Board Meeting: January 20, 2007

Present: David White, Wayne Richard, Jimmy Smith, John Bryson, Janet Swell, Dwayne Plaisted, Elaine Robson, Jerry Vice, Theresa Pizutto, Cathy Scott, Neil Cross & Tammy Miller

Absent: Teresa Wilson

Guests: Leon Chapman


  • Team leader, Wayne, and volunteers who helped with the work day on Jan. 13th
  • Jimmy for all his web site work and improvements
  • Those who worked on getting the Hotline established and set up and the inclement weather policy drafted (Jerry, Elaine and Janet)
  • Jerry for donating furniture to RFL and taking care of some of the old furniture
  • Elaine’s work as treasurer
  • David for his hard work and leadership


Minutes from the Dec. 2nd board meeting were approved with one correction: The Monster Mash profit was corrected to $288 by Elaine. Wayne/Elaine accepted minutes with change noted.

Volunteer Coordinator Policy:

Theresa P. passed out the Volunteer Policy Proposal developed by the volunteer committee (Theresa P., Teresa W. and Wayne). The volunteers would open and close for the dances and in return, free dance(s) would be offered. The proposal outlined the responsibilities of the volunteers and the board member hosts for the evening.

  • Jerry: Asked why we are recruiting volunteers. Theresa explained it would help with the opening/closing process and it would mean no one would have to do it alone. It could be of assistance to those who need it to get in dances similar to a scholarship.
  • Wayne: Asked if a board member is expected to stay from opening through closing on the dances they host? At First it would be a good idea until volunteers are trained.
  • Cathy: It would be good to pair a new volunteer with an old one to help with the learning curve.
  • David: Volunteer may need to shadow first.
  • Cathy: If we were able to have 4 volunteers for each dance it would translate into $64 loss at the door.
  • Wayne: Suggested we put out a general announcement recruiting volunteers knowing that the details will evolve over time.
  • John: Thought the volunteer committee could work out how it will work and get back to the rest of the board.
  • General discussion on how many dances a volunteer would get based on shift(s) worked followed but in general it was decided that for each shift worked, a volunteer would get that dance free and one more. Would need coupon or some way for volunteers to cash in for free dance so that it could be monitored.

Motion - Made by John and seconded by Neil that we accept the volunteer policy as written. It was approved by the board. Jimmy will put information on the web site describing the policy.

Timeline - It was agreed to announce at dance tonight (1/20) with sign-up sheets at the door.

Board Perks:

Many options were discussed as to whether board members should get any perks:

  • Board members pay $50/year and get into dances free.
  • Moondance free for board members
  • "X" amount of coupons for being a board member which can be cashed in for free dances
  • Board members get same perks as volunteers for dances they open/close

Elaine - Suggested we look at how the use of volunteers affects our financial bottom-line before we offer perks to board members.

Vote - Was taken to see if Board Members should receive perks. 11 for and 1 against.


Weogo’s Rates and Rentals - Weogo has requested to be paid $20/hour to do research, repairs and errands as requested by the board. David would like to talk with Weogo to nail out details and have a written collaborative agreement and then come back to the board with this information. David will also get clarification of the mics we have (or will have) and the rental and usage arrangements we have with Weogo.

Wireless Mic - Weogo will purchase it for us per approval at the last board meeting.

Sound Insurance - Weogo itemized the sound equipment and it tallied up to $20,000. Our current insurance covers only $10,000 worth of sound equipment and Elaine asked whether we should increase it to cover its current worth. We are assuming that this would be replacement cost to get comparable equipment. A motion was made by Dwayne and seconded by Wayne that we increase our insurance to $20,000. He retracted that motion. Theresa P. made a motion and Tammy seconded it, that upon research, we get adequate insurance to cover equipment at replacement value. David will clarify whether Leon’s equipment is being used and whether it needs to be covered. All in favor/no one opposed.

Band/Booking/Callers - David asked for feedback on a couple of callers we have had call at recent dances. Discussion followed.

Nominating Committee:

John reported that we have two new ‘Youth’ chairs for the board. He stated that we need to come up with a mission for these positions. It was suggested that he and Tammy (the other committee member) work out the details and define what the seat does. Also they could suggest whether they are voting members and send email out to the other board members so we can discuss at next board meeting.

Finance Committee:

We have $9,276 in the bank account. Elaine passed out the proposed 2007 budget for us to discuss at the next board meeting. She also passed out dance attendance sheet.


Wayne reported on the work day last week that a lot was accomplished on the floor and furniture replacement. We will move ahead on the current list on upcoming work days. The next one is Saturday, Feb. 10th and again floor work will be emphasized.

Inclement Weather Policy:

Janet discussed the draft of the inclement weather policy. It was suggested that the policy be e-mailed to the board members for final comments this week.

Inappropriate Dancer Policy:

Jimmy requested that we postpone discussion of policy for ‘Inappropriate Dancers’ until the next board meeting.


The On-Line virtual sign up sheet for opening and closing was discussed. Comments that it was a great addition and was very helpful.

Monster Mash:

Cathy volunteered to co-host Monster Mash and will ask Janet to join her on this. David will still arrange the band/callers but can not be at the dance.

Board Meetings:

It was agreed to continue to do every other meeting at RF and have other meetings at the homes of board members on Friday nights or Sunday afternoons. The next meeting will be at Jimmy Smith’s house in Travelers Rest on Sunday, March 4th from 3-5:30 followed by a potluck.


Board Meeting: March 4, 2007

Present: David White, Elaine Robson, Janet Swell, Tammy Miller, Dwayne Plaisted, Teresa Wilson, Wayne Richard, John Bryson, Jerry Vice, Jimmy Smith, Catherine Scott, Neil Cross.

Absent: Theresa Pizzuto.

Guest: Jennie Wakefield


David thanked those involved in the quick action on crowd/beginner challenges. The colored tags seem to be working and allowing experience dancers to be aware of beginners and reaching out to assist.

David thanked Wayne for organizing the work days in January and February, as well as those who helped out not only from the board, but from the dance community at large. Wayne indicated that those not on the board who helped out were Chris Berg, Ezra Burns, Roger Burns, Shirley and David Wright and son.

David opened the floor for additional acknowledgement. Neil thanked Jimmy for being the web-keeper. Tammy thanked those who helped her open and close last week.


John wanted to add the following as an addition to the 20 January board meeting, so that it would be on record:

Under the agenda item "River Falls Purchase":

Elaine asked Leon "What would happen to RFL if you left us?"

Leon replied "Scott McCall is my heir, and he would end up with it."  Leon then said that he would "inject" into the will either replace Scott McCall with Charlie Shipman. Leon then explained how he set up RFL LLC as distinct from Another Time, Another Place LLC.

Elaine offered to pay legal fees to change the will.  Leon declined.


Wayne moved we approve the 20 January minutes with the addition. Tammy seconded the motion. All approve.

Effective Board Meetings

The following points were brought by David and others to guide us in being more effective in our meetings.

  • Talking about situations with less restrictions is sometimes good. There may be times we shift to hands only or the talking stick/ball to give every one the chance to be heard. Neil’s signing also forces us to comment one at a time.
  • Stick to the point, get to the bottom line, stay on topic. No need to elaborate or detailed explanation unless someone doesn’t understand. No need to reiterate details some one just has.
  • Respect each other by listening and respect the other’s time, intent: thoughtful contributions. Ask "Is it relevant?" before commenting.
  • Suggested that we limit the alcoholic beverage intake till after the meeting, may contribute to us remaining focused. General consensus agrees.
  • Showing up on time so the meeting to starts on time.

We decided to meet approximately every 6 weeks and if we follow the above guidelines should be able to complete all items on the agenda within 3 hours.

Volunteer Program

Wayne stated the program will officially begin on the 24 March dance. Teresa Wilson will be the primary coordinator with Wayne until someone chooses this as their volunteer duty.

Some clarification: The board member who is the host for the dance, will continue being the host from opening to closing, just as we have been for the past few years. Dancers will not be allowed to "show up" and volunteer at the dance that night (at least not initially). To maintain consistency and fairness, any one who would like to volunteer will need to talk with Wayne or Teresa W. first. Teresa W will be developing job duties for hosts and open/close volunteers, as well as special jobs, such as yard maintanence, supply helper, volunteer coordinator. All information regarding the volunteer program will be posted on the web site, as well as contact information.

The perk for the volunteer will be free admission to dance(s) depending on the duty requirements. For example, someone who chooses to help open, the first half of the dance, they will be working and be free to dance the last half of the dance that night (they are admitted free that night as well) and receive a coupon to be redeemed at a later regular dance of their choice. Everyone who works one crew on one night gets in one night for free (If someone wants to volunteer to open and close in the same night, they would get two free dances)

Elaine suggested we consider acknowledging Forrest and his son, David, for helping to open (filling water jugs) for the past year or so. John suggested asking if they would consider some free coupons.

Open/Close Issues

Catherine requested we have step-by-step instructions for turning on the heaters, preferably with instructions located at the heaters. Wayne will look into having the pilot updated for ease in turning on and will create the instructions.

Mentoring opening/closing for new board members. The current mentoring process seems too unorganized and confusing. Perhaps we need to rethink this process

Wayne would like to have localized instructions for the water turn on/off in the bathrooms as well. He and Tammy will work on this.

Booking/callers – no comments

Nominating committee

John proposes two youth chairs or representatives to serve on the board. Looking for students who will be spokesperson for their age group, i.e., high school and college. After discussion, it was decided that John, Wayne and Tammy will put together a proposal to present to the board.


We have approximately $11,600 in the checking account.

Elaine handed out a budget for 2007 and income/expenses for January/February 2007.Wayne made a motion that we accept the 2007 budget. Dwayne seconded. All approved.

Kudos to Elaine for creating output that is easy to read and understand!


Last dance, someone was dancing barefoot and cut his foot on a nail. We will post a sign at the door, Dance Barefoot at Your Own Risk.

Wayne stated that pine flooring wears out too fast due to dirt, sand being ground into the floor during dancing. He will come up with proposal for a walkway from the gate to the lodge and also a proposal for the cost of an oak floor.

Extend Our Reach

Several options for additional dances to complement the dances at RFL on Saturday nights.

Saluda, NC. Proposed by Neil.

    • Dance Hall available for $700/dance (if we schedule multiple dances), includes dance hall, sound equipment and sound man, heat/AC, bathrooms, nice wooden floor.
    • Capacity is more than the barn at Table Rock.
    • Available only on Fridays or Sundays.
    • Cost would be $1200 if one time

Discussion: prefer dances to remain in SC. We would need ~120 dancers to break even (at the $700 fee), is this feasible?

YWCA, Augusta Rd, Greenville, SC. Proposed by Jennie Wakefield and David.

  • Propose 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. (Y also available Fridays and 2nd Saturdays)
  • 3 month trial period
  • Rental - $200-250/dance
  • Additional cost – moving sound equipment (in addition to sound man’s share), possibly another $200-250100/100/dance
  • Jennie has volunteered to host several dances (and advertising), but would eventually like some compensation.
  • Eventually pay host $50 or more for hosting (so we won’t need board members to host)
  • Use volunteer program to help setup/close dance.
  • HMFS may have to subsidize first few dances
  • 7:30pm beginners session; 8-10:30 dance

Discussion: Why not Fridays? Some felt Wednesday would be better, as that’s the night dances were at the Handlebar and that worked out fine. We could go to Fridays if there is the demand for more dances at this venue. What is HMFS’ responsibility if successful? We’ll decide that after a 3 month review. Jennie will provide monthly updates. After a lively discussion, admission fees were decided as $7 for 18+, $4 for 14-17.

Tammy made the motion to try out the Wednesday night dance at the YWCA in Greenville as outlined in the proposal above, beginning the second Wednesday in April 2007 (11 April 2007), with the addition of the admission fees of $7 for 18+, $4 for 14-17. Dwayne seconded. Eight approved, none opposed, the rest were in abstention.

Clemson University. Jennie brought up that the Clemson Contra dance Club on campus will probably go away if they don’t find a faculty sponsor by the fall. The president of the club is having a difficult time finding students to help with dance. Jennie suggested HMFS "hold" the few hundred dollars the club has for future dances in Clemson. It was suggested that the Clemson student talk with Becky Walker at the Walhalla dance about working together. Jennie will relay the message and set up a meeting with the student and Becky. We decided to hold the money for the Clemson dance, if they want us to.

We decided to table sponsoring the Clemson dance or a dance in Saluda and focus on the Y dance.


Catherine suggested we no longer mail out the dance schedule, since the information is quickly outdated. Instead the publicity committee proposed to provide paper copies with a 4 month schedule at the dance and for handouts at other dances. The web schedule will always be current. Moondance flyers will continue to be mailed out. One more mailing will go out with a note stating that it would be last mail out and suggesting dancers check the web for current schedules, the hotline, or join the Yahoo email group and that paper copies will be available at RFL.

Catherine made a motion to discontinue the mailings and provide paper copies at RFL with a four month schedule. Wayne seconded. All approved.

Kevin Burke concert

After a brief discussion, we decided the timing was not good for this concert. In the future, we would like to have concerts and other music/dance related activities with time for more planning.

Next Meeting

David White’s house, 22 April 2007, 3-6pm followed by potluck.


Board Meeting: June 9, 2007

Present: David White, Tammy Miller, Dwayne Plaisted, Teresa Wilson, Wayne Richard, John Bryson, Jerry Vice, Jimmy Smith, Catherine Scott, Theresa Pizzuto

Absent: Neil Cross

Guest: Scott McCall. Kathryn McDeed (came in about half-way through the meeting.)


David expressed gratitude for the following.

  • Thanks to Teresa for preparing the beginners dance brochure and Tammy for printing.
  • Thanks to all who helped make the advance dance a success.
  • Thanks to Theresa and Wayne for co-chairing the Moondance committee
  • Thanks to Wayne and Scott for contracting a regular grass cutter.


Motion: Wayne makes a motion to approve minutes from the last board meeting. Theresa seconds. All approved.


Jimmy asks that policy issues that are decided upon between meetings be addressed right after the approval of the last meeting’s minutes.

Policy for minimum shares: Since the last meeting via email we agreed to a minimum of $135 per share for advance dances.

Motion: John makes the motion that we pay a minimum of $135 per share for advance dances. Wayne seconds. All approve.

Policy on pets: Currently pets are not allowed in the dance hall. It was discussed as to whether or not pets would be allowed on the RFL property due to recent problems of pets wandering in.

Motion: John makes the motion reaffirming that pets are not allowed in the building, and are to be leashed and under the control of the owner at all times. Tammy seconds. All approve.


Scott assured us that he has every intent of following Leon’s wishes and maintaining RFL and the dance community. He states that he is always open for questions and suggestions. He wants to maintain a positive working relationship with the Board and the dance community at large.

His current plans are to draw up a rental agreement for us and to clean up the property, that is get rid of a lot of the stuff around and including the bus. Currently there is no property insurance on the lodge and Scott is arranging for that.

Scott encourages other activities at RFL and will keep us informed of other activities at RFL.

Tribute to Leon

Tabled. Will discuss at next meeting.


Scott has had the electric bill switched to his name/address.

The grass has been worked out. A local guy will be cutting twice a month. He will include weed-eating as well.

John is working on problems with the well.

No work days are currently scheduled.

Wayne mentioned some of the structural problems that need to be fixed. Scott suggested that Wayne and David get with him to show him all the problems that need attention.

Weogo would like more electrical work for the speakers, etc.

Wayne will come up with idea for locking bathroom doors.


Elaine was out of town, so no financial report.

Inappropriate dancing

There have been recent complaints about a male dancer from numerous females. He has been made aware twice in the past that women consider his behavior inappropriate during dancing. There was much discussion and several recommendations.

Policy: inappropriate behavior is not acceptable

Motion: Theresa makes the motion to suspend this dancer for 4 months. She and David offered to spend some time working with this individual to help him better understand what inappropriate dancing. Teresa seconds.

Discussion: Some felt 4 months was too long and that 2 months was more acceptable. Some felt that this individual could learn what he needed to dance more appropriately within two months. And if he continues the inappropriate behavior he will be permanently barred from dancing at any HMFS dance.

This motion was defeated.

Motion: Tammy makes the motion to suspend this individual for 2 months and be given the option and encouragement to meet with David and Theresa to work through some of the issues regarding proper behavior on the dance floor. If inappropriate behavior continues after he returns he will be indefinitely suspended. Jerry seconds.

Discussion: Some felt that this individual has caused too much damage already. Will he be warned that he will be constantly watched at dances? Tammy calls the question. All are in favor of being ready to vote.

Motion passes with 6 yes; 4 no; and 1 abstain.

David reminds all that during the announcements at break to include

Remind everyone about RFL being a safe environment to dance and if any problems please bring it to the board’s attention, including inappropriate behavior," and to not be timid about addressing this issue. We need to tell it like it is.

All our dances

Everyone agrees we’re ok with the number of dances we’re currently having.

For opening and closing, anyone new or who does not feel comfortable opening and closing has the option of shadowing someone who knows the process, until you feel confident.

For potluck at the Saturday dances, we will currently leave as is.

Y dance is doing well. We’re not subsidizing too much. Jennie would like $50 per dance to host after June. We will defer to next meeting.

Sunday dances are traditionally not as well attended as other special dances, so there is some concern of losing too much money. Since we only have Sunday dances as special dances where a touring band is coming through and that’s the only time we can schedule them, they are considered special dances, as they are infrequent (only 3 this year)

The advance dance last night (8 June) was a success! Many of the dancers who have stopped dancing in the past couple of years were back!

Benefit dance – "Healing the Wounds of War." Kathy McDeed is working with the Upstate Coalition of Compassion for benefits to raise monies for an Iraqi child who will be in Greenville later in the summer for fitting of leg prosthesis. The dance will be at the Y and Kathy has inquired to whether HMFS wanted to be a co-sponsor. As co-sponsor we would help with the dance by providing logistical support for those who wanted to volunteer and providing sound equipment. Kathy has already made arrangements with the bands, caller and sound person.

Policy: to co-sponsor benefit dances

Motion: John makes a motion to co-sponsor the dance. Theresa seconds. The motion passes with 8 yes, 2 abstain.

Wedding dances will be allowed use of the sound equipment at the rate or $100 per event. There was general agreement that this was acceptable.

Nominating committee

John presented three names as potential board members:

Jennifer Whiting

Willie Bender

June Glenn

We deferred voting until the next meeting.

Next Meeting

Jerry Vice’s house: potluck @ 7 pm followed by the meeting.

Minutes submitted by the Secretary,
Teresa Wilson
10 July 2007


Board Meeting: April 22, 2007

Present: David White, Elaine Robson, Janet Swell, Tammy Miller, Dwayne Plaisted, Teresa Wilson, Wayne Richard, John Bryson, Jerry Vice, Jimmy Smith, Catherine Scott

Absent: Neil Cross

Guest: Jennie Wakefield


David expressed gratitude for the following.

  • Thanks to all for organizing and participating in Leon’s memorial service.
  • Thanks to Jennie, Elaine, John, Neil and Terri for hosting/helping with the first dance at the Y.
  • Thanks to Jerry for arranging for the trash pick-up. Hosts are to make sure the trash can is outside the white fence for pick-up and that all trash is bagged and securely tied.
  • Janet will be resigning as of 01 June 07 from the board. Thanks for being such a great board member and for your thoughtful input over the years.
  • Thanks to Teresa for the documentation for volunteer co-ordination program.
  • Thanks to Jimmy for keeping track of policy and procedures.


Wayne makes a motion to approve minutes from the last board meeting. Elaine seconds. All approved.

Effective Board Meetings

A quick review from the last meeting.

  • Hold each other accountable
  • Keep track of time
  • Keep to the point
  • Committee chairs be prepared with succinct reports

John expressed appreciation to Theresa’s facilitation (i.e. using the ball to identify the speaker).

Tribute to Leon

Tammy and Wayne will explore places to store Leon's ashes and to formally memorialize him. Theresa suggested to place a plaque by the door with Leon’s name and birth/death year. It was also suggested we mount the RFL sign on the top of the building.

John, David and Wayne will explore the possibility of a wake for Leon, more in line with to Leon’s wishes. Other suggestions were made to honor him, as some board members felt the memorial service we had was sufficient. This may be done after we create a memorial space for Leon inside/outside building w/ ashes (in)/monument (out) and may also be incorporated into a benefit dance for Crossmore (sooner than later). A few board members indicated the committee could work this out.


We have established a working relationship with Scott. Wayne has talked with Scott, who is considering raising the rent to cover grass cutting, electricity, insurance, taxes, etc. as he feels these are Scott’s responsibilities. Potential items to discuss with Scott include:

  • a formal rental agreement
  • building condition and needs, insurance
  • a per month rent vs per dance fee.
  • status of River Fall’s purchase

Some suggested that we wait before bringing up some of these issues

David and Wayne will talk with Scott about these issues.

After a merry-go-round discussion on grass cutting, Wayne agreed to work with Scott re: options on grass cutting.

Leon’s junk: Scott plans to clean-up the property and "do something" with the old trailers, bus, stuff lying around, as well a stuff underneath tarp on the patio. Need to ask Scott if we can clean up the shed so we can use it instead of the Marietta storage. We want to keep the stuff inside RFL.


We have approximately a $10,000 bank balance. We’ve already paid for the next two dances, 3 months storage and $6500 for cabins/campsites for Moondance.

The first Y dance only lost $56.

Start money

Elaine explained the procedure regarding the start money/emergency money. There are 2 bags of money: $150 of start money ($100 in 1s and $50 in 5s) and $150 in emergency money ($150 in 1s). The emergency money is only in the event the host runs out of 1s. If you need to take 1s out of the emergency money, replace it with the appropriate bill, i.e., if you take out 20 $1s, put in a $20 bill. At the end of the evening, when counting the money, replace the big bills in the emergency money with 1s. Let Elaine know when there are too many big bills (more than $50?) in the emergency money so she can make the adjustments. Leave emergency money with Weogo during the dance. Make sure both bags have $150 at the end of the evening. Never use these monies to pay out shares.

Booking/callers – no comments


Grass was discussed earlier.

It was suggested that we "credit" board members who host meetings to pay for snacks, etc. Elaine suggested to pay $25 to the host for snacks if host chooses. Everyone agreed.

Jerry bought mats for the door. Maybe if adding an extra mat at the foot of the steps will help reduce dirt as well.

Wayne is looking for better vanities and automatic towel dispensers for the restrooms.

Work day list is still long, lots to do. No works days planned until Wayne talks with Scott.

Trash pick-up discussed earlier.

Teresa suggested getting a Rubbermaid storage cabinet (~$280) to hold the extra supplies next to the current supply storage. All approved.

John will pick up new water filters and more floor compound.

Nominating committee

There were no nominees. It was suggested we need a handout to give potential board members describing the responsibilities on the board. This can be found on our website. Encourage those interested to participate in community prior to becoming involved on the board.

Youth representatives – we need to start with a vision of why we want/need this role as a proposal to be submitted to the board. (Sec’y note: At the 3/07 meeting, John, Wayne, and Tammy agreed to prepare a proposal to be presented to the board)

No board members are leaving in October.

Large crowds

We’re doing what we can do and it seems to be working. What else do we need to do?

Have caller announce BEFORE the dance begins that the floor is rough and possibility of splinters and nails cutting feet. Include in email announcement what type of shoes to wear and barefoot is risky.

Announce at last dance BEFORE the break to pay at the break.

Several options for additional dances to complement the dances at RFL on Saturday nights:

Y dance

Discussion ensued whether to continue the Y dance after June. Dwayne made a motion we take off the 3-month cap and extend for a longer period of time. Wayne seconded. All approved For further discussion, Jennie indicated an article was in preparation for a Greenville magazine, as well as a press release and pictures in local papers. Voted to accept motion. All approved.

John gave two estimates for a stage at Y ($200 and $300); we tabled a decision.

Advance Dance

The one Friday advance dance in March was a success with requests for more. Tammy motions that we have one advance per month on Friday. Theresa seconds. Sunday dances were brought up as possible advance dance time. The past indicates not enough attendance on Sunday. Voted on advance dance to be held on Friday. All approved.

Sunday dances

For the occasional Sunday dance that does not have enough dancers to pay to gate, David suggested increasing the minimum share for the band, caller and sound person. Wayne made a motion to increase the minimum to $150. Tammy seconded. David was thinking along the lines of $135-$150. Wayne retracts previous motion and made motion to $135/dance. Tammy seconded. All approved.


The committee requests $200 for college newspaper ads. Wayne moves we approve the $200 expenditure for publicity. Tammy seconded. John wants tracking of attendance/costs for Y & RFL dances. All approved.

One more mail out of newsletter. Currently, 267 members on email list. Sign up for the yahoo list will be prominent on the schedule and an easy link on the web.

Jimmy would like Moondance intake included in annual income for submission to the Greenville business community (GSA).

Jimmy reminded us that the board has oversight of all committees, including Moondance.

Jimmy suggested we increase the minimum age requirement for being on the board to 21. This will be followed through with an email discussion, or be put on next meeting’s agenda.

Moondance Committee Report

Registration has been increased to $90/person.

Secretary’s note

Wayne invoked a "call the question" at the meeting. Unfortunately, I did not realize the importance of this and did not record where in the meeting it occurred. To "call the question" means that when someone says "call the question", the chair then immediately asks for a vote on whether or not folks think enough discussion has occurred. If 2/3 say yes, then, the vote on the question [motion] can happen. See the info from the web. http://wsu.edu/~brians/errors/call.htmlPlease read. Using this procedure judicially can help keep us on track when a clear consensus has already been arrived at.

Next Meeting

River Falls Lodge, 09 June 2007, 3-6pm followed by potluck and dance.


Board Meeting: July 27, 2007

Jerry Vice’s House

Present: David White, Tammy Miller, Dwayne Plaisted, Teresa Wilson, Wayne Richard, Elaine Robson, Jerry Vice, Jimmy Smith, Neil Cross

Absent: Catherine Scott, Theresa Pizzuto, John Bryson

Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm.


David asks that every board member to thoroughly consider the proposed agenda when he sends it out before the meeting. Any items that need to be added, should be added at that time and not during the actual meeting, if possible. We know that there will often be exceptions but let’s try to minimize them.


David expressed gratitude for the following.

Thanks to Wayne for the time/energy on dealing with the broken pump and updating the bathrooms with paper towel dispensers.

Thanks to Moondance committee members on having the registration material, etc. out on time.

Thanks to Catherine and Jimmy for getting the last snail-mail newsletter out.

Thanks Teresa and volunteer committee for the finishing touches on the volunteer program and Jimmy, with Elaine’s help, in tweaking the website.

Thanks to Elaine for preparing and submitting the income taxes.

Thanks to Jerry for taking the initiative on things that need improvement.

Tammy expressed gratitude that David was on time and the meeting could start on time.


Elaine’s name was omitted from Board Members absent.

Teresa discussed that any sensitive issues that we do not want included in the minutes should be taken into an executive session. The hand written notes will be sealed and kept with a hardcopy of the minutes and can only be viewed by Board Members. These notes shall remain secret until such time the Board approves them as no longer secret.

Motion: Wayne makes a motion to approve minutes from the last board meeting. Elaine seconds. All approved.


Jimmy would like to see anything regarding publicity before it goes out, e.g., schedules, newsletters, promotionals for the Y dance.

Policy for special activities: We have unofficially approved the guidelines for special activities and they need to be voted on.
Motion: Jimmy makes the motion to approve the guidelines for special activities. Neil seconded. David reviewed the list. All approved motion.

Policy for special considerations for host at Y dance: Jennie has decided she doesn’t want to be paid for hosting the Y dance. She will still host some of the time at the Y. The question remains – Do we want to pay someone to host the Y dance? All agreed not to pay a host for the Y dance. Discussion led to how to handle hosting at the Y. Ideas suggested: a) hosting 2 Y dances would equal hosting one RFL dance; b) to include past board members as a pool of hosts. No motions made.

Policy for fees/admission:
Motion: Wayne makes motion that hosts do not pay admission for the dance they host. Neil seconds. All approved the motion.

Policy regarding who hosts:
Motion: Tammy makes a motion that the Board will [must] approve any host that is not a Board Member. Wayne seconds. In the discussion it was clear that we will eventually need to address/develop the criteria for approving non-board hosts. All approve.


Elaine reports the Y dance has to date lost an average of $136 per dance. David requested that in her spreadsheet, that she include a gain/loss column (for each dance).

HMFS current bank balance is $32,000 . We have received $23,000 income for Moondance registration and spent $8500 toward Moondance expenses (cabins, camping, airfare, etc). Other expenses are anticipated: $3200 for Saturday night dinner, food for the rest of the weekend, band/caller payouts, etc

We examined the budget (actual, budget, difference). Based on actual expenses, we are in the black ~$1200.

Nominating committee

Wayne presents the nominating committee report and has two recommendations for board members.

Wayne makes the motion that the nominating committee recommend Jennifer Whiting for board member. Neil seconds. All approved the motion.
Wayne makes the motion that the nominating committee recommend Jennie Wakefield for board member. Neil seconds. All approved the motion.

The nominating committee is still working on a concise description, including definitions and responsibilities of a student representative or seat, and how many we will have on the board at one time. David suggested that we have a representative from 2 age groups: high school age and college. Once the draft is complete, it will be emailed to all board members for review before the next meeting.


Jerry suggests purchasing an electric leaf blower to clean off the covered porch before the dances. All agreed. He will purchase one.

Wayne suggests leaving the water on for campers during non-freezing weather. This will require leaving the main breaker switch and the well pump switch on as well. This information will be included in the open/close procedure for the hosts.

We may have been overcharged for the well pump work. Wayne is looking into this further.

No work day has been scheduled. Wayne would like to talk with Scott to find out more about what he’s willing to pay for in RFL repairs. David has proposed dates to Scott for he and Wayne to meet with him to discuss this and other matters.

Jerry and John are still trying to determine why the Christmas lights aren’t working.

Teenage Admission Fee

Policy - youth admission: It was suggested we raise the price for the youth (14-17) admission to $5.00.
Motion: Wayne makes the motion to raise the youth (14-17) admission from $4 to $5 effective next quarter. Neil seconded.
Discussion: this is only for RFL dances. Some thought the increase was unnecessary. Effective the beginning of October, though we will start announcing in August at all the dances of the increase. Ayes 10; Abstain; 1.

New signs for RFL

Jerry has priced signs to be placed on US 276 and US 25 showing the direction to RFL. These would be 3 ft X 5 ft, 3 to 4 lines and aluminum clad. The two signs would cost $800. This does not include installation of the signs.

Tammy offered to paint signs if someone else would prep the plywood [or other material] before and after she painted. Dewayne agreed to help Tammy with this project.

A smaller one at/near the fire station would also be good.

Monster Mash

Laura and the Lavalamp were selected to play for the afternoon dance.

Dancing Bears w/ Barbara Groh calling will play for the evening dance.

David will arrange for another caller for the afternoon dance.

Inappropriate dancing

David has made efforts to get in touch w/ the dancer that was suspended last month but has not had success. He will try one more time.


The next Moondance meeting will be before the benefit dance at the Y in Greenville on 11 August 2007. Wayne and Theresa will send out an email.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm.
Next Meeting
22 September at River Falls Lodge, 3-5:30 pm

Minutes submitted by the Secretary,
Teresa Wilson
28 July 2007