December 12th, 2010 at Anna Rowe’s home 3:00-5:30PM, social and pot-luck to follow

In Attendance: Tamara, Hank, Wayne, Frank, Keith, Steve, Anna, Maggie, June, and Marenda

Welcome and Acknowledgements: Wayne
• Maggie and Hank
• June
• Wayne introduced the new board members and reviewed each of the board member responsibilities.

President’s Report: Wayne
• Meeting Goals: involvement, focus, brevity, consideration, accomplishment

Old Business:
• Scott McCall Relationship: Wayne
Wayne had several correspondences with Scott to discuss the septic system. Currently, we believe that is under control, but will continue to try and discuss leasing the building with him as soon as possible.
• Vote Minutes of August 19,2010
The minutes of the August and October meeting were attached from an email from Wayne.
Marenda made a motion made to approve the past meeting minutes, second from Steve. There was a unanimous approval of the August minutes.
• Vote Minutes of October 9,2010
There was a unanimous approval of the October minutes.

Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee: Marenda

Governance Committee: Steve, Hank
• Youth Representative name-change, application form, quorum clarification
• Wayne suggested changing the name from “youth representative” to “student representative”. He also addressed the application form.
• Anna Rowe made motion to change the name of the Youth representative to student representative as it more accurately reflects the character of the position. Second by Marenda. There was a unanimous approval by the board to change the name.
• We need to make a clarification about the quorum and application form. Wayne encouraged the board to look at the current application to see if we would like to edit the application to customize it towards students.

Nominating committee: June
• Marty and Mark?
• June made the motion to accept Marty Spencer as a board member. There was a unanimous decision to accept the motion by secret ballot.
• Recruit, recruit, recruit!

Volunteer committee: June
• The volunteers are stepping up at the present. June has a running list of 3-5 volunteers that have offered up their services. If board members need a volunteer, they can let June know and she will contact the volunteers.

Facilities Maintenance: Frank, Minty, Hank
• Water heater maintenance/repair
• The brooms that were lost from MoonDance were discovered. We ran low on fluid on 12/11/10 ance. Frank will manage the fluid to make sure we have enough. Only purchase windshield wiper fluid with methal alcohol (-28 degrees).
• The floor continues to wear and it’s only a matter of time until we have to make a decision about what to do. We will try to put a sign up about dancing with shoes on. “Shoes required on the dance floor.”
Board members discussed asking for “new floor” contributions or hosting multiple benefit dances.
Maggie Brown made a motion to get a contract written up for the ownership of the building. June made a second. Motion was withdrawn and June withdrew the second.
We feel that a lot of money could be raised, thus it will take some partnerships and agreements to make it work.
Frank Farmer made a motion to create a committee for investigating the process of the purchase of River Falls Lodge.
Committee approvals could be done via email and the committee would email approvals/denials to the board throughout the process(es).
There was a second by Maggie Brown. All in favor, none opposed. Unanimous approval.
The committee for purchasing the building includes Maggie Brown, Steve Simmons, and Frank Farmer.
Ongoing roof leak

MonsterMash: June Glenn
• 10 shares of $155 each, great bands, great callers. Success! Special thanks to everyone who helped.

Band/caller booking and Host reminding: Tamara
• We have committed to booking CityDances through the end of 2010 but Tamara would be interested in looking at the costs of the dances (and thus, how much of an expense it is).
• Tamara mentioned possibly having a few “benefit” dances that included new or a few lesser known callers/musicians. This would help us gain awareness of different options for bands and callers in the future.
• Remember: Don’t announce Advanced Dances

Band/caller lodging coordinator: Keith
• Have you accepted or declined being a musician/caller host?
• If board members have responded to Keith about hosting callers, please remember to tell her if any of your lodging arrangements change and you would be able to host.
• Nearby band lodging with Pam Campbell – Wayne reported that Pam Campbell lives right beside RFL and may be able to assist in lodging.

Callers Collective: Keith
• Callers Collective Meeting hosted by Keith on 12/11/10 – There is a 3 hr Callers Collective
Workshop on February 12, 2010 (2:30-5:30)
• We would like to announce the NEW CALLER’S WORKSHOP at the dances to attend on February 12th. The workshop will focus on the new callers but also provide availability for people to practice on the open microphone.
• Wayne commented that Weogo commented that OFB does open mic as well. He suggested that we have either open mic or open band, but not to combine the two.
• Once we have a set of callers ready to participate, Keith will facilitate the collective and getting theopen band/mic evening coordinated.

PR and outreach committee: Anna, Steve, Wayne
• Facebook, Gvl. News, Yahoo, Hotline
• Anna has contacted Greenville Forward and the Greenville News to get the information for CityDances posted amongst several different websites and news publications amongst the Greenville area.
• Website update
The website system is very outdated. Steve is having a little bit of trouble working on Zoomla so he may have Hank assist with navigation of the program.

CityDance: Marenda, Anna, Hank
• Shares Policy in web site
Wayne announced that we need to change the pay verbiage on the website so it doesn’t reflect what the Y once was. Wayne will send Steve the updated verbiage to post to the website.

New Business:
• Dance Workshop (Marenda and Frank) – Frank and Marenda had to leave the meeting a little early, but will report on the workshop at the next meeting.
• Signage – Wayne mentioned being a little concerned about the liability of dancers getting hurt through risky dance moves and bare feet. We will try to ask the callers to challenge the audience to dance small and continue to be safe.
• Officer elections
All of the officer elections passed with a unanimous YES.
• Non-paying dancers

The board had a discussion about the insurance for both dancers and board members.

Next Meeting: Sunday, February 20th at 3:00-5:30pm at Steve’s House. Followed by social and potluck.



August 14th at River Falls Lodge 3:00-5:30PM

Present: Wayne Richard, Jennie Wakefield, Tamara McGovern, Frank Farmer, Steve Simmons, Anna Rowe,
June Glenn, Minty Norris
Absent: Jen Whiting, Paul Boska, Marenda Moore, David White, Keith Eustis

Welcome and Acknowledgements: Wayne
• Special thanks to Steve for all of his work with taking over the media/website updates.
• Special thanks to Marenda for taking care of accounting in the midst of a lot going on with family.

President’s Report: Wayne
• Meeting Goals: involvement, focus, brevity, consideration, accomplishment

Old Business:
• Minutes from 6/12/10 meeting
Motion was made and approved by all to accept the 6/12/10 minutes.
• Scott McCall Relationship: Wayne, Anna
There has been no contact other than money taken from the lodge for camping. Anna will wait to
contact until the tax situation has been figured out.
• Investing
At the last meeting, we talked about putting money into certain investments, but from what we
can tell, no progress has been made on this. We will most likely wait on the tax situation about RFL
before making any progress in tying up the money into investments.
• Brush cutter for parking area
The project is put on hold. We may work on this in the winter when the dance numbers go up and
the visibility is low. For larger dances, we may put cones out to direct cars into the grassy lot for
parking. We may re-visit this agenda item at the next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee: Marenda
There was no treasurer’s report for this meeting, but once we get the report, board members can
provide feedback to Wayne via e-mail.

Governance Committee: David
• New Chair Needed
David White will no longer be serving in this position after rotating off the board at the end
of September, and Jennifer Whiting is moving, thus we need a new Governance Committee

Nominating committee: June
• Mark Hackett , Maggie Brown, Steven Duda, Eldon Vaughn, Andy Molenbrock
Mark Hackett has been willing to be involved in the board. He is a regular dancer and has expressed
interest. Now that the school year has started, Anna will touch base with Maggie about applying for
the board. Steve Duda seemed like a good prospect. Eldon Vaughn is waiting until he knows more
about his job. Hank Czubek is a strong possibility. The board will talk to him tonight. John Allen is
still in consideration as well.
• Jen Whiting
Due to her recent marriage and moving out of town, she may not be staying on as a board meeting.
• Recruit, recruit, recruit!
• Wayne made a special recognition and thanks to Jennie Wakefield, David White and Jimmy Smith
for all of their hard with the HMFS Board over the past few years. With their service as board
members, officers, spearheading new committees/dances, and the media, we are very thankful for

Volunteer committee: June
There had been some confusion about those who volunteer and what the perks are for volunteering.
It has now been corrected on the website. For clarification purposes, a volunteer who OPENS the
night, gets into the dance for free and gets a free dance ticket for another dance. A volunteer who
CLOSES gets into the dance for free that night. A volunteer, who opens and closes, gets into the
dance for free and two dances tickets for later dances.

Facilities Maintenance: Frank, Minty, John, Roger Burns
• Floor Repair
No report.
• Clean up by Harriette
We contacted Harriette about dusting RFL in exchange for 10 dances. We are looking forward to the
Lodge getting cleaned up! She will most likely come up to the Lodge on August 27-29th when there
are no dances at the RFL.
Anna will make a coupon for Harriette to use for the 10 dances.
• Minty reported that we are still good to go on supplies, but there was a need for clarification on
what gets used for Moondance vs. what stays at RFL. Wayne will help clarify what goes to the
Moondance and what stays here.

Band/caller booking and Host reminding: Tamara
• Remember: Don’t announce Advanced Dances
• We have bands and callers through the end of the year and hosts through early November. We may
need permission to book a 4 person band for October of 2011. This would be a Sunday dance, so
approval and arrangements will need to be made. There is another idea about a March/April dance
event at RFL. Other ideas were discussed about bringing a band like Perpetual E-Motion into town
and making a “dance weekend” of the event where there is an advance dance on Friday and maybe
two dances on Saturday.
The issue with hosting long dance events at RFL, have to deal with the septic system…which is
something we will not be able to fix until HMFS is in a lease.

Band/caller lodging coordinator: Keith
• Have you accepted or declined being a musician/caller host?
If you have not responded “yes” or “no” to Keith about housing band members, please do so ASAP.

PR and outreach committee: Jennie, Anna
No report.

CityDance: Jennie, Marenda, Anna, David, John.
Wayne mentioned that the attendance at the CityDance is declining. There was discussion about
deciding on the Landmark dance by the Friday in September, or giving it a year from the date of its
first dance. By giving it a year, we would be able to see a trend in dancing.
• Rescind old web site verbiage; host duties and credit, dissolve search committee
Jennie did a great job making a “host duty” manual. There is some confusion about where to put the
signs for the dance, but we will continue to put signs out for the dance. The official search committee
for CityDance is temporarily dissolved, but Wayne urged the board to present other ideas for new
Anna will contact the Greenville News and other local publications about providing press for the

Landmark dances.
Volunteers –
Details about volunteers will go online. Volunteers will get free admission for the Landmark dances
in which they serve.

MonsterMash: June
• Potential bands, callers
Jan is working on the design for the flyers for Monster Mash.
• T-Shirts
Jan mentioned T-Shirts for the event. She and June will work on this with more details to follow.
New Business:
• RFL Taxes
The 2009 taxes on RFL have not been paid. There has been discussion about what can happen if we
were to buy into tax lein for one year. There seems to be a consensus about attempting to purchase
the tax lein. HMFS will need to have the monetary means to purchase the lein at the time of the sale.
• CityDance Volunteers (already discussed in prior agenda items)

Next Meeting: Saturday, October 9, 2010 at RFL 3:00-5:30pm. Followed by social, potluck and dance.



 June Glenn’s home 3:00-5:30PM

Board members present include: Steve, David, Tamara, June, Anna, Jennie, Frank, Wayne, and Jennifer

Not present:  Paul, Marenda, Keith, Ethan

Welcome and Acknowledgements:  Wayne

Steve for City Dance, June for hosting, Marenda for Treasury work, City Dance Committee for work overall

President’s Report: Wayne

  • Meeting Goals:  involvement, focus, brevity, consideration, accomplishment

Old Business:

  • Minutes from 10/10/09 and 12/5/09 Meetings

Wayne thanked those who helped with Minutes the last few meetings. Motion was made to accept the two sets of minutes as published by Tamara, second by Steve. Pass – unanimous.

  • Credit establishment:  Wayne

Wayne will continue work with the credit establishment.

  • Meeting venue for cold weather

The board decided that we would just plan to meet at board member’s homes during the cold winter months of board meetings.

  • Meet with Bill Whalen, Esq.

Wayne has not made any further arrangements in terms of meeting with Bill, but he will let the board know as soon as progress has been made.

  • Scott McCall Relationship: David

David spoke with Scott before the last meeting, but has had no further communications since that time. David suggested that we arrange a meeting with Scott and Wayne. David will plan to set up a meeting.

Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee:  Marenda, Wayne, Elaine

The figures for the City Dance will be different than the report, but we are waiting to see what those figures turn out to be. Steve had some suggestions for the Treasurer’s Report.  Wayne and Steve will contact Marenda about adding a starting and ending balance to the report to get a better idea of the year.

Governance Committee:  David, Jimmy

No Report

Nominating committee:  Tamara, David, Jen 

  • Vote for Officers and Directors

Tamara proposed that we consider Minty Norris’s application for board membership.

David nominated Frank Farmer for the Vice President position of the HMFS Board. Second by Tamara.

A secret ballot was taken.

Results: Minty was elected to the HMFS board.  Frank Farmer was elected VP.

Volunteer and host committee:  June, Tamara

  • Additional Signage: Signs have been hung but no one has contacted June about volunteering.

Tamara distributed host sign-ups.

Anna will bring volunteer incentive ideas to the next meeting.

Facilities Maintenance:  Frank, John, Dwayne, Roger Burns

  • Brush cutter for parking area

We have a limb down on the roof of RFL. We will need two people to help get it down.

Also, there are problems associated with restrooms/plumbing. Frank will contact a plumber in TR and get in touch with Wayne to get that taken care of.

David also suggested better signage around RFL for new dancers.        

On the next agenda:

David, Wayne, and Frank will look into parking areas and whether or not we want to cut the brush down from the middle area of the parking field.

Band/caller booking:  David, Jennie

  • David has gotten positive responses on the Friday, September 3rd dance with the Avant Gardeners. Also, David is booking a French Canadian band in November that also plays Cajun music…he will be in touch with the Asheville dance community to spread the word in that circuit as well.

Band/caller lodging coordinator:

  • Still looking for a coordinator

 Sound committee:  John, Frank

  • Weogo’s equipment cage

Weogo would like to cut back on moving in and out of the lock-up. The board discussed the idea and felt that, with costs considered, we show interest. Frank’s concern is that building is not secure enough to keep all of the equipment at RFL.

PR and outreach committee:  Jennie, Anna, Jimmy

  • Anna changed the Y Dance Facebook page to the CITY DANCE and sent out a mass email to all 150+ group members about the dance.

CityDance: Jennie, Marenda, Anna, David, John

  • We have a dance this Wednesday night at St. Mark’s Church.  We will most likely skip March and have a dance in April
  • Fifth Friday in April will be a contra dance at the Sear’s Shelter.
  • Landmark Hall will be the next venue for City Dances.

Special Committee for CityDance Futures:  Steve, Jennie, Marenda, Anna, David

  • The Landmark Hall in Greenville is available the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. Jennie will work to coordinate with David for the City Dances.
  • We will book St. Mark dances for March and April, and start the City Dance at Landmark Hall in May of 2010.

MoonDance:   Theresa

  • Second band, callers, co-chair

The2009 Moondance income will probably be another $1,500 and expenses probably an additional $6,000.

Theresa will be sending out another email about another band and co-chair.

MonsterMash:   June

  • Potential bands, callers

June will count the votes tonight and let us know the bands.

New Business:

  • Confirm Webmaster vote

Jimmy would be admitted into dances with no charge. This was agreed upon online, but Wayne wanted to confirm the agreement. Motion made by Tamara. Second by David.  All in favor.  Motion accepted.

We also discussed whether or not sensitive information should be included on the website.

 Next Meeting:  Sunday, April 11th at Marenda’s home in Taylors 3:00-5:30pm. Followed by social and potluck.  Directions follow closer to the time.



April 11th, 2010 at Marenda Moore’s home 3:00-5:30PM


Board Members present: Marenda, David, Paul, Mirenda, Jennifer, Steve, Wayne, Tamara, Jennie, Keith, and Minty


Not present: Anna, June, Frank, Ethan,


Proxy votes: Jennifer for Anna, Tamara for June, Minty for Frank


Welcome and Acknowledgements:  Wayne


Welcome to two new board members, Keith and Minty.

Thank you to Marenda for hosting the meeting.


President’s Report: Wayne

Meeting Goals:  involvement, focus, brevity, consideration, accomplishment


Old Business:


·         Minutes from 2/07/10 Meeting

o    Jennie felt the minutes were not clear about who would be doing band booking for city dance (which will fall to Tamara).

o    Motion was made to accept minutes with correction by Steve

o    Second by Marenda.

o    Pass - Unanimous


·         Credit establishment:  Wayne.

o    Wayne has talked with Robert Halfacre, VP of the Seneca branch of BB&T. about establishing credit for HMFS.  RH commented that we have already done the important first step, which is to establish a relationship with BB&T (by having saving and checking accounts with them).

o    BB&T very interested in working with non-profit org.

o    A potential loan would be treated as a commercial loan with 10-20% down.

o    RH advised next move to consider getting a business credit card for HMFS

§  (use for supplies, maintenance, etc.)


·         Meet with Bill Whalen, Esq.:  Wayne

o    Bill Whalen, of Pisgah Law (works with nonprofits) would like to work with us trying to figure out if we can buy the lodge or develop a meaningful relationship with our landlord.

o    Believes it is a historic property

o    Offering services at no cost to HMFS


·         Scott McCall Relationship: David

o    Not been any contact. One phone number not active anymore. Depositing checks only means of communication.

o    David will draft a letter to Scott stating what kind of relationship we wish to have.


·         Sears Shelter:  Wayne

o    An almost dance in downtown Greenville. Jennie and Wayne worked to get a small dance started. Not any staff people to help open and close.


Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee:  Marenda, Wayne

o    Treasurer’s report presented by Marenda

o    Keith questioned why we keep so much money in the checking account.

§  Part of the reason is to have funds available for Moondance expenses (food, airfare, etc.)

o    Discussion regarding investing some of our funds.

§  Is another way to enhance our relationship with BB&T.

§  Overall opinion over investing. Something that preserves principal (Tamara)

§  Cd probably highest interest (Steve). As they mature put into savings

§  Is our checking account an interest bearing account?

·         $800 does not reflect interest. Balance should reflect interest as well.

§  Wayne will meet with BB&T representative to ask about options.


o    Possibility of credit card payment for Moondance. (through BBT)?

o    Paypal  is an option (may be less expensive than credit card processing)


o    Citydance


§  Would like minutes to show the amount of funds earmarked for Citydance (including funds carried over from 2008 and 2009 fundraising.)

§  Keith asked if there was a separate bank account for Citydance.

·         Separate accounting, but not separate bank account.

§  Figure can be determined after this last wed dance, and be reflected in last minutes.



Governance Committee:  David, Jimmy

No issues



Nominating committee:  Tamara, David, Jen

·         Kenneth Cosgrove

§  Tamara has discussed board membership with Kenneth.

·         Tamara commented on the female / male ratio of the board.

·         Communicate to dancers that board meetings are open if they wish to attend and invite to next board meeting which will be held at the lodge.

·         Consider ways to explain to dancers board responsibilities (at advance dances or on website) as a way of encouraging participation



Volunteer and host committee:  June, Tamara


  • Talk up volunteering at announcements.
  • Tamara sent around hosting sign up sheet.
  • Keith inquired about the difference between hosting the Y dance and the RF dances (1/2 vs. 1 credit) since the ½ credit dance still requires you to be there the entire evening.
    • ½ credit based on the fact that RF dance can take a long time (longer than Y dance)
    • Everything about RF was more difficult (potluck, etc.)
    • Hold question of ½ credit vs. whole credit for later in meeting.


Facilities Maintenance:  Frank, John, Dwayne, Roger Burns,

  • Brush cutter for parking area
    • Would probably provide an additional 10 parking spots with better parking flow.
    • Friend of Chad (grass cutter) has quoted $500 price for clearing out area around fireworks shed.
    • David suggested that he and Frank evaluate the area prior to next board meeting: junk to be removed, stump removal, etc. to perhaps reduce expense of clearing that area.


  • Floor Repair
    • Patching, repair, replacement needed.
      • Contact David Wiley to discuss his experience putting a new floor in.
      • Marvin ? helped with Jonesborough floor.
    • Tamara:  at grey eagle people bought pieces of flooring.  (buy a brick) type of thing.
    • If we felt good about our investment being protected . . . .a new floor would seem more reasonable.
    • Spot repairs needed immediately.
    • Typically John Bryson, Roger Burns, David, Wayne, Steve, Frank, willing to help doing spot repairs.
    • Need workday to be planned. Skilled work: router, planer, chopsaw.
      • Wayne will put out an email with possible dates, and see who can be involved.


  • Tree limb removed by Joe Rockenstein.
    • Wayne will offer either free pass to moondance or 12 free dance passes as compensation.


  • Septic issues
    • Steve and Tamara commented there were no problems last time they hosted
    • Tank has been pumped out (but can fill up in the course of one dance)
    • Determined that it does not have a bottom. Concrete blocks with dirt bottom.
    • Recommendation: extending the drain field.


  • Clean-up
    • David cleaned ceiling fans.
      • Need to have shopvac onsite.


  • Supplies / Inventory
    • Wayne will email Minty list of supplies used.
    • Hosts to contact Minty if they notice something is needed.




Band/caller booking:  David, Jennie, Tamara

Jennie booked citydance / last one wed.

Tamara takes over booking in Oct.


Ron Buchanan (long time caller in Pittsburgh) called David, wanting to come down and tour including RF. Sent a proposal for Dec. 10-11, either a Fri/Sat with additional  2 hour dance 4-6 before sat dance – or Sat. / Sun. “mini-weekend”

Tamara two thoughts: choice of band important. Whether we do something extra depends on band draw

            Part of it is marketing for 4-6: perhaps as an advance dance workshop?

            No decision made – discussion to continue.



Band/caller lodging coordinator: Keith.

Keith will send email out to board members to see if you are willing to host.


Sound committee:  John, Frank

No report


PR and outreach committee:  Jennie, Anna, Jimmy

No report


CityDance: Jennie, Marenda, Anna, David, John

Hosting credits:

Some people feel ½ credit is not equitable.

Reasoning has been that winter nights at RF are alot of work.

Landmark hall will be a pretty easy dance to host: essentially show up, money, open doors, clean up = dust mop afterwards. Take out trash to dumpster. Landmark takes care of restrooms, kitchen.

Don’t know how long it will take band to set up at Landmark


Motion by David that the money that has been raised for the y dance be used for special needs for the citydance. Seconded by Jennie.

Money has been earmarked in past in previous motion (months ago)

All in favor





Special Committee for CityDance Futures:  Steve, Jennie, Marenda, Anna, David

No report


MoonDance:   Theresa

Credit Card remittance

No report


MonsterMash:   June

Potential bands, callers

Supposed to have meeting in May

Appalachian Storm, Steam Shovel, Diane Silver, Keith.


New Business:


Small effort to have dance in Anderson.

Owners of McGees Irish Pub downtown contacted Wayne about starting a dance. Wayne offered to provide them with a list of callers and bands.


John Allen:

Commented that he wants to buy a building to use as a dance hall in Taylors.

Had been approached about joining board, and agreed to fill out an application, then decided not.



Congratulations to Paul and Mirenda on their engagement. They requested the lodge for possible location for their wedding. David will try to help them get in touch with Scott.



Next Meeting:  Saturday, June 12th at RFL 3:00-5:30pm. Followed by potluck at 6:30 and dance at 8:00.