In the event of inclement weather, the host for the evening's dance will be responsible for making the decision to hold the dance based on whether the roads seem safe to drive and/or whether there is power at the lodge. He/she may call other board members for their advice and support to get their input. TV, radio and internet weather reports will provide local information as well.

The host may choose to call the following to see if there are known problems at or near the lodge:

  • River Falls Fire Dept. (864) 836-3203

Cancellations will be recorded on the Harvest Moon Hotline at (864) 836-2986 by 2 pm the day of the dance.

The host may also call:

  • WNCW radio station to announce closing at 828-287-8080 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If it is determined that a dance will be held but that there are cautionary conditions, this can also be put on the Harvest Moon Hotline and the web site. If a dance is cancelled, Weogo (sound person) and a band member will need to be called. Phone/cell numbers will be provided for the band. Weogo’s numbers are: 864-271-4694 (home) and 828-299-3262 (alternate phone number).