simply is a participant/coordinator in the teaching. If, the beginners overwhelm the number of experienced dancers, then the caller takes charge. The caller and host can decide if direct involvement is needed. At 7:45, the caller has the option of stepping in and leading the rest of the session, depending on the need. The use of experienced dancers supports the caller's instruction and gives beginners an experienced partner for the first or second dance. (Approved December 2, 2006)



HMFS Board Meeting - 3:30 - 4:30 - David White's House

Present: David White, Elaine Robson, Dwayne Plaisted, Teresa Wilson, Wayne Richard, John Bryson, Catherine Scott, Anna Rowe, Ethan Hummel, Jennie Wakefield.

Absent: Jimmy Smith, Neil Cross, Jennifer Whiting,  Tammy Miller, Frank Farmer

Meeting called to order at 3:50 pm.


David welcomed Ethan Hummel to the Board as our newest youth representative.


David thanked all those involved in Moondance for making it another wonderful success (saved individual kudos for Moondance meeting following this Board meeting).

David acknowledged the two Board members present who were rotating off: Elaine, for the organization of the finances and diligent Treasurer; Teresa, for serving as Secretary and work on the Volunteer Committee.


Due to confusion of the nominating committee motions recorded in the 20 July minutes, the following amendments were made restating the motions as they should have been recorded:

The nominating committee makes a motion that the Board vote on Wayne Richard as a candidate for Board membership in the Harvest Moon Folk Society.

The nominating committee makes a motion that the Board vote on Anna Rowe as a candidate for Board membership in the Harvest Moon Folk Society.

Dwayne moved we approve the 20 July minutes as amended. Wayne seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Nominating Committee

 On behalf of the Nominating Committee, Wayne made a motion that the Board vote on Tamara McGovern as candidate for Board membership in the Harvest Moon Folk Society. The motion passed.

Sound Committee

OFB wants to use the Moondance sound panels at their new venue. The sound committee will develop a plan to be presented to the Board at a later date.


HMFS has a $24,250 bank balance. Soon we will be spending $8000 for reserving Table Rock (the barn, campsite, cabins) for Moondance 2009. 

Moondance 2008 netted $2337+ (recent deposits were not included in this figure).

Y-dance has netted $1260 (YTD).

Friday advance dance has netted $906 (YTD).

Saturday dance has netted $7006 (through Jan-Aug 2008).

Major expenses have been in repairs and maintenance and professional fees.

Next Meeting

RFL, 22 Nov 2008, 3-6pm followed by potluck and the dance.

John moved the meeting be adjourned. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 4:36 pm.