1st Board Meeting - September 20, 2002

Held at Roger Burns house

Ed Edmondson presiding

Present: Brenda S., Gail O., Roger B., Emily D., David Weston, David
White, Jimmy S, Laurel H, Ed E., Anna Lynn E., Chris B.
Absent: Leon C.

No previous minutes to read, Ed opened with thanks to all

Laurel talked about what is a non-profit organization

We also talked about member and non-member groups - deciding on a non-member type being best for our needs.

An official election was held for officers

Ed Edmondson - President

Brenda Swearingen - Vice President

Anna Lynn Treasurer

Roger Burns - Secretary

Carried 100%

Ed spoke about the various committees that had been formed Everyone accepted their duties.

Laurel talked about the 3 years rotation of board members

Ed brought up board meetings: when, where, etc.

It was decided to have a monthly meeting on Friday night before the 1st Saturday dance whenever possible. Meetings rotate at board members houses. Next meeting at Ed's house on the 25th October. Skip November . December 6th at David White's house.

Next discussion was policy on grievance: If someone has a problem/comment it is to be taken to a board member in writing. It will then be presented before the board at the next meeting. The board must speak with one mind.

There was some discussion about MoonDance bands - ideas, nothing firm yet.

Ed next talked about hosting dances. How to open and close - walk through for those who never have done so.

Discussion about keeping $8.00 door for now to cover work in progress.

Anna Lynn asks for a finance meeting soon.

Chris will take care of Monster Mash again this year as he has already booked bands.

The meeting ended with a general discussion about Leon; His relationship the HMS/RFL. Leon cutting grass at the lodge and other maintenance items.

Thanks again from Ed.

Roger Burns - Secretary



Board Meeting - October 25, 2002

Present: Gail, David Weston, David White, Jimmy, Chris, Emily, Brenda, Nancy, Ed, Roger

Absent: Laurel, Leon

Ed opened with approval of minutes / carried

Discussed Anna Lynn leaving and Nancy taking her place.

Elected Nancy as board member and then as treasurer / carried.

Further discussed who should write checks, Ed and/or Nancy only.

We talked about payment of bands/callers. Form for intake and outgo and
how to deal with short fall.

Chris gave finance report $10,400.

Monster Mash setup on Saturday morning Nov.1

Some talk about Greenville/Asheville board meetings - we attending some of theirs meetings and so forth, trading off of ideas.

MoonDance: Possible bands, 1st and 2nd bands and callers. Several names thrown out , Nightingale, Double Date, Rocket Boys (2nd) Beth as caller. Discussed last date to cancel MoonDance registration still get money back.

Ed talked about cold weather plans for water pipes. David asked about hot water (showers)
Roof issues: planned a work date for 11/16 for roof, floor ; plastic on walls.

Grass cutting - need Leon's take before making a decision.

Emily said she would take over the regular email.

Gail brought a suggestion box, also had "cheat" sheets for dance instruction.
Roger asked about a hard core, no walk through dance every so often - met with mixed reviews.

Ed closed. Next meeting 12/6 David White's house.



Board Meeting - December 6, 2002

Present: Emily, Gail, Brenda, Ed, David White, Laurel, Chris, Roger

Absent: Leon, Jimmy, Nancy, David Weston

Ed opens with approval of Minutes

Chris gives a finance report $8,727 with $1,097 being RFF funds.

David White talked about bands for MoonDance and how much we had agreed to pay each band member and caller.

Chris/David/Laurel talked about the MoonDance committee and if it needed to be narrowed down and how. It was decided that it was the Board responsibility to decide who is on the MoonDance committee.

Possible date for MoonDance meeting on 2/21/03 at David White's.

Next board meeting at Chris' 1/3/03

No board meeting in February

March 7 board meeting at Gail's

It was discussed that David has major input in booking.

Ed talked about opening/closing. Leon asked that main breaker be turned off. All board members should know the procedure for opening /closing.

We talked about keeping the $2.00 extra for now, as much more repair is needed. Ed also spoke about getting Leon's permission to do work on the lodge/roof.

Chris recommended we keep around $4000.00 for MoonDance funds.

Insurance - $ 800.00 is paid.

Grass cutting issue is still unresolved.

Bylaws - Laurel said next step is (Fed 5013 - non profit) Board to look at bylaws - make changes? Review and get changes to Laurel after Jan 03.

Now registered as non profit in S.C.


Ed closed.