Board Meeting - January 4, 2003

Place: Chris Bueker's home

Present:  Ed Edmondson, Jimmy Smith, Nancy McLean, Gale Oliphant, Emily Dunford, Brenda Searingen, Chris Bueker, Laurel Horton.
Absent:  David White, David Weston, Roger Burns, Leon Chapman.

While waiting for board members to arrive, Chris Bueker showed a video, called "Together in Time," which discussed the history and development of New England contra dance.

Following the video, Ed called the meeting to order and passed out copies of the agenda.  In Roger's absence, Laurel served as secretary.  Minutes of the last meeting, December 6, 2002, were approved.  Committee reports and discussion followed the order given in the agenda, as follows:

Finance--Committee scheduled a meeting on Saturday, January 5, before the dance to discuss the transfer of the checkbook from Chris to Nancy and arrange to add Nancy's and Ed's names to the checking account.

Moondance--David White had emailed his report.  The next Moondance meeting will be at David White's house, Friday, February 21, arrive around 6, pot luck 6:30, meeting about seven.  Announcements will be made at all RFL dances, emails, and flyers inviting people to attend if they want to be involved.  Ed and Chris will remind David White that he needs to phone Table Rock on Monday, January 6, to make reservations for 2004.

Band/caller booking--Committee needs to discuss payment policy at RFL and make a report and recommendation for board approval.

Facilities--Ed will update the RFL Opening/Closing sign-up sheet and re-circulate it to board members.  Dances are covered through at least April.  The list of responsibilities needs to be updated to include more detail, including locations of water and gas valves, switches, and tools.  Ed replaced the switch on the water pump.

Education/Outreach--Emily will continue to ask for input from dancers in her next email.  We discussed the "Together in Time" video.  Chris moved that HMFS purchase ten copies of the video (at $10 each) and allow dancers to check them out.  Motion was seconded and carried.  Education committee will develop an informal checkout system.

Publicity--Jimmy asked the board to approve his development of the Board's intranet site.  Motion was made, seconded, and carried.  Jimmy has purchased a tablecloth for the flyer table and asked if we would like one for the cashier table, and the board approved.  Jimmy suggested that we make more use of the logo designed by John Arrington.  He needs a way to make it larger, and Chris suggested that he contact Terry Pizzuto for assistance.  Chris will prepare a proposal for a tee-shirt design, featuring Bill West's (?) sketch of RFL, which would be used as a fundraiser for improvements to the Lodge.  He feels this should be done this spring.

Volunteer coordination--Committee has found that it works best for the board-member-in-charge (BMIC?) to recruit volunteers on-site for opening and closing activities, such as staffing the cashier table, sweeping the floor, setting up and clearing the food table, setting up sound, etc.  Volunteers will continue to be encouraged through announcements, email, and flyers.

Bylaws--Laurel asked board members to please look over the draft of the bylaws and send her comments, questions, and changes by February 17.  The Bylaws committee will then revise the bylaws for board approval later this spring, so that we can proceed with our application for nonprofit status, under 501(c)(3).  Laurel's proposal to hold a planning retreat was met with a lack of enthusiasm, and it was agreed that any planning will be done in segments during regularly scheduled board meetings.

Nominating--There was a brief discussion to clarify the rotation schedule for board member terms.  This is the responsibility of the nominating committee.  Chris and Laurel are leaving the board at the end of their one-year terms; however, the other two people (as yet unidentified) who are serving one-year terms will most likely be asked to re-up for three-year terms.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.  The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 7, at the home of Gale Oliphant.  Directions will be provided.

Laurel Horton, acting secretary


Board Meeting - March 7, 2003

Place: Roger Burns' home

Present: Ed, Roger, Chris, David, Jimmy, Leon, Nancy

Absent: Laurel, Gail, Brenda, Emily

Ed opens with discussion about replacing David Weston. Decided that board members will ask around to see who is interested.

Nancy was next with financial report. $7,922 total with $2,974 for River Falls repair. Chris recommended that we keep close to $4,000 in the bank to run H.M. Nancy - Keep 100 dollars in ones for the next dance. Form 1099 at dance for callers /musicians who make more than $600 - hope we don't have to.

Leon gave us a little health update. He is doing better.

Ed: Band Payment. We have before gave $100 each for band, member/caller. Some dances just don't make that. We agreed that we would only guarantee $75 each. If the dance makes good, they make more. Leon now gets a fixed rate of $200 a dance. Leon will now take care of the gas bill and cut the grass.

Admission charge: It was decided that age 14 - 17 will pay $4.00

Who ever opens needs to have someone to take money till around 8:30

Chris gave us his idea about the River Falls T shirt. Bill West designed it- looks good. We decided to get 100 made.

Ed talked more about the roof. $14,000 for a new one. Fundraiser on 6-21 for roof.

1st ever mid week dance on 6 - 4 Flapjack (band)

Leon talked some about having a square dance on some of the Saturday nights H.M.F.S. does not use the lodge.

Ed will get prices to see if we want to insure the sound equipment.

Discussion about who will do sound at MoonDance.

Ed: Food at Moon dance. Laurel and Kathy will help but we need to get more people involved. No firm decision on food yet. Discussion about next MoonDance meeting nothing firm

No April Board meeting. Next Board meeting May 16 at Gail's

Ed closed



Board Meeting - July 11, 2003

Place: Chris' House in Saluda, NC

Attendance: Ed, Chris, Nancy, Brenda, John, David, Leon, Roger, Jimmy, Laurel.

Absent: Emily, Gail

Ed opens , talked first about Monster Mash at RFL-limit to 200? Chris believes 200 is maximum number. General discussion about how to limit dance to 200 people. Decided on ticket sales - ticket only to dance. Some discussion about staying over Sunday morning to waltz. Camping $5.00 extra.Ticket price - $15.00 for both dances. Of the $15 , $3 will go to RFL. Monster Mash committee will work out other details

Roof $1000 + against a tent for $300 or so plus 200 more for side walls. Ed - Who does what where and when. Paid for from RFL funds?? Leon - would like a tent now and shed structure later. Ed called for a vote - Tent no. Chris motion for a structure. Laurel 2nd. All carried. Building Committee will work on details of shed.

John - a few safety concerns, fire extinguishers, Roger will supply

Nancy - RFL funds-7,474 General fund - 20,500.

Volunteer cord./ open and close-Jimmy
Nominating-Roger / Laurel / Leon
By-Laws-Laurel will stay on and work on that
Caller/ band booking-David
Finance-Nancy / Ed
Facility/maintenance-John / Ed / Leon / Roger
Outreach-Emily / Roger / Leon
Publicity-Jimmy / Emily Terry ( w/Ed)

Moondance meeting at David's on 18th

Ed - $7,500 in RFL fund in 1 1/2 years ( pretty good )

Roger - dance courtesy - wild dancers and what to do about it.

Ed - Insurance for sound equipment 500 a year will check on other prices.

David - Need a sound committee? Board will think about it. It would be under David.

Next board meeting Aug. 15th at Laurel's house

David - How do we recognize a large contribution? Board will think about this one.

Jimmy will create stationary

Chris will create prints of the lodge.

Ed closed



Board Meeting - May 16, 2003

Place: Gale Oliphant's home

Present: Gale Oliphant, Chris Bueker, David White, Ed Edmondson
Laurel Horton, Jimmy Smith

Absent: Brenda, Emily, Roger, Nancy, Leon

Meeting opened with board approving minutes from last meeting.

We had a discussion about whether or not we had a quorum in order to complete business because we did not have 2/3 of the board present. Ed told us Nancy had given him a written proxy to vote for her. Gale informed board that Emily had given her verbal proxy to vote for her. Laurel read Article 3, Section 12 from the by-laws concerning having a quorum to conduct business. We discussed encouraging members to inform the board if they will not be able to attend, and if possible to give a written proxy to someone to vote for them. It is not a requirement, but is definitely encouraged. Ed will e-mail this info to all board members.

Laurel brought up ideas about what the minutes should include. She stated that she has models of minutes that could be followed for better clarity. Laurel felt there should be more details, especially on actions and voting. Also, last names should be included in the minutes. It was decided that a notebook including a compilation of all the board meeting minutes should be put together and kept by the secretary. This should be made available at each meeting in case someone needs to refer to previous minutes.

Ed opened the floor to revisions and questions about the bylaws. The only item discussed was the possibility of the board having a smaller number of members or making the quorum a lower number of members. It was decided that 12 is a workable number and for now will stand as is. The bylaws have been accepted and approved as they stand. Laurel will send a copy of the final revision to all members.

The nominating committee reported a need to come up with names for future board members. Copies of the board profile form will be provided to the committee so that prospective members can fill them out. This will make it helpful for the selection process, and also let board members know who might want to serve. By the next meeting, nominating committee will come up with a list of names and edit them before presenting them to the rest of the board for a vote. There was some discussion about whether or not gender balancing is important on the board. It is not critical, but it is desirable to have a balance of women and men as well as new and experienced dancers. David nominated John Bryson and will ask him if he would like to serve on the board. Board also reviewed the schedule of board rotations and members signed up for rotation.

Finance committee: There is $9000 in the bank at this time. Nancy needs year end tax forms for nonprofit. Laurel agreed to look into finding those forms.

Moondance: David reported that the Moondance meeting went well. Several volunteers filled in the missing slots.

Monster Mash: Chris offered to take on coordinating the organization for MM this year. Ed will assist him in order to learn what goes into it for next year. We need to find out how much the Charlotte group will be willing to do. The barn was reserved for October 25th and Hot Point is committed to be at RFL on Nov. 1st. There was in depth discussion about the pros and cons of moving the dance to RFL this year as an experiment. Vote carried to have the dance at RFL on November 1st. We will consider renting large tents and port-a-johns. We will probably sell reserved tickets ahead of time in order to limit the number of dancers there Saturday night. Ed will talk to Leon about the camping situation there. We will consider options for filling in the time between the dances with waltz, etc.

Volunteer committee will be responsible for making sure a board member is signed up to open and close the dances. Ed will forward list to Gale to coordinate.

New RFL T-shirts! We should try to get rid of the old shirts by selling them for $1 or $2. We will sell new ones for $15 starting at the next dance. Gale and Chris will work on displaying them. The cost and profits for the sale of these shirts will all go to the RFL renovation fund.

Benefit dance: We have callers lined up, need more bands to donate time. David will check to see if sound is donated. Leon will donate rent since the benefit is to raise money for the building fund.

Publicity: Jimmy reported - He recommends using the Harvest Moon logo as much as possible on everything we put out. This will help with publicity because of "brand recognition". Motion carried to use logo when feasible.

Facilities: Committee should keep track of and coordinate getting supplies. Gale has agreed to purchase paper plates and napkins and take them to next dance.

Ed moved to close meeting.



Board Meeting - August 15, 2003

Place - Laurel's House

Attendance: John, Chris, Nancy, Leon, Roger, Jimmy, David, Brenda, Emily, Laurel

Ed - Finance - Total 36,700, general RFL 7,739 approximately 24,000 received for MoonDance.

Roger - Discussion about 3 new board members. Vote passed to accept Janet Swell, Kathleen Roper, and Carol Ball as new Board members. New board will be announced at MoonDance.

Laurel - we don't have to keep the same Board officers can but don't have too

Next meeting Sept 19 at John's house.

General discussion about publicity. Do we need the newsletter? Keep for now . Cut to 3 times a year and try to encourage people to get off the snail mail. Paper newsletter publish in April, Sept and Dec. Jimmy will get information and send to Terry. Make sure return address is now our new P.O. Box - not Chris' address. Keep Nancy informed about $$ needs for printing newsletter.

Whoever closes do not leave trash outside - dogs. David will recycle. Evening announcer should mention yard clean up and recycling.

Much general discussion about River Falls sign up sheet. Each board member is responsible for a month each year.

Band member/ caller who makes over $600 a year should pay tax.

Monster Mash - Chris will work on tickets around 3rd week in Sept. Gender balance? - Yes!!! Committee will work out details. Dance will generate about $3,00. RFL will get 600, 300 to Leon, 225 to each band member,125 to each caller, 125 to each sound person leaving about 700 for miscellaneous.

Leon will get wood cut for shed roof. Work day Sept 27th. Harvest Moon will pay for shed out of general funds.

John to keep up with paper products.

Road clean up ? Leon will check and see if we are still on the list.

David - kid policy -16 and under free for Monster Mash. Parents responsible for their own kids.

Chris will make a list of things to be said at the break for whoever is doing announcements.

Next meeting on 9/19 at John's