April 11, 2010



April 11th, 2010 at Marenda Moore’s home 3:00-5:30PM


Board Members present: Marenda, David, Paul, Mirenda, Jennifer, Steve, Wayne, Tamara, Jennie, Keith, and Minty


Not present: Anna, June, Frank, Ethan,


Proxy votes: Jennifer for Anna, Tamara for June, Minty for Frank


Welcome and Acknowledgements:  Wayne


Welcome to two new board members, Keith and Minty.

Thank you to Marenda for hosting the meeting.


President’s Report: Wayne

Meeting Goals:  involvement, focus, brevity, consideration, accomplishment


Old Business:


·         Minutes from 2/07/10 Meeting

o    Jennie felt the minutes were not clear about who would be doing band booking for city dance (which will fall to Tamara).

o    Motion was made to accept minutes with correction by Steve

o    Second by Marenda.

o    Pass – Unanimous


·         Credit establishment:  Wayne.

o    Wayne has talked with Robert Halfacre, VP of the Seneca branch of BB&T. about establishing credit for HMFS.  RH commented that we have already done the important first step, which is to establish a relationship with BB&T (by having saving and checking accounts with them).

o    BB&T very interested in working with non-profit org.

o    A potential loan would be treated as a commercial loan with 10-20% down.

o    RH advised next move to consider getting a business credit card for HMFS

§  (use for supplies, maintenance, etc.)


·         Meet with Bill Whalen, Esq.:  Wayne

o    Bill Whalen, of Pisgah Law (works with nonprofits) would like to work with us trying to figure out if we can buy the lodge or develop a meaningful relationship with our landlord.

o    Believes it is a historic property

o    Offering services at no cost to HMFS


·         Scott McCall Relationship: David

o    Not been any contact. One phone number not active anymore. Depositing checks only means of communication.

o    David will draft a letter to Scott stating what kind of relationship we wish to have.


·         Sears Shelter:  Wayne

o    An almost dance in downtown Greenville. Jennie and Wayne worked to get a small dance started. Not any staff people to help open and close.


Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee:  Marenda, Wayne

o    Treasurer’s report presented by Marenda

o    Keith questioned why we keep so much money in the checking account.

§  Part of the reason is to have funds available for Moondance expenses (food, airfare, etc.)

o    Discussion regarding investing some of our funds.

§  Is another way to enhance our relationship with BB&T.

§  Overall opinion over investing. Something that preserves principal (Tamara)

§  Cd probably highest interest (Steve). As they mature put into savings

§  Is our checking account an interest bearing account?

·         $800 does not reflect interest. Balance should reflect interest as well.

§  Wayne will meet with BB&T representative to ask about options.


o    Possibility of credit card payment for Moondance. (through BBT)?

o    Paypal  is an option (may be less expensive than credit card processing)


o    Citydance


§  Would like minutes to show the amount of funds earmarked for Citydance (including funds carried over from 2008 and 2009 fundraising.)

§  Keith asked if there was a separate bank account for Citydance.

·         Separate accounting, but not separate bank account.

§  Figure can be determined after this last wed dance, and be reflected in last minutes.



Governance Committee:  David, Jimmy

No issues



Nominating committee:  Tamara, David, Jen

·         Kenneth Cosgrove

§  Tamara has discussed board membership with Kenneth.

·         Tamara commented on the female / male ratio of the board.

·         Communicate to dancers that board meetings are open if they wish to attend and invite to next board meeting which will be held at the lodge.

·         Consider ways to explain to dancers board responsibilities (at advance dances or on website) as a way of encouraging participation



Volunteer and host committee:  June, Tamara


  • Talk up volunteering at announcements.
  • Tamara sent around hosting sign up sheet.
  • Keith inquired about the difference between hosting the Y dance and the RF dances (1/2 vs. 1 credit) since the ½ credit dance still requires you to be there the entire evening.
    • ½ credit based on the fact that RF dance can take a long time (longer than Y dance)
    • Everything about RF was more difficult (potluck, etc.)
    • Hold question of ½ credit vs. whole credit for later in meeting.


Facilities Maintenance:  Frank, John, Dwayne, Roger Burns,

  • Brush cutter for parking area
    • Would probably provide an additional 10 parking spots with better parking flow.
    • Friend of Chad (grass cutter) has quoted $500 price for clearing out area around fireworks shed.
    • David suggested that he and Frank evaluate the area prior to next board meeting: junk to be removed, stump removal, etc. to perhaps reduce expense of clearing that area.


  • Floor Repair
    • Patching, repair, replacement needed.
      • Contact David Wiley to discuss his experience putting a new floor in.
      • Marvin ? helped with Jonesborough floor.
    • Tamara:  at grey eagle people bought pieces of flooring.  (buy a brick) type of thing.
    • If we felt good about our investment being protected . . . .a new floor would seem more reasonable.
    • Spot repairs needed immediately.
    • Typically John Bryson, Roger Burns, David, Wayne, Steve, Frank, willing to help doing spot repairs.
    • Need workday to be planned. Skilled work: router, planer, chopsaw.
      • Wayne will put out an email with possible dates, and see who can be involved.


  • Tree limb removed by Joe Rockenstein.
    • Wayne will offer either free pass to moondance or 12 free dance passes as compensation.


  • Septic issues
    • Steve and Tamara commented there were no problems last time they hosted
    • Tank has been pumped out (but can fill up in the course of one dance)
    • Determined that it does not have a bottom. Concrete blocks with dirt bottom.
    • Recommendation: extending the drain field.


  • Clean-up
    • David cleaned ceiling fans.
      • Need to have shopvac onsite.


  • Supplies / Inventory
    • Wayne will email Minty list of supplies used.
    • Hosts to contact Minty if they notice something is needed.




Band/caller booking:  David, Jennie, Tamara

Jennie booked citydance / last one wed.

Tamara takes over booking in Oct.


Ron Buchanan (long time caller in Pittsburgh) called David, wanting to come down and tour including RF. Sent a proposal for Dec. 10-11, either a Fri/Sat with additional  2 hour dance 4-6 before sat dance – or Sat. / Sun. “mini-weekend”

Tamara two thoughts: choice of band important. Whether we do something extra depends on band draw

            Part of it is marketing for 4-6: perhaps as an advance dance workshop?

            No decision made – discussion to continue.



Band/caller lodging coordinator: Keith.

Keith will send email out to board members to see if you are willing to host.


Sound committee:  John, Frank

No report


PR and outreach committee:  Jennie, Anna, Jimmy

No report


CityDance: Jennie, Marenda, Anna, David, John

Hosting credits:

Some people feel ½ credit is not equitable.

Reasoning has been that winter nights at RF are alot of work.

Landmark hall will be a pretty easy dance to host: essentially show up, money, open doors, clean up = dust mop afterwards. Take out trash to dumpster. Landmark takes care of restrooms, kitchen.

Don’t know how long it will take band to set up at Landmark


Motion by David that the money that has been raised for the y dance be used for special needs for the citydance. Seconded by Jennie.

Money has been earmarked in past in previous motion (months ago)

All in favor





Special Committee for CityDance Futures:  Steve, Jennie, Marenda, Anna, David

No report


MoonDance:   Theresa

Credit Card remittance

No report


MonsterMash:   June

Potential bands, callers

Supposed to have meeting in May

Appalachian Storm, Steam Shovel, Diane Silver, Keith.


New Business:


Small effort to have dance in Anderson.

Owners of McGees Irish Pub downtown contacted Wayne about starting a dance. Wayne offered to provide them with a list of callers and bands.


John Allen:

Commented that he wants to buy a building to use as a dance hall in Taylors.

Had been approached about joining board, and agreed to fill out an application, then decided not.



Congratulations to Paul and Mirenda on their engagement. They requested the lodge for possible location for their wedding. David will try to help them get in touch with Scott.



Next Meeting:  Saturday, June 12th at RFL 3:00-5:30pm. Followed by potluck at 6:30 and dance at 8:00.

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