Board Meeting - January 10, 2004

Present: John, Roger, Janet, Ed, David, Nancy, Jimmy, Kathleen

Absent: Leon, Brenda, Carol, Emily

Host: Roger Burns

Ed welcomed and thanked board members.

Insurance: We were able to find insurance at a better price. Liability and sound equipment will be covered for $953/year. There was discussion and it was agreed that we would go with this company. It is a $100,000 policy with a $500 deductible on sound equipment. The coverage is for Harvest Moon dances and not for Leon Chapman's personal coverage at River Falls.

Leon Issues: Grass cutting prices and other maintenance responsibilities were discussed and who is responsible for what. Decided that a couple of people would talk w/Leon to clarify issues regarding his will and the future of Harvest Moon Society. John proposed that we have a "Leon appreciation dance" but no conclusion was reached.

Finance: Nancy reported that $15,318 was in the general fund. $10,568 of that total was River Falls Lodge funds leaving an approximate balance of $4,800 for the roofing project. That did include recent insurance payment and deposits for Moon Dance.

Taxes: An appointment with an accountant has been set up for 2003 taxes. 1099 forms to those who have made more than $600 for the year need to be sent out. David had the list of those who would need the forms.

Nancy knows of someone who could fill the treasurer role for the Harvest Moon Folk Society with accounting experience. ???

Moon Dance 2004: David discussed bands for the next Moon Dance. Air Dance and Goosebone Prophets will be the bands with Cis Hinkle and Robert Cromartie sharing the calling. $500 each for the callers and for each band member will be paid. It will not be necessary to fly in a caller so we will save some money but we will cover costs to fly in Air Dance band members. Sound issues have not been worked out as of now. Weogo was paid $1900 last year. We need more clarity this year about what is included in the fees paid. Ed gave a history about sound and how it had been run in the past and some of the misunderstandings. A long discussion followed. We voted to put sound out to bid, the vote carried and we agreed we will be very specific about the amount of money paid and perks allowed. We will offer bids to Chris Blair, Allen Phillips, Wes Mallick, and Weogo Reed.

Monitor for Caller: Costs to replace the current one will be approximately $200. We voted to spend money on it if it didn't cost more than $300. There was a problem with the sound at the last dance.

Speaker Stand: John said he would work on brackets for the front speakers. Weogo was going to help with this.

Band Payment: Much discussion on how we pay bands. Is there a higher payment for out of town bands, Ed asked? John wanted no flexibility in our payment to local or out of town bands. Ed wanted some flexibility in how we pay band members. David wondered if we could go from $75 (our minimum) to $85 minimum. John suggested we go to a $100 minimum and made a motion. Kathleen seconded it. Ed suggested that we pay $100 per band member each up to 5 band members ($500 maximum per band). We voted and it carried. David brought up further concerns and wanted a sliding scale but we didn't vote on it.

Supplies: John said that we needed some supplies and that he would make a list. He talked about maintenance issues and a check-list for closing up after a dance. John fixed the water heater.

Campers access to bathroom: We decided it was Leon's responsibility to deal with the campers and those details. Harvest Moon would stay out of the camping issue.

Fundraising: Kathleen talked about producing a calendar as a fundraiser for the roofing project. We voted on it. Kathleen made the motion and John seconded it. Kathleen will provide details at a later date.

Poster: David will take pictures of board members and produce a poster to be displayed at River Falls Lodge.

Adjournment: Ed adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be at Kathleen's house on Sunday, March 28 at 4 pm.



Board Meeting - March 28, 2004

Present: Ed Edmondson, Roger Burns, Nancy McLean, Kathleen Roper, Janet Swell, Jimmy Smith and John Bryson

Absent: David White , Leon Chapman, Brenda Swearingen, Emily Dunford and Carol Ball

Finance Committee

Nancy McLean reported the following balance:

  • Checking Account: $17,196
    $12, 023 for the roofing fund
    $ 5, 173 for Harvest Moon


  • Non-profit Status: Not completely approved but accountant said we can file non-profit tax return. Paid $75 for 1099 and $50 for a correction. A bill for $794 + $600 for previous work has been paid so far to set up non-profit status (this is the accountant’s fees). Other dance groups have set up non-profit status through the Country Dance and Folk Society and the cost was less for them and maybe we should have considered this approach. There was discussion as to whether we should have an annual report on the web (Ed and Nancy will talk about and report back).

Publicity Committee

  • Jimmy Smith suggested that only dance materials be displayed on the publicity table and at other areas at River Falls. He made a motion and it was seconded by Kathleen. A sign will be placed on the table stating that only dance materials can be displayed.
  • Discussion followed about whether this also applied to the SC Progressive Network and Forest Watch which hold benefit dances at River Falls (would their information flyers be allowed)? This brought about more discussion as to which dances are publicized as Harvest Moon Dances and if they should be indicated as such on the web site. Roger made a motion that we list these dances on the web site as we have in the past but make a note that these dances are not Harvest Moon sponsored dances. A link to the sponsor from the web site could be activated.
  • Newsletters are sent out several times a year announcing Harvest Moon dances at a cost of $1500/year. Should we keep sending out newsletters? Ed volunteered to make an announcement at the dance to encourage people to use the web site and we will continue to send to those that still want the mailing.

Volunteer Committee

  • The chair not at the meeting today but Ed had some thoughts about opening and closing responsibilities. He suggested that two people open and close the River Falls dances especially in the winter months as there are more chores because of the weather. New people need a mentor to help and for safety issues as well. It was decided that at least two people will be needed for the winter months and it’s up to the individual on the other months.

Education and Outreach

  • There was a discussion about the huge influx of beginners at the dances. Roger shared there seems to be about 35% newcomers and he has heard lots of comments. Regular dancers are not coming to the dances because of this situation. Lots of the newcomers do not come for instruction and don’t have the basic skills to dance. The solution lies in how to teach them and get more of them up to speed. Possible solutions are as follows:
  • The caller could be involved and announce contra etiquette and suggest that newcomers come early for instruction.
  • Waltz workshop at the break (Cliff has volunteered to help instruct)
  • Stephanie Wolf has said she would lead a workshop for those who would like to learn contra in the afternoon before a dance.
  • Enlist callers who work well with beginners (Diane Silver, Barbara Groh or Cis Hinkle)
  • John suggested that we post a note at River Falls that we are working with the newcomers to help them learn to contra and that there are training opportunities.
  • Roger suggested that we hold advance dances (one per month?) to help meet the needs of the experienced dancers.
  • John also suggested that one line be primarily for those who know how to dance
  • Announcements could cover some of these opportunities for all levels of dancers and emphasize beginner responsibilities (to learn, to help at RFL etc)

Facilities Maintenance Committee

  • John shared that the speaker mounts are being worked on to fix them.
  • John suggested that we not spend money on improvements to River Falls at the moment. However we will need to do some structural roof repairs before too long. We also do not have enough money in the fund for the major roof repairs at the moment and that it will need to wait another year. He suggested we might want to do a fundraiser. It was suggested that someone approach Leon about the situation with River Falls to get some assurance as to what is going to happen with the property and building before we commit to major repairs. Roger volunteered to contact him.
  • Spring cleaning at the lodge: the suggested date was April 17th from 1 PM until the dance begins. It needs to be announced via e-mail and on the web. Beginning dancers are encouraged to help.
  • Sound equipment: Weogo says there are some repairs needed on the equipment. He was given the ok to purchase a caller monitor. He also wants to buy a compressor which will improve the sound. Ed made a motion that the money be available for Weogo to purchase the compressor (approximately $500 or what is needed). John seconded it.

NOTE: As the attendance at the meeting was not a quorum, Ed asked Kathleen to send an e-mail to the absent board members requesting their vote on any motions presented at the meeting to make them official to include the following:

  • On the dance table at RFL, the motion was to allow dancing related materials ONLY on this table.  So far, vote 7-0 in favor.
  • Non HMFS dances to be advertised on our web site but not endorsed by HMFS. 7-0 in favor.
  • Motion to allocate $500 to Weogo to purchase a compressor to improve the sound at RFL. 7-0 in favor.

The motions listed above were approved by members of the Board at the Board Meeting on May 28th.

Upcoming Board Meetings for the rest of the year (tentative dates):

  • May 28th
  • July 16th
  • Sept. 24th
  • Nov. 12th+



Board Meeting - July 16, 2004

Present: Roger Burns, Nancy McLean Woods, Janet Swell, Jimmy Smith, David White, Brenda Swearingen, John Bryson

Absent: Leon Chapman, Ed Edmondson, Emily Dunford, Carol Ball and Kathleen Roper

Nominating Committee (Roger, David and Emily)

  • Need new slate of officers and new board members to replace the two members rotating off (Emily and Roger). The committee will contact potential candidates for the board to see if they are interested in serving. Will discuss the selection of new officers at the next board meeting (in September) with the hope of election before the end of October.


Finance Committee (Nancy Woods)

  • Nancy reported:
  • $29, 678 in Harvest Moon account ($26, 216 Moondance deposit so far)
  • $13, 623 (River Falls repair account)
  • $43,301 (TOTAL)
  • The last two dances made $125-$168.
  • Jimmy states that the bylaws say we need an annual report and Nancy will provide some information to Ed. The report should also include accomplishments etc.
  • John suggests that the popular two-person bands (for example Larry Unger plus another musician) should get more money for their performance as they draw more people. One idea is to set such a band up as a 4 person band ($400) and from the balance pay Harvest Moon, the sound person and caller. Another idea would be to pay the caller and sound a flat rate. Will table the discussion for now and discuss at a later meeting.


Publicity Committee (Jimmy Smith)

  • The notebook needs to be updated with the minutes at River Falls. Janet will see that copies get put in the notebook.
  • The minutes need to be mailed to Leon which Janet will do.
  • Jimmy asks that there be an addendum to the March Board meeting (which did not have a quorum in attendance) to say that the March 28 meeting motions were approved at the May 28 meeting.
  • Jimmy wanted to put on the web site suggested attire/shoes to wear to dances. He will add to the contra dance tip link on the HM site.
  • There was discussion of the minutes. Should they be the same on the web as in the notebook or two different versions. Brenda suggested an abbreviated version be put on to the web.

Volunteer Committee (Brenda Swearingen)

  • There is need for coverage for opening/closing of the dances beginning in September. David will send out an email to enlist help for Sept./Oct. which is the immediate need.

Bands and Callers (David White)

  • Per Leon, we need to schedule our dances on the first and third Saturdays on a regular basis unless we check with him first if we need to schedule other nights.
  • John suggested having Beth Molaro more as a caller.
  • Moondance report:
  • Moondance 2004 is full except for male dancers.
  • Need meal captains and clean-up captains for meals.
  • David talked with the Clayfoot Strutters and they cannot do the dance in 2005. Will talk with Double Date as that was the second choice for band selection.
  • Monster Mash report:
  • David has not contacted other bands to play during the day for Monster Mash. Possible choices include:
  • String Beings
  • Footloose
  • Mock Turtle Soup
  • Elftones
  • Fly by Night
  • A vote took place and Mock Turtle Soup was the favorite for David to ask.

Facilities (John Bryson)

  • Christmas lights are out and he will get them fixed.
  • Well water testing at RF was discussed. It will be $375 for the major tests. John will talk with Leon about this. A motion was made to sample for fecal Chloroform. John made the motion and Nancy seconded it.
  • Photo Board. Janet needs to get the last pictures (Brenda and Emily) for the board poster.
  • Sam’s Club Card was discussed and whether to get a membership. Will talk about at a later meeting.
  • Roof repairs were discussed and getting quotes is an option. John Bryson will begin to get quotes. Need to talk w/Leon about roofing options.
  • Discussion as to what could be in an agreement (if we are to do the roof repairs) in the event something was to happen to Leon or if RF were sold. Email David with suggestions of what we would be comfortable with so that a legal agreement could eventually be drawn up. Wordage could be something along these lines: "In the event that Leon dies or RF is sold, HM would get a percentage of funds that were contributed towards the roof repairs".
  • David made a motion that we resolve concerns about the patio costs and write it off. We paid $4100 and volunteer work for the patio. Leon’s share will be the building of the kitchen. The motion was stated that Harvest Moon Folk Society donates the cost of material of $4100 and labor to River Falls Lodge. John seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Comment: Leon intends to build a kitchen that we could ask to use at times.
  • Another site will need to be secured while repairing the roof. Each can give ideas of a site to John Bryson.

Upcoming Board Meetings for the rest of the year (tentative dates):

Sept. 24th at River Falls Lodge.

Nov. 12th




Board Meeting - May 28, 2004

Present: Ed Edmondson, Roger Burns, Nancy McLean, Kathleen Roper, Janet Swell, Jimmy Smith, David White , Leon Chapman, Brenda Swearingen, Emily Dunford and Carol Ball

Absent: Leon Chapman and John Bryson

Finance Committee - Nancy Woods

Nancy Woods reported 16,842.48 in HMFS account

  • $12, 913 for the roofing fund
  • $ 3,929.48 for Harvest Moon

Expenses since the last meeting include:

  • $800 for tax services and taxes
  • $135 for storage
  • $120 for Source link
  • $1000 for rent (5 dances)
  • $570 for newsletters and mailing

Note: we were short the last two dances and Harvest Moon subsidized these dances but the average profit per dance is $138.

General Comments:

  • David would like a spreadsheet of Moon Dances of the past. Nancy and David to do an analysis of costs.
  • Ed suggested that he and Nancy put together an annual report. Perhaps it would be advisable to look at the CDSS for style.
  • The accountant stated that HMFS did not qualify for non-profit status….we were more social. May see if CDSS would organize our non-profit status. Although we have spent $1500 on accountants.

Publicity Committee - Jimmy Smith

Ed said that the web site looks great…and thanks to Jimmy for his good work.

  • Jimmy suggested that the Public Relations and Outreach Committees be combined into one committee to include Emily, Jimmy , Janet, Roger, Brenda, David and (Terry-non board member). Motion was made by Jimmy and Carol seconded it. Mission/job description of committee should be revised with both committee responsibilities outlined. Suggested new name of the committee will be Public Relations and Outreach committee.
  • There have been a large number of beginners at recent dances and in an effort to recognize their needs, Ed has been speaking to each caller to explain the beginner situation, the beginners’ responsibilities to attend a lesson and to acknowledge the needs of the experienced dancers as well. There was discussion of how and when to teach beginning waltzes…either at the break or during the beginner lesson. Cliff Carroll had done it before and we could approach him to continue the lessons.
  • Beginner Instruction Improvement: Jimmy would like to have the callers teach the beginner’s lessons (and promote this on the web). Ed feels that the small group teaching encourages community building. Roger feels that the present system of teaching is working or as an option, the caller could teach what he/she would be calling that night.
  • Emily, in her emails promoting the dances, could encourage experienced dancers to come out and teach to make new-comers feel welcome.

Volunteer Committee - Brenda Swearingen

  • System is working to enlist help opening and closing at River Falls
  • Roger asked if anyone could cover the opening/closing of the Aug. 7th dance he was responsible for. Kathleen agreed to cover it.

Bands and Callers - David White

  • David enlists comments about bands/callers. Bands are booked through December. The band Lift Ticket is coming through the area in February and will book them.
  • Monster Mash: KGB, a band from Seattle will play with Seth Tepher calling on Saturday, Oct. 30th. It was agreed that it will be at River Falls again this year. KGB only wants to play for the evening dance so there was discussion as to whether we should hire an afternoon band or just have an evening dance. With two bands, there will be more help needed for set-up. Need to sign up volunteers to get there at 11 a.m. to cover the set up.
  • The Monster Mash Committee: In the past this committee included Chris, Brenda, Ed and Wes Sturgis. There was discussion if Charlotte wants to continue to co-host the Monster Mash. If so, we need to communicate with them better to enlist their help. It was agreed the Monster Mash committee will contact the Charlotte group to clarify their involvement.
  • Suggestions for the afternoon band:
    String Beings
    Foot Loose
    Fly by Night
    Mock Turtle Soup

Moon Dance - David White

  • Moon Dance flyers will be sent out June 1st and two days later it will be promoted on the web site as pdf file. Can’t register by the web site but instead by printing out the flyer and mailing it in.
  • T-Shirts will be pre-ordered only and will be like the 1994 design.
  • The price for the Moon Dance will be $85 this year.
  • The following captains are needed: Meal, Snack, Clean-up and Saturday dinner meal. Contact Jennie or Carol to sign up.
  • Sound: three bids were sent out to Wes Maluk, Weogo Reed and Chris Blair. Wes and Weogo sent back quotes. A motion was passed to ask Wes to cover the sound and David will contact him.


  • Speaker mounts are up.
  • Roof: $13,000 in the roof fund.
  • Grass mowing: discussion as to whether we should pay to have it mowed as it has been so grown up.
  • Leon owes us for cost of wood for patio cover.
  • Rental agreement with Leon is secured until March 2005.
  • Endorsement of fundraising/benefit dances: Roger talked with Leon about this issue and he wants HMFS to be responsible for benefit dances as he doesn’t have insurance on the building to cover non-HMFS dances. We need to talk with him further about this issue.

Other Discussion

  • Calendars will be ready by Moon Dance per Kathleen
  • Motions from the last meeting were approved.
  • Nancy will have next meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, July 16th at her house:
    Nancy Woods
    206 Bobolink Dr.
    Seneca, SC 29672
    (864) 882-7464

Upcoming Board Meetings for the rest of the year (tentative dates):

July 16th

Sept. 24th

Nov. 12th



Board Meeting - September 25, 2004

Present: John, Roger, Janet, Ed, David, Nancy, Jimmy, Kathleen, Leon

Absent: Brenda, Carol, Emily

Host: River Falls

Minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Officers: There was discussion about officers for next year.
The possible officer slate for next near includes:

    • Ed Edmondson, President
    • Open: Vice President
    • Nancy Woods, Treasurer
    • Janet Swell, Secretary


The Retiring Board Members:

    • Roger Burns
    • Emily Dunford
    • Carol Ball
    • Brenda Swearington

Nominating Committee (David, Leon and Kathleen who will replace Roger): Will develop a possible slate to replace those leaving the board. Several were suggested including: Weogo Reed, Dwayne, Chris Berg, Jennie Wakefield, Anne Merkel, Brad Smith, Laura Lenick, Max Nemeth and Tammy.

Web Site: The Alcohol-, Drug-Free, and  Non-Smoking in the Building Policy and the Dance Conduct Policy were approved by the Board. Ed made a motion to approve these policies and Roger seconded it..

Bands and Callers: David said that there would be couples dancing from 5:30-6:30 pm. before the next scheduled dance Oct. 3rd. Possible ways to cover the costs were discussed:

    • Donations at the door
    • Harvest Moon could supplement balance (after agreeing on a figure). Three band members plus sound at $40/person would come to $160.

Monster Mash:

Do we want half time entertainment? What are we going to do?

Decorations for Monster Mash: Leon will purchase decorations from Big Lots for next year.

Finance: Nancy Reported.


Registration and boutique minus refunds: $28, 675

Expenses: 21,191

TOTAL Profit $ 7, 483

Checking Account:

River Falls Roof Fund: $14, 644

Harvest Moon: 13,687

TOTAL $28,331

Adjournment: Ed adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be at River Falls on Saturday, Nov 6th at 3 p.m..