a) Special activities sponsored by HMFS are defined as folk and traditional dance and/or related music. This might include, dance or music workshops, performances, and festivals.
b) The scope of HMFS involvement in special activities will be decided on an event basis. HMFS involvement can be classified as follows:

      1) Sole organizer - HMFS is fully responsible for all aspects of the event.


      2) Partner - HMFS is an active participant in the event and coordinates with partner(s). Partners might include for-profit or non-profit entities or individuals, at the discretion of the Board.


      3) Co-sponsor - HMFS is not an active participant in the production of the event but may choose limited involvement. This might include having one or more board members present at the event, publicizing the event, or allowing use of HMFS property or equipment.


      4) Non-sponsor - HMFS may choose to have limited involvement in an event but will not be listed as partner, co-sponsor etc. in any publicity or marketing efforts.

c) All special activities proposed by HMFS to occur at the dance venue must be approved by the venue owner. Compensation to the owner for the use of the dance venue must be agreed on before any event is scheduled.
d) Compensation, if any, to HMFS for its involvement or for use of its equipment will be decided for each event.
(Approved July 27,2007)