Board Meeting - January 16, 2005

Present: Jimmy. Janet, Nancy, Ed, Dwayne, John, David, Kathleen, Tammy, Leon, Anne, Scott McCall (guest)

All present.

Host: Ed Edmondson

Minutes from the last meeting were approved. New board members Tammy Miller, Dwayne Plaisted, Anne Merkel were welcomed.

RFL Opening and Closing: Current and new board members were asked to sign up for opening and closing duties…the list was circulated.

Finance Committee:

Checking Account as of 1/14/05:

Roof Fund: $16,997.32

Harvest Moon: 10,083.40

TOTAL: $27,080.72

Upcoming Expenses:

Moondance deposit: $2000

Accountant fees: $800-$900

Flyer mailing: $350

Nancy and Ed will get together to prepare for taxes. We will use same accountant. We are listed as a social organization and not a non-profit. Ed contacted the CDSS and he hasn’t heard back but we need to pursue that avenue. Anne will check with the Columbia organization to see how they got their non-profit status.

Building Committee:

The following wordage "Gates locked at midnight" was discussed for a sign at RFL (so that cars don’t get locked in behind the gate). This information could be part of the announcements at the dance.

Roofing & Repairs: Ed made a motion that we take up to $20,000 which was collected and set aside, to make repairs to the building and roof this summer. The motion passed. None opposed.

We could not reach an agreement with Leon about a depreciation rate on the proposed building projects.

Dwayne volunteered to be on the building committee.

Publicity and Outreach Committee:

The dancing etiquette and terminology for beginners poster needs to be revised. A printed flyer might be a good thing for beginners to take home with them. A board member poster needs to be developed and displayed at RF and on the web site (it was suggested that only email addresses be displayed as contact information). Tammy volunteered to work on these projects.

Web Site: Tammy doesn’t want home address on the website….just the name and email.

Jimmy is in the process of getting dance schedule information out to the community via:

  • HMFS web site
  • Yahoo newsletter
  • DanceAsheville newsletter
  • LINK (Greenville News)
  • Harvest Moon Newsletter

He stated that we have a monthly average of about 350 hits on our website. We now have a radio station link on our website. Let Jimmy know how HMFS website can be improved.

John said that Jonathan Gilbert from the Asheville Old Farmer’s Ball has t-shirts for sale. He said we could have a reciprocal arrangement at each other’s dances to sell t-shirts and split the profit.

OFB has asked if we could meet together some time and share common issues and talk about them. There was a positive response to the idea.

Nominating Committee:

We still need one additional board member as we just have eleven members currently. David requested that we wait for Terri Puzutto who has said she would come on as a member soon. We will discuss via email in the next couple of months.

Ed discussed the rotation of the board members and suggested that four members retire each year. Our three new members (Tammy, Dwayne and Anne) need to decide which year they want to rotate off and let Ed know.

Band and Caller Committee:

Moondance: Meeting will be scheduled in February or March. The main band is the Latter Day Lizards with Lisa Greenleaf calling.

River Falls Dance Fee:

  • There was discussion of a family rate. It was tabled until next meeting.
  • David said we need to talk about when the $8 fee ends. He suggested we make it $7 after the roof is repaired. This discussion will continue via email over the next couple of months.

Adjournment: Ed adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be on Saturday, March 5th at River Falls Lodge from 3-5 pm (before the dance)

Upcoming meetings:

May 21st (Saturday) at River Falls Lodge from 3-5 pm (before the dance)

July 17th (Sunday) at Dwayne Plaisted’s house in Travelers Rest at 4 pm with potluck afterwards.




Board Meeting - March 5, 2005

Present: Ed, Jimmy, Janet, Dwayne, Tammy, David, Leon, John and Anne.

Absent: Kathleen and Nancy

Host: River Falls Lodge

Minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Ed discussed board meeting etiquette emphasizing one person speaking at a time so that each person has a chance to be heard.

Finance Committee:

Checking Account

Roof Fund: $17, 982.00

Harvest Moon: 9,700.00 approx.

TOTAL $27,682.00

The family rate was discussed and was tabled for now per David.

Volunteer Committee: Ed suggested changing the name of the Volunteer Committee to 
RFL Opening /Closing Committee. Dwayne suggested we enlist the help of the dance community to be on this committee. Leon volunteered to be the chair. No action was taken.

Board Meetings: Dwayne asked whether it was possible to have open board meetings. Discussion followed. A motion was made by Tammy to make board meetings open to the public and Leon seconded it. Dwayne suggested we announce it on the web site and have a contact person if we want one.

Publicity/Outreach Committee: Jimmy talked about having a bulletin board on the web site on River Falls projects and renovations as well as general discussions to get the community involved. The fee is $30 every three months. If it doesn’t work, we can discontinue. There could be a Question/Answer section….someone would need to monitor this part and instructions for use would need to be included on the site.

Band and Caller Committee:

Band Payment: Currently it is $100 per band member up to 5 members (or $500 per band minimum) but there was discussion to making it $400 per band minimum. A vote of 7-4 in favor of keeping a $500 per band minimum.

Band Selection: David solicits help with opinions on bands.

Newcomers: Discussed talking with the caller before the dance asking him/her to gauge the calls to the level of those at the dance…as we have had a lot of new people, the caller should be mindful of their needs. David will address these concerns beforehand (via email) with the callers.

Building Committee:

Roofing Project: John said that he got one roofing estimate but it is greater than the roofing fund amount. John will get a list of quotes and options and will bring to next board meeting. He said the roofing project could be done in two weeks without volunteers. It was agreed that the project would be completed before Oct 1 (in the Aug. 21-Oct. 1 timeframe).

Water: The need for a plan for better water was discussed. Water jugs need to be sanitized (Clorox) or do a different water distribution system. Leon will work on.

Admission: We will wait to talk about reduced admission rate at another meeting.

Moondance Committee: David talked about getting the word out about camping during Moondance as all the sites are reservable using the on-line reservation system. And there may be a need to reserve places before the flyer is mailed out. It was suggested we put on the web site the dates of the Moondance (9/9-9/11) with a link to reserve camping. David will reserve 15 overflow sites. The next Moondance meeting is March 27th at John’s house. In the future sites can be reserved 11 months in advance.

Nominating Committee: Serving on the committee is Leon, David and Kathleen. We have one vacancy on the board and it was brought up we should present of a list of candidates at the next meeting in May and vote on a new member.

Non-Profit Status: Ed applied for a non-profit status with the CDSS and talked with the accountant. We would be an affiliated chapter of the CDSS. They will get back with us in 2-3 weeks.

T-Shirt Swap: John said that Jonathan Gilbert from the Asheville Old Farmer’s Ball has t-shirts for sale. He said we could have a reciprocal arrangement at each other’s dances to sell t-shirts and split the profit. It was agreed we can try to send a few shirts to Asheville in exchange for their bring some down here. John made the motion and Tammy seconded it.

Adjournment: Ed adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be on Saturday, May 21st at River Falls Lodge from 3-5 pm (before the dance).

Future meeting: July 17th (Sunday) at Dwayne Plaisted’s house in Travelers Rest at 4 pm with potluck afterwards.




Board Meeting - July 17, 2005

Present: Jimmy, John, Ed, David, Tammy, Kathleen, Dwayne, Terri Chester, Nancy, Janet and Leon

Absent: Neil, Anne and Terri Pizutto

Host: Dwayne Plaisted

Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved. Nancy will purchase Robert’s Rules of Order to serve as a guide for future board meetings. Ed welcomed Terri Chester as a new board member and explained the board responsibilities.

Non-profit/Tax Exempt Status: Leon Chapman, River Falls Lodge owner, dance host and vital member of our community, was voted off the Board.  This move was to remove the perceived conflict of interest between Board activities and Lodge ownership. The executive director of the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) indicated this is the major obstacle to the HMFS tax-exempt application. Ed will advise the CDSS contact of our decision and try to address additional concerns that CDSS might have.  The two advantages for being exempt for tax purposes are:  1) that donors may deduct taxes to charitable organizations (that's us) and 2) tax-exempt organizations do not have to pay state and local sales taxes on purchases made for the organization.

Web site: It was agreed that an open Board meeting invitation would be posted on the website and should include contact information and date of meetings.

Board Members: Anne has said she will go off the board in September as she lives too far to attend the meetings. Nancy said that Elaine Robson was interested in serving on the board and she has accounting experience. David as head of the nominating committee reviewed her application. Tammy made a motion that she be added to the board and Kathleen seconded it. Approved by all.

Finance Committee (Nancy):

Checking Account

Roof Fund: $20,896.00

Harvest Moon: 7,632.00

TOTAL $28,528.00


Building Committee:

  • Roofing Project: John explained the different types of ventilation.
  • Passive Vents: Vents in the roof and would cost $1000.
  • Box fans: We could buy them used from the rental place as we do for Moondance at a cost of $1000. These would be combined with the passive vents and would cost $2000 total.
  • Active Vents: Would include 3 exhaust fans and would cost $3000.
  • Dwayne suggested ceiling fans as well. Kathleen suggested commercial grade ceiling fans which would be quieter.
  • John made a motion to purchase passive ventilation. David seconded it. All approved.
  • David made a motion that skylights be installed. John seconded it. All approved.
  • Ed made a motion to cap the repairs at $25,000 (at Terri Chester’s suggestion) and that John can make decisions on his own up to that amount. Tammy seconded it. All approved.
  • John made a motion that we should discontinue the River Falls Lodge roof fund once the roof work is completed. Tammy seconded it. All approved.
  • David made a motion that we charge $7 admission when the roof work is completed. The disbursement formula will be discussed at the next meeting. Nancy seconded it. All approved.


  • Need more food captains.
  • Next Moondance meeting set for August 17th at Kathleen’s house.

Monster Mash:

  • Full Tilt Boogie will play with Hank and Diane calling.
  • Need registrar.
  • Kathleen will be the housing coordinator.


  • The Chattanooga Dance group asked to use our dance courtesies and tips on their web site (with acknowledgement). It was approved. Jimmy made a motion that anyone who asks to use our verbage on etiquette will be given permission. Ed seconded it.
  • The Harvest Moon newsletter is going out next week. David books bands far ahead making three newsletters unnecessary.

Dances (all will be discussed at next board meeting):

  • Discussion as to whether we should have a November 26 dance. It would be an extra dance that month. Ed will talk with Leon about the possibility.
  • Benefit Dances were discussed and whether we want to sponsor other dances and on the web site. As for Pam and Ron’s marathon dance to benefit Heifer International on Aug. 21st, It was agreed to put dates of the dance(s) and links to the organization it will benefit.
  • Advance Dance: Beth would like to do her advanced dances at River Falls Lodge. Discussion followed. David will talk with Beth about more of the details. Will put on agenda for the next board meeting.

Ajournment Ed adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be October 1st (Saturday) at River Falls Lodge at 3 pm before the dance.



Board Meeting - June 5, 2005

Present: Ed, Jimmy, Janet, Dwayne, Tammy, Leon, John, Kathleen and Nancy.

Absent:David and Anne

Host: River Falls Lodge

Minutes from the last meeting were amended and approved.

By-law Changes

  • The Governance Committee brought up that Leon Chapman, owner of River Falls Lodge, be made a permanent board member (Ex-Officio status). He would have voting privileges but would not be counted as one of the rotating board members. John made the motion and Tammy seconded it. Motion passed and the bylaws will be amended to reflect this change. (Note -This motion was reviewed and changed at the July 17,2005 Board Meeting)


  • Ed suggested that we make the number of board members variable. Discussion followed outlining the pros and cons. Ed made a motion that the number of board members be between 10 and 15 board members. John seconded it. Motion passed and the bylaws will be amended to reflect this change.

Nominating Committee
Leon said that the committee had three nominees to present to the board: Terry Pizzutto, Terri Chester and Neil Cross. Leon made a motion that they all be added to the board. Tammy seconded the motion.Motion passed.

Non-Profit Status
Ed applied for a non-profit status with the CDSS. They have been slow to process application. He was able to talk with them and they had some questions and clarifications were made to the application. They need to run it by the CDSS director and we expect a decision in a month.

Finance Committee (Nancy)

Checking Account:

Roof Fund: $19,724.77

Harvest Moon: 9,169.37

TOTAL: $28,894.14

Building Committee

  • Roofing Project: A roofing contractor has been selected: Omega Construction (Bill Cunningham, contractor). Decisions still need to be made about the ventilation system which was not included in the quote (Chris Buecker is looking over the options and will have recommendations). The building committee will present a proposal for us to vote on with different options before the next board meeting, via e-mail. Anyone who has suggestions is welcome to share their thoughts with the committee.


  • Work Day: The next work day is planned for July 16th. A variety of preliminary projects need to be accomplished before the roof is replaced.



  • Grass Mowing: It was asked of Leon if he would like help with mowing. Leon said he will take care of mowing.


Moondance 2005

  • Quotes have been submitted for the Moondance Sound by Wes Maluk and Weogo Reed. Discussion followed and Leon made a motion that we offer the job to Weogo. Nancy seconded it and the board approved this selection.



  • Moondance registration form - Tammy will send the form to Jimmy in PDF form for inclusion on the website. The flyer is supposed to be mailed out on June 13th and will be on the website a few days after mailing.


Monster Mash 2005

David sent a note to Lift Ticket and asked if they would play for the dance and a note to Beth Molaro to ask if she would call. If Lift Ticket can’t play, David could talk with Groovemongers.

Sound Panels

Weogo had a request from OFB asking if they could borrow our sound panels to see if they would want to purchase some for themselves. It was agreed that they could borrow them.

Dancer Conduct/Etiquette

It was suggested that dancer conduct should be addressed as follows

  • When teaching newcomers before the dance
  • At announcements
  • Posters on etiquette
  • Educate individually
  • Mention to caller

John suggested that those who work with newcomers before the dance be trained on dance teaching protocol. Janet, Tammy and Jimmy will develop the protocol.

Robert’s Rules of Order

A copy will be ordered to serve as a guide for our meetings.


There was discussion (brought up by Kathleen) on those who come to the dance and don’t pay. Several have been approached individually. It’s not a huge problem but it does happen.


Ed adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be on July 17th (Sunday) at Dwayne Plaisted’s house in Travelers Rest at 4 pm with potluck afterwards.



Board Meeting - Oct. 1, 2005


Present: Jimmy, Janet, David, Kathleen, Ed, John, Elaine, Tammy, Terry Pizutto, Leon and guest, Charlie Shipman

Absent: Neil, Terri Chester, Dwayne, Nancy

Host: River Falls Lodge

Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved. Ed welcomed new board members.

Nominating Committee: Kathleen is taking over as chair of the committee. Leon recommended two new board members: Charlie Shipman and Scott McCall. It was suggested that they fill out board profile forms. The committee recommended two board members as discussed at previous meetings: Wayne Richard and Teresa Wilson. Elaine made a motion to accept both nominees and Ed seconded it. All accepted the vote. All the board positions are filled with these two new members making a total of 15.

The current officers agreed to remain in their positions after polling for new nominees. All approved as follows:

  • Ed Edmondson, President
  • David White, VP
  • Janet Swell, Secretary
  • Nancy Woods, Treasurer

Finance: Ed reported in Nancy’s absence.


Publicity: Jimmy discussed his feeling about the content of the web site. Feels it should and does describe who we are, where we dance and when, information for dancers including conduct. He feels we need to work on spicing up the web site with graphics. Tammy, Terri P. and John agreed to work with Jimmy on this project. Mission statement needs to go on the home page and Jimmy will make sure it gets there.

Volunteer Committee: Ed requested that this committee be responsible for enlisting opening and closing volunteers on dance nights. In the past he and John filled in when these responsibilities were uncovered by board members. Terry and Kathleen discussed ways to enlist help from the dance community and will work on it. Leon suggested that opening and closing duties be separate responsibilities. Ed suggested we train new board members on how to open and close and he is willing to do this for the next couple of dances. Discussion about board perks followed including the possibility of offering scholarships for volunteer help. John would like there to be more dances…discussion at the next meeting. Terry, Ed and Tammy will form the committee and will work on these issues and bring back to the board at the next meeting.

Building Committee: John shared that although the roof is now covered, several items still need to be completed including the broken rafter, work on the vents, gutter work (this needs to be bid and is not included).

Other projects for the future:

  • Bathroom upgrades.
  • Work on the floor (patching bad places).
  • Landscaping (Elaine was interested in helping).

Work Day: John will make a list of jobs to be accomplished. Cleaning the building and putting plastic over the windows are two projects that need to be done as well as others. It was agreed to have a work day on Oct. 22nd, before the next dance.

Special Dances: Moondance - a great success per David. Made over $7,000. The Moondance committee suggested band possibilities for next year.

Monster Mash, Oct. 29th:

  • Full Tilt Boogie will play with Hank and Diane calling.
  • Registrars are Elaine and Janet. Kathleen will handle finding places for out-of-towners to stay.
  • Limit for the dance is 200. So far 55 people have signed up.
  • Set-up is at 10 am. before the dance and need volunteers. Will put up a sign-up sheet at the dances to enlist help. Elaine will call volunteers to remind them of their commitment prior to date. Lunch (pizza) will be provided for volunteers.
  • Leon purchased two large tents which could be used for dressing rooms.
  • Board members urged to get their registrations in soon.

Sound Equipment: Our amp died and we are using an OFB amp. We need a new one at a cost of $500-$800. We can continue to use the borrowed one for a while and can decide on the purchase of a new one after the roof is completed.

Bands and Callers: David enlists suggestions from board members on callers and bands. Discussion followed regarding how Harvest Moon might work to sponsor/support other dance/music events. David will send out a letter describing opportunities and criteria that Harvest Moon may have beyond the twice/month contra dances. Examples might be benefit dances, advance dances and music festivals.

Adjournment: Ed adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be December 3rd, (Saturday) at River Falls Lodge at 3 pm before the dance.

Note: Elaine reminded us that mileage to and from our board meetings is deductible, due to Harvest Moon’s tax exempt status.