October 9th, 2010 at River Falls Lodge 3:00-5:30PM

Present: Wayne Richard, Minty Norris, Tamara McGovern, Frank Farmer, June Glenn, Anna Rowe

Welcome and Acknowledgements: Wayne

President’s Report: Wayne
• Meeting Goals: involvement, focus, brevity, consideration, accomplishment
Old Business:
• Scott McCall Relationship: Wayne
Scott has been concerned about the number of people camping and not paying the fee. HMFS is
considering ways that Scott can manage the camping situation at River Falls Lodge.
• RFL Taxes: have been paid
• Vote Treasurer’s Report of August 19, 2010
The board viewed Marenda’s report from August. The income and expenses are about even at this
time. We are operating in the “black”, but only by a small margin.
The motion to accept the report was made, seconded, and had unanimous approval by the board.

Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee:
The third quarter of 2010 bottom line was good, partly due to Moondance. YTD profit = $7.418.
There was some discussion about the greater income vs. expense from the CityDance. Wayne
clarified that some of the money was carried over from 2009 and a benefit dance. Tamara made a
motion, second and unanimous approval by the board.
Governance Committee:
No report with Steve’s absence.

Nominating committee:
• Maggie Brown, Hank Czubek,
June Glenn moved that Maggie Brown be elected to the board of HMFS. There was a unanimous
pass/approval by the board.
June Glenn moved that Hank Czubek be elected to the board of HMFS. There was a unanimous pass/
approval by the board.
• Wayne mentioned electing officers to the board, but Frank suggested that we move officer elections
to the next board meeting.
• The time came up to re-elect Frank Farmer and June Glenn to the board for their second term.
Tamara made a motion to re-elect June Glenn to the board. Unanimous approval from the board.
June made a motion to re-elect Frank Farmer to the board. Unanimous approval from the board.

Volunteer committee:
There have not been many volunteers for dances recently. Anna mentioned finding as many outlets
as possible to announce the volunteer opportunities and contacts (June Glenn). We will try to get it as a
newsfeed/banner on the website, on the monthly dance print out flyer, on the e-blast, and again through
announcements at the dances.

Facilities Maintenance:
Frank reported on dusting the lodge. It took about a day with he and Harriette and they cleaned the
fans as well as the dusting most noticeable areas of the Lodge.
The board discussed window plastic. We will look at the forecast to decide when to get the plastic

Band/caller booking and Host reminding:

Tamara has booked with bands (and mostly callers) for the rest of 2010 and through April of 2011.
The host sign-up sheet was passed around and Tamara thanked the board for their willingness to
sign up and host.

Band/caller lodging coordinator:
Keith asked Wayne to check with the board on those who have not responded to Keith about hosting bands. Everyone has responded who Keith had not previously heard from.

Sound committee:
Frank attended the South East Dance Leadership Conference last weekend. He took sound classes to learn about what it takes to run sound and communicate with Weogo. He will now be able
to help take steps to improve the HMFS sound system.

PR and outreach committee:
Anna will work with the newspaper this week to get publication out about the City Dances. Wayne
reminded the board to keep the name of the dance the “City Dance” instead of the Landmark Hall
dance in the event that the venue changes.
Steve keeps up with the website and Wayne keeps up with the hotline and eblast (yahoo). Tamara
manages the schedule for the website with bands, callers, etc.

The board talked about changing the share schedule as compared to River Falls, since we are not
sure that they can be equal dances. We are somewhat reliant on Saturday night dances to
underwrite smaller dances, yet we want to be consistent in keeping with our mission to provide
dances for the community.
We are booked through November with bands/callers.
Frank made a motion to keep the CityDance going through March of 2011. June made the second.
There was a unanimous approval by the board.
Tamara made a motion to drop the minimum payment for CityDance to $100 per share, not
including sound. There was a unanimous decision by the board.

• June was not in favor of t-shirts for the dance due to the effort it takes to get it together.
Ben Allen has asked to be involved with the awards.
Depending on whether or not we hang plastic, we may not need to meet at 10:30. June will stay in
touch with the board/committee.
We need to make sure to stress to attendees that it is a flat rate for the event no matter what time
you arrive (make explicit on the website and the announcements).
Anna is committing to pick up lunch for the volunteers during set-up for the Monster Mash.

New Business:
• CityDance Volunteers
The board decided that it might not be necessary to get volunteers for the City Dance.
• Techno-contra
Anna reported that it might not be best to do a techno contra that Jordy usually does in Asheville.
Instead, Anna will work with Jordy to create a “crossover contra” where everyone would be invited
and a variety of songs could be played.
• Wayne reported that MoonDance went really well this year. Everything as planned. Next year, we are excited about having Great Bear Trio as first band.
• Report from Frank on South East Dance Leadership Conference
Frank learned a lot from the conference and gave an informative report on what he learned. See Sound Committee above

Next Meeting: Sunday, December 12th from 3:00-5:30pm at the home of Anna Rowe. Followed by social and potluck.




Feb 8, 2009, Anna Rowe’s home

Acknowledgements and Welcome -

Thanks for the help with our really large crowds of dancers the past few weeks.  It has taken a group effort to make the dances flow.


Old Business:

Minutes from December –

·        Unanimous approval for December minutes.

Minutes will now say “Pending Approval” until the minutes are approved by the board at the next meeting.  The pending process includes time between one board meeting to the next when board members review and edit minutes as needed once they are emailed out by the secretary.  We will try to get the minutes on the website as quickly as possible after the board meeting occurs.

-Anna will communicate with Jimmy on how to upload the minutes so Jimmy doesn’t have to.


Y/UF dance vote

The Y committee moves that :
HMFS partners with Upstate Forever to put on a FREE dance at the YWCA on Feb 11, 2009, with Kris Yon of UF providing all but $65 of the funding for this dance (the $65 will come from Y-dance funds).

VOTE: All in favor.  None opposed.


New Business: 


Volunteer and host committee

  • June – Volunteer committee –motion

June proposed that “the volunteer committee post a placard on the admission desk with details of the volunteer program”.

Motion made, second by Jennie Wakefield. The motion was approved unanimously.


  • Tamara – SIGN UP sheet….

Each person will need to sign up for 5 ½ dances.  Thanks to all who have already sign-up and hosted.


Finances –


  • There was discussion on how the Y-Dance Budget fits into the River Falls Dance budget.  The Y committee and David will work with Wayne to clarify the Y’s level of autonomy and its financial management.
  • The YTD budget was presented. There will be an online discussion about a benefit dance for 2009.
  • At the next meeting, we will be voting to accept the budget.


Motion:  “River Falls Lodge dance admission by coin payment will no longer be acceptable starting April 1, 2009.”

·        The motion was approved unanimously.


Building Committee- Frank Farmer

·        Frank would like to note that it would be good to schedule a work day and we will do so in the near future.

·        David mentioned parking as something to address to Frank whether we add cones or signage; he also offered to increase parking space by cutting some of the kudzu and other brush.


Moondance  - Catherine

·        The first Moondance meeting will be around the beginning of April. 

·        We really want to see more people attend the meeting if they can free up time in their schedule.

·        David and Catherine will discuss combining of board meeting w/ 1 or more Moondance meetings (short board meeting preceeding Moondance meeting).

·        Expect to be sending updated reports online soon.


Y Dance – Free Dance - Jennie/Anna

·        We are expecting a good turn out and looking forward to the dance!

·        John Bryson is learning how to be a sound technician, so many thanks.


Sound committee – John

·        We have a lot of money to buy new things, but can only purchase what John has room to store and carry to the Y Dance each week.

·        Wayne has requested a detailed bill in advance from Weogo about his monthly billings so that John and finances are prepared for that.

·        Weogo started a contra sound forum.  John shared some interesting pieces of information he has been learning.


PR and outreach committee – Jennie, Anna…

·        John is responsible for the Hotline.  His duties will end by Feb. 28, 2009.  Anna will take over the hotline in March.

·        Anna is creating a facebook group for the Y Dance.

·        E-announcements will now be sent out at the beginning of the month with the list of dances for month.  David will send out emails throughout the month as needed for special dances or band/caller announcements to pass along to the list serve.


Band booking/callers –David/Jennie

·        Great job to Jennie for calling a great dance last night.

·        The bands and callers have been great!  Thanks to David for a great job booking the dances!


Special Events Committee - 

Futones at contra dance

·        The Futones will be scheduled to sing in the Spring with free admission.


Monster Mash – June

  • We could use a few more people on the committee as well as getting board members to show up to help set up.
  • June proposed the following motion.

Motion 2

I motion that MM be held as an afternoon and evening event with two bands. Each dance will have a caller. If we hire two bands, the afternoon band will consist of no more than three members. The evening band will consist of no more than five members. There will be a break between both dances, with a community potluck. Charge for the entire event will be a flat rate of $15, with no advance registration.

All approved the motion, one abstained.


Nominating committee – Wayne, Tammy & Jennifer

·        As we look for new board members, we recommend potential nominees to get to know the board members and possibly come sit in a meeting or two.

·        Several names were discussed in consideration.


Crowd Management – Discussion, committee

·        David shared statistics about the dance attendance numbers over the past few years and opened up the room for discussion.

·        He asked for a committee to form to discuss how to manage the problems and issues associated with large numbers of people attending the dance.

·        The Special Crowd Management Committee is as follows:

      Frank Farmer






Next Meeting :  Saturday, April 4, 2009 at River Falls Lodge   3:00-5:30pm




August 2, 2009   3:00pm-5:30pm

Tamara McGovern’s House 




David White, Wayne Richard, Dwayne Plaisted, Jennie Wakefield, June Glenn, Tamara McGovern, Marenda Moore, Anna Rowe, Catherine Scott,  John Bryson




Acknowledgements and Welcome….  [5  min]

  • Marenda Moore NEW MEMBER [Vol incentive prog], Jennie and John (for the donation follow through with accident from Y Dance), Tamara, Wayne (septic)



Old Business: [10 min]

  • Minutes (all approved, none opposed)
  • Formal approval for Nov 8 Sunday dance (all approved, none opposed)
  • Banjo workshop (all approved, none opposed)

Motions: "HMFS will sponsor an intermediate clawhammer banjo workshop by Adam Hurt on the afternoon of August 22 from 4-6 pm. HMFS will guarantee Adam $200. There will be a $10 to $15 per person charge for attending the workshop (to be decided). If the take at the door is $150 or more, HMFS will add an additional $75, which allows Adam to exceed the minimum with minimal input from us [Wayne suggests in the future that we offer a set minimum without qualifications.

  • $200 Donation to Jan Berkley (for dance injury) - (all approved, none opposed)



New Business:

  • Tammy Miller is resigning from the board.  She sends her love and thanks  to all.
  • Motion for Catherine to serve a second term on the board: all approved, none opposed
  • Officer Elections –David White will not seek reelection as president.  Wayne Richard was nominated for President.  Motion: Wayne Richard as HMFS President beginning Oct. 1

-Motion approved




Nominations for Vice President Include: Catherine Scott


Motion: Catherine Scott as HMFS Vice President beginning Oct. 1


-Motion approved




            Nominations for Treasurer Include: Marenda Moore


Motion: Marenda Moore as HMFS Treasurer beginning Oct. 1


-Motion approved




Nominations for Secretary Include: Anna Rowe, re-election


Motion: Anna Rowe as HMFS Secretary beginning Oct. 1


-Motion approved








Committees: David [10 min]

  • Presented committee list and reviewed certain changes.  A list of committees and committee members will be attached to the minutes.

-Dwayne would be interested in giving up his position as band/caller lodging coordinator.


            -David White will join the Y Committee and chair the Governance Committee and will continue booking for his remaining year on the board.


            -All other committee changes will be discussed via email.




Finances – Wayne [10 min]

  • Wayne presented the 2009 Budget with actual, budgeted, and difference. The total income, expenses and differences will be off-set by Moondance, but overall, the difference is favorable.



Y Dance


·         Update  – Jennie


·         The attendance at the Y Dance is holding pretty well this summer at 70-80 people.  We’ve broken even and are doing better with the dance.


·         The Y has new administration and so the facility has become less favorable. 




Special Events Committee –

  • Monster Mash – June will begin sending out information closer to the time of the event.
  • St. Mark UMC as potential dance site/special dance

-Board members have looked at the church for a potential venue.


Motion: Jenny Wakefield proposed that HMFS hold a special dance in the gym at St. Mark Methodist Church, N. Franklin St., Greenville, contingent on approval by St. Mark’s board, for the purpose of determining if the gym is a viable location for future dances, either Wednesday night dances or other in-town dances. This trial dance would be held on a night other than Wednesday.


            All in favor of the motion, none opposed.




Moondance  -Catherine Scott

  • Everything is going well thus far.  If you have checks, please keep Wayne posted as early as possible so that he doesn’t have to write dozens of checks at once.



                                      **************Break *************




Building Committee- David

  • Septic and flushing – The committee is in agreement that we need new drain lines, done appropriately.  David White has been working on a solution and communicating with Scott. In the mean time, we will step up efforts to encourage conservative flushing and other water conservation measures and consider renting  port-a-johns if needed.



Dance Quality/Slam Dance/ Committee – Tamara – Motions


Motion 1 Rationale: The caller is the voice of the authority and is therefore in the best position to recognize and alleviate overcrowded and potentially unsafe dancing conditions. We already have a detailed list of tips for callers on the web site, and we also propose new language to be added to this list, which can be re-emphasized (along with existing tips) by the host to the caller on crowded evening.

Motion 1a: The committee for dance safety moves to add the following language to the instructions for callers:

"Limit the number of lines to 4 or fewer."

Motion 1b: The committee for dance safety moves to add the following language to the list of tips for callers:

In extremely crowded conditions, the caller or host may ask dancers to voluntarily sit a dance out periodically to alleviate crowding on the floor.

Motion 1c: The host on a crowded evening should re-emphasize in person to the caller before the beginning of the dance: 1) give instruction for dancing small and smoothly both during the beginner's session and perhaps again during the first half (a small demonstration between dances may be effective); 2) the caller should exercise their power to limit line length and line overcrowding my moving people or asking them to sit out.
All accepted the motion.  None opposed.




Motion 2 Rationale: It is of great benefit to have all new/ inexperienced dancers attend the teaching session, and the presence of experienced dancers greatly facilitates teaching in the teaching session.

Motion 2: The committee for dance safety move to add signs on the interior and exterior entrance door encouraging beginners to arrive early enough for the teaching session and encouraging experienced dancers to assist in the session.
All accepted the motion.  None opposed.


Motion 3 Rationale: Dancers may need an external reminder of when a line is too crowded.

Motion 3: We move that a line be painted at the back of the hall, and that callers should be instructed to advise dancers that hands-4 that start below that line should either move to another line or sit out this dance.


Motion was not accepted.

Motion 4 Rationale: In the event of extremely crowded dances, asking dancers to voluntarily sit out may not sufficiently alleviate crowding, and the host should have the option of using color-coded wrist bands as a way to limit the number of dancers on the floor. Pending approval of the motion by the board, we will develop policies for the implementation of this option.

Motion 4: We move that the host should have the option of using color coded wrist-bands to limit the number of dancers on the floor.
Motion was not accepted.

Motion 5 Rationale: Should the host need to ask that dancers dance small, voluntarily sit out, etc., it would be helpful to have prepared language to read (similar to that prepared for inappropriate behavior).

Motion 5: We move the following language be added to the web site and be available to be read/ paraphrased by the host or a board member on crowded evenings:
All accepted the motion.  None opposed.


"Welcome to River Falls. We hope you are having a wonderful time. It's very crowded tonight and we can all - experienced dancer and beginner alike - get carried away by this wonderful music. For everyone's safety, we encourage you to dance small and be considerate of those you're sharing the floor with. Please don't crowd the lines and consider sitting out a dance periodically to give everyone a chance. We want everyone to have a wonderful dance experience and we definitely don't want anyone to get hurt, but we just can't make this happen if everyone here is on the floor."




Volunteer and host committee – June: Motion for website change


At the last meeting, we discussed changing the language on the website about volunteers. 


The paragraph currently reads:


You can volunteer for as many dances as you like. However, we do ask that you only sign up for dates that you know you will honor the commitment to volunteer. Only two people will be allowed to sign up for the same time slots. Sign up instructions will be given by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Contact June Glenn at the dance for more information.


June suggested that the paragraph read:


You can volunteer for as many dances as you like. However, we do ask that you only sign up for dates of which you can honor the commitment to volunteer with certainty. The volunteer coordinator will contact you and confirm the need for one or more volunteers for that particular time slot. Confirmation and details for performing duties will be given by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may also contact June Glenn at the dance for more information. Volunteers are greatly appreciated by the contra dance community.


All accepted the motion.  None opposed.


Nominating Committee – Wayne


Wayne put forth a nomination for Paul Boska as a youth representative.


All in favor, none opposed.




Also, Wayne sent out about a dozen emails to tell dancers that we are looking for board members.  Steve Simmons responded with an interest, so we hope to hear from him soon.




Sunday Dance – John


John has received a lot of positive feedback for scheduling Sunday dances.  The only concern is the increase in work for hosting and using the facility.  David suggested starting the Sunday dance calendar for once every two months.


Catherine suggested getting information about the Sunday dances included on a mailer to send out to seasoned dancers to inform them of the dance.


Motion 1: John Bryson moved,  Unknown second
I move that HMFS add a Sunday dance each month to the schedule, beginning when convenient, but not before October.
This is based on the popularity of the last Sunday dance.  I believe that a regular schedule would allow the dance to grow to be profitable.


Motion opposed




Motion 2: Anna Moved; Unknown second
I move that HMFS add a Sunday dance up to 6 times a year,  beginning when convenient, but not before October.
All in favor, none opposed.


Sound Committee – John


The sound board that we use in River Falls is broken (an Allan Heath GL 2000) and Weogo is looking  into what is necessary to repair it.




Band booking/callers –David/Jennie 


Continue to bring suggestions to the table.






Please be sure to make the “appropriate behavior” announcement at the first RFL Saturday dance of the month.


Anna, Jenny, and June will meet to propose “perk” options and numbers for the next Board meeting.




Next Meeting –


Sunday Sept 20 3:00-3:45 – David and Kerry’s;


Followed by Moondance meeting & Potluck


May 30, 2009  River Falls Lodge




David White, Wayne Richard, Dwayne Plaisted, Jennie Wakefield, June Glenn, Tamara McGovern, Frank Farmer, Anna Rowe, Jennifer Whiting, Tammy Miller, Catherine Scott


Acknowledgements and Welcome….  [5  min]

HMFS recognition (CDSS & more), Frank et al. - Work day

Catherine et. al (Moondance), Jennie/Anna free Y dance Upstate Forever


Old Business: [5 min]

  • Minutes & Process

Motion by Wayne to accept the minutes, second by Tamara, all approved, none opposed.

David updated the board on the process of editing and posting minutes:

Once Anna sends the minutes draft to David, he may add additions/comments (using track changes on word) and then pass along to rest of the executive committee (Wayne and John) for comment. Anna then revises as appropriate and posts to the website as “pending approval”. Other board members can suggest changes at the next board meeting prior to approval of the minutes.


New Business:

Building Committee- all [15 min]

  • Septic – Frank reported that River Falls is having some septic issues and that we are looking at moving very quickly to address the septic problems. We are hesitant to move forward on capital improvements without further clarity w/ Scott. We have a few alternatives on the table and we think that extending the drain field has the most potential of working. David has been communicating with Scott on this issue and we are waiting on Scott’s decision before moving forward.
  • Floor – When HMFS had the work day, a lot of deficiencies were found.  Frank reported that the floor is a major issue and there are a lot of places on the floor that need some attention.  If we replace the floor, we may consider an oak or maple wood and use our current floor as a sub-floor.  David added that we can do some research on the floor replacement. Frank will research costs. David and Wayne will investigate possibilities with Scott.
  • Ultimately, the floor is a “wanna have” in the future but the septic system is a “gotta have”.  The board will see something in the near future via email to vote on.


Y Dance – Jennie   [10 min]

Based on a request from Wayne at the last meeting, Jennie prepared the following:

Statement Clarifying Y Autonomy


A motion giving autonomy to the Y Dance in several areas was passed in December 2008 [see below]. The motion enables the Y Dance committee to

1) set or change amounts paid to band/caller/sound,
2) make purchases up to $300 without board approval,
3) set admission costs for Y dance.
It also indicates that funds raised by the Y dance (past and present)
will be earmarked for the Y Dance's use.


This means that, as always, the treasurer will keep track of Y dance funds and list the Y Dance's annual income/expenditures in the budget. If the committee wants to purchase an item over $300, it will seek board approval. Other purchases (such as sound supplies, cups) will be recorded and noted.
The Y Dance, at this time, is not asking for its own checking or savings account but will continue to send payment sheets, payment sheet revisions, receipts for expenditures, and related items to the treasurer for the records. If the treasurer wants more assistance from
the Y committee in working with Y-related budget tasks, the committee will be glad to support that as directed.
Motion in December 2008:
Y Committee moves that, as of January 1, 2009, 
              (a) the Y Committee have flexibility and autonomy regarding payment of
                  band/caller/sound person and for making purchases up to $300, 
              (b) funds generated by the Y Dance (2008 and beyond) be earmarked for
                  the Y /Dance, 
             (c) Y Committee have the authority to set the admission price for the Y


Wayne acknowledged that he is satisfied with this clarification. Wayne and Jennie will coordinate regarding  Y Dance finances,  to gain a sense for budgets on a regular basis .


Also, Frank, Dwayne, and John had to take down the YWCA sound attenuation panels because the fabric used was not certified flame retardant, so we are looking to either purchase new panels. The Y committee is also looking for alternative venues.


Finances – Wayne [20 min]

  • Budget Approval and Update

Wayne distributed the budget with all income and expenses.  Our current profit stands at $3673.47. We may be looking into placing our profit into a CD or account that earns a higher interest rate.


The main topic of discussion regarding the budget was  the Y dance  as to what is recorded and paid when  out of town callers or band members  get different shares from local callers or band members.  While not making a motion, he just wanted to seek clarification on how these differing payments should be recorded for the budget.

-See copy of the budget for details and clarification-

  • Tammy made a motion to accept the budget as presented, second by Jennie.

All in favor and none opposed.


Nominating committee – Wayne [10 min] 

Wayne presented nominee Marenda Moore.

            A motion was made for Marenda to become a board member.

            The motion was approved.


Wayne informed the board of one potential student representative and one potential regular board member and the need to get to know these individuals. Different opinions were expressed about what we are looking for in a student rep but generally it was agreed that we don’t expect as much from them (before voting) as we do regular board nominees.


Volunteer and host committee [15 min]

  • June – Volunteer – changes/suggestions

June noted that there was a lack of clarity on the website about volunteers and when a volunteer could expect to help and get in free (both advance and at the door). We need to make some changes to the website to make sure that the volunteer expectations and communications are clear. June will email everyone the changes she would like to make and get approval from the board online.

  • Tamara – SIGN UP sheet: Tamara passed out the sign-up sheet and requested for everyone to fill in the open slots.
  • Hosting reminders, camping and water – David reminded all board members to be sure to thoroughly clean the bathrooms on their hosting day.  He also reminded the board that during the warm season, we can keep the water on for campers after the dance as long as one of them will shut off the main valve that is outside.


*******************Break (4:20): 10 min --- **************************


Dance Quality/Slam Dance/Crowd Management Committee – Tamara  [20 min]

  • Update and motions (Ethan was added to the committee)

Tamara updated the board on all of the email communications about the crowds at the dance. Multiple suggestions were discussed and ultimately, the committee would need to meet face to face, in order to make a final decision on which solutions we will act upon.  Tamara asked that other board members email her other suggestions to bring to the face-to-face Slam Dance committee meeting.


Special Events Committee [5 min] – Monster Mash – June

June reported that the band and callers are booked and she will set a time for a meeting.


Moondance  -Catherine [10 min]

There will not be a reduced rate for students this year.  The cabin prices have increased as well. The flyers will be mailed on June 1, thus in house by June 3 at latest. The next Moondance meeting will possibly be on July 17th or the end of June. Theresa and Catherine will keep everyone posted with meeting dates and times.


Sound committee – John [5 min]

            Absent, no report.


PR and outreach committee – Jennie, Anna… [10 min]

Wayne is taking over the hotline for Anna. Anna is looking into the facebook marketing outside of what we already have.

Jennifer Whiting created a website called that provides a dance listing all around the Upstate.


Band booking/callers –David/Jennie [5 min] 

            David and Jennie are doing a great job with booking bands and callers.


Next Meeting : 

Sunday, August 2,  3:00-5:30 – Tamara McGovern’s House in Spartanburg


Meeting adjourned at 5:32pm

HMFS Board Meeting of 10.10.09 at Jennie Wakefield’s home.

Board Members present:  Paul, Catherine Steve, Jennie, June, Tamara, Jen, Marenda, Wayne.


(These minutes recorded by Steve Simmons)

The meeting was opened with acknowledgments for attendance and Jenny as host.

The minutes from the 9/20 meeting were read, motion to accept by Tamara and seconded by David

Wayne began with a few comments:


His meeting goals will be to encourage participation.

The motion process should follow Robert's Rules of Order. He prefers that motions be prepared prior to the meeting, written and copies brought to the meeting, with emailing copies as an option.


No format for the motions, stressed flexibility in crafting them.

Order of business should be: 1. Acknowledgments; 2. Old Business; 3. Committee reports; 4 New Business

Committee chairs should come prepared, possibly with written copies, or state "No Report".


Committee Reports:

Treasurer - preliminary Moon Dance - still some remaining expenses and income.

Elaine - need to reserve MD 2010 barn and sites, subject to meeting with the park superintendent

Governance - no report

Nominating - Tamara asked everyone to watch for new potential candidates for the board, or at least those who may be willing to sit on a committee.


(These minutes taken by Catherine Scott)


Signing up for committees –look and see if you wish to be on a committee. Wayne passed around the committee list. David mentioned that he would be interested in letting someone learn the ropes about getting bands and callers.


Volunteers:  Need to get more, make more announcements. Steve mentioned the difficulty of signing up for a volunteer slot. Wayne said there are some difficulties with the website. June said she does not like the way it is set up now.    Need to make contact with Wayne and Jimmy.


Facilities Maintenance:  Purchase River Falls if the possibility came to us?

There is a person in our dance community who is interested in supporting the dance community. He is looking for an investment. He was discussing building a new dance hall. David mentioned possibly going in on usto purcha

Proxy and motion (June, presenting motion from Frank) Establishing credit, Catherine 2nd.

Frank is concerned about capital improvements. He is concerned about Scott’s lack of responsibility and our situations with doing repairs,etc. David mentioned that he sent out an email giving the history of the lodge, Leon, etc.  There were concerns that we would enter into a debt relationship without getting any payment back. There are many questions. Let’s turn our questions to Wayne and he will further the discussion with Frank. There was a unanimous vote of no.


 David is still trying to get in touch with Scott. Scott is still unresponsive. He is behind on his property taxes. David is encouraging him to pay them, since we have a significant interest. If they can meet, a lease, repairs, who will pay (the process) and then, would he like to sell. 

Wayne was able to get in contact with Bill Whalen, a non-profit attorney. He is interested in helping us with legal advice..


Hotline—there have been problems with us making the hotline work.

The hotline is now up to date. One problem is the short 30-second time period. Jimmy will now be doing it, using a text service for hearing impaired persons. He will write it, they will say it. The purpose of the phone was for our liability, to be able to cancel a dance in the event of bad weather.

Band/caller booking—David and Jennie. No news. Give David feedback.

Band and caller lodging—Dwayne used to be the coordinator. Consider having a ready list of what board members can offer in terms of housing.


Where will we keep the old soundboard. David suggested putting it in the storage unit. We will do that for now. We need a new inventory.

PR—Jimmy is doing Yahoo, Anna is doing Facebook, Jennie edits Jimmy’s text. David still manages Yahoo?

Y dance emergency dance at St. Mark’s Y floor was not ready. 


David asked Catherine to get up to snuff with John on sound equipment, etc.


Back to Y dance

Jennie has looked at the statistics. She is able to look at the pattern and would like to create a review team to figure out what the Y dance should look like in the future. The committee will consist of Steve Simmons, Jennie Wakefield, and some non-board committee members. Someone will eventually need to be in charge.

Moondance—follow up –keeping better notes, making up orders for next year. Sound was great (under sound).

Wayne—BB&T. they have a way for  folks to pay for MoonDance online. We will have to pay for the service. We have to pay about $200 for setup. Then there is a $10/month. There is also a percentage taken out.

Monster Mash-special committee—June has plenty of people to help her on the committee. Kathleen and Dwayne will be bringing lunch. There was some discussion about the cost. David discussed the formula used for paying the band. Consider the total number of shares. Advertising was discussed. Who would purchase the gag gifts; who will be the committee to decide who will give the awards. 


St Marks’ Dance—check out the floor! Watch out for the furniture! Will the stage be clean?

New Logo suggested by Jimmy. No specific reason why, will look into that more.



We all communicate by email. Do we all get the emails? We need to start making some contact by phone, getting confirmation by a live voice. Don’t assume someone is getting your email unless they respond. Wayne now has a new email, gmail account.

Next meeting,

December 5  3:00-5:30, then opening after. Potluck. June is opening that night. An email reminder will be sent.


Present—Wayne, David, Jen, Jennie, Paul, Tamara, Marenda, Steve, June, Catherine