Board Meeting - March 4, 2006

Present: Ed, Jimmy, Janet, Terry P., Elaine, Teresa W., Tammy, John, Neil, Wayne, David, Kathleen, Nancy, Dwayne

Minutes were approved from the previous board meeting

1) We reviewed our progress and efforts on the RFL purchase. This week, Ed ordered and paid for half of a restricted report on RFL ($400, $800 total). It will take 3 or 4 weeks. This gives HMFS and Leon Chapman some third party help with a baseline for price negotiations. Wayne and Ed made some inquiries about occupancy limit, code restrictions, and the like. These are preliminary. We have not set another RFL purchase meeting date. We will continue our efforts, share information, and discuss our progress online (or conference call), as needed.

2) We approved a 2006 budget. It is, as Teresa, Elaine, and others suggested, a roadmap. The budget includes a $7 admission prices. We decided to table band payment, admission price, and other ideas until later. We can discuss these and other important budget-related topics online. Specific questions go to Elaine. General ideas and suggestions should probably be discussed with the whole.

3) We reviewed and discussed a process criteria proposal to give us guidance on hosting activities that promote our mission. We'll need at least one month to discuss this By-Law amendment before we can vote on it. The date is no problem, since our next meeting will be on May 7. Please send your comments to David.

4) We briefly reviewed our committee assignments.
a) Since Kathleen has resigned, the nominating committee will need to be reformed. Please contact Ed if you would like to be involved in this work.
b) Teresa Wilson and Theresa Pizzuto have made some great suggestions for volunteer coordination. Please read and comment on them to Theresa P. They might want another member or two, as well.
c) Jimmy has the edited committee assignment sheet. Please send him more information about your interests.

5) MoonDance '06 meeting will be on April 2, at Chris Bueker's home. Please send David second band and caller suggestions. David is negotiating with Footloose to play at MonsterMash. Send caller ideas to David or Ed.

6) Our next meeting will be on Sunday, May 07, 4-6 pm at John Bryson's house.



Board Meeting - May 7, 2006

Present: David, Dwayne, Elaine, Jimmy, John, Teresa W., Wayne, Nancy, Janet, Tammy
Guests: Brad, Roger Burns, Jerry Vice
Absent: Neil and Theresa P.

David agreed to serve as interim President as Ed moved to Richmond and John Bryson will serve as interim VP until October elections. Both positions were approved by the board. David will need to give up some of his other responsibilities (band booking and MoonDance) if he runs and wins the presidency position in the fall. Others may want to consider these roles. Janet will be leaving the board when her term is up in the fall and we need to find a replacement secretary. No one has volunteered so far. Wayne feels that board members should have some experience before they take on leadership roles. There are 12 board members now and we may want to increase our numbers to the maximum of 15.

Additional Dances:
2 motions were passed that will result in more dances and pave the way for more 'other' dances, including Advance Dances, Sunday dances (sometimes in conjunction w/Saturday dance), waltz or couple dancing and workshops etc.. HMFS wants to support Travis' and other's efforts for the Anderson/Clemson benefit dance which is scheduled for June 10th but suggests the dance be a single day/night dance.

Scholarships (4) were officially approved. Joanne/Teresa are going to look for best buy on a 20x20 tarp

Dance Instruction:
Decided that Beth's approach to doing an introductory teaching dance for all was great. Wayne suggested not doing circle dances as a first dance as its counter productive for newcomers.

River Falls Lodge:
It was recommended that we post emergency numbers in case there is a need and Elaine will include on dance payment form as well.

New dance payment form was used for the last night without difficulty. Elaine passed out a handout with our net worth and a budget sheet from Jan-April of this year. Balance is approximately $6000 in the checking account. A motion was made to accept the new dance fee of $8 and the budget agreed upon via email (Harvest Moon to get $2 of the dancer payment). Elaine made the motion and John seconded it. We are running out of $1 bills at the dance and it was suggested we start out with $100 in ones and $50 in fives to help with change. The area where money is collected is too dark and a light would be helpful. Wayne will look into. Discussed many ways to generate money to purchase River Falls (low interest loans and/or donations from members of dance community and beyond). We will have a meeting on the subject later in the summer. The board was not interested at this time in changing our mission in order to qualify for government grants/loans.

Nominating Committee:
John Bryson is taking over as Nominating Committee chair (needs at 1 or 2 others to be part of committee).

Building and Maintenance:
Wayne reported on various maintenance issues, his work on floor and inspections of joists etc. as well as septic. Wayne will check w/ Leon about grass etc. Suggestion was made to start planning/considering window addition to RF. Water coolers need cleaning w/clorox/water or other suitable cleaner. Four need replaced. John will look into replacing these. The hose was replaced with the MoonDance hose. Roger (a non-board member) has offered to help with this committee. It was decided we will have a work day on July 1st from 9-2. Wayne and John will make a list of projects that are needed and Elaine will make a list of volunteers.

Next Meeting:
Saturday, July 1 from 3-5:30 at River Falls which will be preceded by a work session from 9-2.



Board Meeting - August 20, 2006

Present: David, Jimmy, Teresa W., Wayne, Janet, Tammy, Neil, Theresa, Elaine
Absent: Dwayne, Nancy, John
Guests: Roger Burns and Kathy Scott

Officer Nomination: Vote on at the next meeting

The slate of officers were nominated and motions made and approved as follows:

    • President: David White
    • Vice President: John Bryson
    • Secretary: Teresa Wilson
    • Treasurer: Elaine Robeson

David said that if he was elected president, he would need to give up leadership of the MoonDance. He will continue on the band/booking committee.


    • Smoking Policy - Our non-smoking policy was changed and approved. (Motion made by Teresa W. and Wayne seconded it). The policy with changes will say:"All dances sponsored by Harvest Moon Folk Society are held in an alcohol- and drug-free environment. Smoking is not allowed in the building or on the grounds inside the white fence". Tammy will make signs for porch, gate and doors. Teresa W. will see about getting a receptacle for cigarette butts.


    • Guidelines for Special Activities Policy - Guidelines for defining special activities and the degree of involvement of HMFS in special activities were discussed and approved. David had originally submitted these guidelines as an amendment to our by-laws. The board decided it was more appropriate to include them as policy, which can be changed or modified more easily than by-laws. The purpose of this policy is to clarify and provide more guidance to what is already written in the HMFS by-laws. Specifically, it defines different levels of HMFS involvement in special events, either as sole-organizer, partner, co-sponsor and non-sponsor. Wayne, Jimmy and David will make changes to the policy and Jimmy will post on the website.


Teaching Sessions:

Reiterated that caller is in charge of teaching beginners before a dance. There was discussion about adding items to the instruction list such as discouraging "hopping". Others felt that this was a technique issue and not necessarily the caller’s responsibility. We can provide a list with guidelines to emphasize and what to cover but need to allow callers to have some flexibility. David will develop these guidelines.

Nominating Committee:

Committee consists of Tammy, Wayne and (John). The committee made a nomination of Jerry Vice as new board member. His application was read, a motion was made and all approved the nomination. We also need to recruit more members to the nominating committee. It was agreed that we would announce Jerry as the new board member at half time at dance in the near future. Jimmy will bring a list of all the board members and their terms to the next board meeting.

RFL Purchase:

Wayne and David have been chief negotiators with Leon on the purchase of RFL. It was decided we need to develop a contract which would put the amount down and the amount to be financed. Terms will be worked out and included in the contract. Ernie is available to us to help develop a contract and give us advice. The board voted and approved on the creation of a contract and gave them the OK to proceed and create these terms.

Items to include in the contract:

    • Earnest Money (and put a cap on it) if Leon needs it.
    • Interval: Maximum amount of time for the closing to occur and have money after contract is signed. (30-60 days).
    • Need to come up with a figure of what we can afford on a monthly basis. We think about $1000/month. We would save $45 on the storage unit, $200 per dance we now pay in rent etc. We could make $1500 on a benefit dance if donations could go to down-payment (which are tax deductible).

Other things to consider:

  • A contract will be developed to buy RFL and David will work out the details. Ernie, Teresa, and Wayne will work on it with him.
  • Fund Raising Committee was formed: Theresa, Wayne and Neil will come up with ideas to raise funds for the purchase.
  • Loans Committee was formed: David, Wayne, Teresa and Elaine will look for ways to finance through soliciting loans. Elaine will talk to banks as a start.

Publicity Committee:

Jimmy is going to see about getting an article in the media about RF and what we are trying to accomplish. A contact person will be included. David and Jimmy will work out details.

Next Board Meeting: The next meeting will be at Doug and Joan Shier’s house.This meeting will be combined with MoonDance follow-up meeting.

    • Board meeting from 3-4:45 pm
    • MD meeting from 5-6:30 pm
    • Potluck at 6:30 pm



Board Meeting - July 1, 2006

Present: David, Jimmy, John, Teresa W., Wayne, Nancy, Janet, Tammy, Neil, Theresa

Absent: Elaine and Dwayne

We need to be thinking about officer positions. Teresa Wilson is thinking about secretary role. David is ok with being on the slate for president. We also need more board members. Younger dancers don’t want to be on board. Perhaps someone can talk with Jennie Wakefield about this group. Wayne and Tammy will work with John Bryson on nominating committee. We will nominate officers at the next board meeting in August and then vote and elect new officers at a meeting in September.

It was discussed what role the caller should have in teaching before a dance. Wayne and Neil feel that callers should assume responsibility for teaching as a group with an experienced dancer paired with each newcomer. A cordless headset may help a caller to get into the crowd and teach. Tammy will talk with Atlanta who has a "dance mom" who helps from the sidelines with beginning dancers. The band booker (currently David) will communicate with the caller prior to the dance and send a reminder a few days before the dance to stress responsibilities. The host for the evening will make sure these happens and needs to make contact with band/caller that evening before taking money etc.

Wireless Microphone:
Wayne talked to Mike and Weogo about the cost of one ($500-$1000). Will see if there is a possibility of using theirs and about the possibility of purchasing one.

Elaine not present to make report. Nancy shared that there was a mistake in the dance payment form after the last dance but that the new formula is a good one.

Volunteer Committee:
Teresa W., Wayne and Theresa P. met and discussed opening and closing responsibilities. They talked about Old Farmer’s Ball and how they handle this. They have slots for opening, closing and covering the door. Each job entitles a person to a free dance. Theresa P. will follow up with OFB. Tentatively, we could have 3 on opening, one at the door and 3 for closing (the door person would get two dances free as it would be required that they cover for the whole dance). These would not be board members which would free host to serve as coordinator and do other things. David would like to hear alternative options. The volunteercoordinator would coordinate the volunteers.
Work days: volunteers who worked four hours could get in free. We’ll vote on at the next meeting.

RFL Maintenance:
Wayne and John came up with a list of projects. These were accomplished at the July 1st workday.

  • Lighting in men’s bathroom.
  • Walkways added
  • Gutters installed
  • Gates realigned
  • Electrical work
  • Wood sawed up
  • Furniture rearranged inside
  • Shrubs cut and landscaping worked on
  • Trash to the dump
  • Grass mowed

Septic system was fixed. The cost was $540.
Grass - Wayne will call someone to cut the grass (Thursday or Friday before dance). Other options include

  • Use Leon’s mower
  • Have a volunteer cut it
  • Hire someone to cut it and add this amount to the budget ($150 per mow)

Discussed additional information in newsletter which Theresa P. puts together and mails. Suggestions include acknowledging those who help with work days, dates for the next workdays which Wayne will provide, photos and miscellaneous news.

It’s about closed to women and couples. There are slots for single men.

Elaine has taken it on and Nancy will share letter from the IRS with her.

Band booking and Callers:
John reports that he would like more dances scheduled on a regular basis.

River Falls Lodge Purchase:
Discussion followed on whether we want to consider buying River Falls Lodge. Several possibilities of how this might be accomplished were discussed. A motion was made to purchase RFL and enter into negotiations with Leon. Neil made the motion and Wayne seconded it. A vote followed: the majority was in favor (9/yes and 1/no). Discussion followed. A committee will be formed to start working on this with David as the lead negotiator. He will talk with Leon this week. If we get to the point where we can work out the purchase with Leon, we will need to have a formal contract developed by a realtor. Neil will talk with a realtor and Wayne will talk with Ernie about what kinds of details need to be in contract.

Next Board Meeting:
It was decided to have the next meeting on Aug. 20th at Neil’s house. This meeting will be combined with MoonDance meeting.

  • Swimming at 2 pm,
  • Board meeting at 3 pm
  • MoonDance meeting at 5 pm
  • Potluck at 6:30 pm.



Board Meeting - October 1, 2006

Present: David, Jimmy, Teresa W., Wayne, Janet, Tammy, Neil, Elaine, Dwayne, John

Absent: Theresa, Jerry

Guest: Joann Bryson


Welcome to newest board member, Jerry Vice. He does have a personal email address now:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. David has included him on the email list.

Gate Closing Incident

The gate at River Falls was accidentally left open, and remained open until Leon discovered it on one of his trips down to RF. Leon was very upset. David asked that all Board members make extra efforts to make sure that the gate is locked after every dance.

Minutes from last meeting

Minutes from last meeting were approved (motion made by Wayne and seconded by Dwayne). John suggested having headers at the top of each page for the minutes and agenda when they are multiple pages.

For the record Elaine has no "e" in Robson and Wayne has no "s" in Richard.


The slate of officers were approved by the board (motion made by Wayne to accept all officers as presented, seconded by Tammy):

President – David White

Vice President – John Bryson

Secretary – Teresa Wilson

Treasurer – Elaine Robson

For the record, Janet will take the minutes in the event Teresa is not able to attend a meeting.

Janet, John and Dwayne were up for re-election. Wayne made a motion to re-elect all three for another 3 years. The floor was open for discussion, with the only question, if all three had agreed to re-election. All three relayed their desire for re-election by email to David. Tammy seconded the motion. All approved.

Monster Mash

Gratitude was expressed to Tammy for the design/mailing of the flyer. To date, Janet has received registration for 38 men and 53 women. Confirmations have been to sent to all the men and 48 of the women, in order to maintain a gender balance. After discussion, it was agreed that having 5-10 extra women should not present a problem. Concern was expressed that maybe we should open the dance up to walk-ins dance night since we have so few registered. David is confident we will have enough.

David, Wayne, Elaine, Peter, Janet, Jimmy, John, and Tammy committed to set-up/decorate and will meet at 10 AM at RFL to set-up/decorate for the 2 pm dance. John will find somewhere else to hang the moon. Joann will bring lunch from The Pita House. She will also purchase gag gifts. Joann and David have agreed to emcee! David and Wayne and any other volunteers will close.

Footloose is the band for Monster Mash.

Elaine (corn stalks) and Tammy (pumpkins) will provide additional decorations along w/ those in the storage shed.

Wayne will be responsible for the coffee and tea.

Needed from storage: coffee pots, dressing room, tent (?) mural.

Nominating Committee

Committee comprised of John, Tammy and Wayne. Currently no nominees. Three vacancies are available. Suggested to begin collecting applications from those interested to create a pool for future selections. It was suggested that applicants include a photo so we can put a name with a face for those we are not familiar with. Several names of people who have expressed an interest were given to John.


Elaine reported a bank balance of $15,000. Moondance generated $3000. A handout was given of the expenses to date vs the budget to date. Some of the additional expenses we’ve incurred that were not anticipated are mowing, septic tank repair and purchase of the tent.

The average number of dancers per dance so far in 2006 is 176. Someone raised the question about potential impact of the move to 3 dances per month on attendance. We will look at this question after more data.


Generated $3000 this year. Details will be given at the Moondance meeting immediately following the board meeting today.


Until Leon’s illness, he was responsible for the mowing. Since then, we have been making sure that mowing was done – either by us or by paying others. We agreed to continue paying for mowing by a local mower (Randy), until the tractor is fixed. Currently we are paying $150 per mow – Randy has not always been complete w/ weed eating so we may have to weed around the fence and other areas. Roger has ordered parts and has the key to the tractor.

It was suggested that David let Leon know how much we are paying him each month for the dances and also let him know how much we have been paying for maintenance etc. Elaine will provide David with the information.

Wayne plans to finish up some lighting and water problems on 21 October 06, which was also designated as a work day to continue on the list Wayne originally sent out via email 25 June 06. Wayne will prioritize the list and send to the board.

It was also suggested to re-label the switches on the circuit breaker box.


Jimmy stated he had asked Wayne to be added to the by-law committee and Wayne agreed. There were no objections from the board.

Volunteer Co-ordination

No report given. Elaine mentioned that we have been discussing incentives for volunteers for about a year and that its about time for action. David would like to have a proposal at the next meeting (Dec) from the Volunteer committee [Theresa and Teresa] that includes logistics and details on offering free entrance to dances in exchange for helping us do certain tasks before/during/after the dances. This also could apply to helping with mowing the grass.

Jimmy stated that we need board members to open and close the dances in November, January, February and March. Go to http://www.harvestmoonfolk.org/RFLopenclose.htm for the schedule and email Jimmy the dates you volunteer to open/close.


Everyone gave David a big thumbs up for booking and selecting the bands!!

Crowds/Dance instruction

David will work on updating the guidelines and we will revisit at next meeting.


After a discussion on the pros and cons of having non-dancers pay at the door, Tammy made a motion that we suggest a half-price donation from non-dancers (those who choose to only listen to the music), 14 and older, on dance nights. Neil seconded. All approved.

After a brief discussion on the remaining three policies, Tammy made a motion that these policies be accepted as is:
1- Band member spouses pay to dance
2- Full price for latecomers (after break)
3- Students (18 and over) pay the same as adults.

Dwayne seconded. All approved.

Due to lack of time, policy clarification for inappropriate dancers was tabled until the next meeting.

Tammy will be printing No Smoking signs for the Lodge. Teresa is getting together a waste (butt) receptacle.


Nothing new to report at this time.

Mauldin Dance Hall

David suggested we handle this via email with a summary.

River Falls Purchase Update

Due to time, the brief discussion was limited to giving David, Wayne, Teresa and Elaine the go ahead to develop a purchase contract for Board approval and submission to Leon. Once submitted to Leon, then we can resume the negotiations.


Elaine suggested we talk with Weogo about leaving the start money in a secure location at RFL so that it will be there for the next dance and will be easily retrievable. Board members will be notified of where and when this will start.

Next Meeting

02 December 2006 @ RFL 3:30p-5:30p


Respectfully submitted: 06 October 2006