August 2003


Board Meeting – August 15, 2003

Place – Laurel’s House

Attendance: John, Chris, Nancy, Leon, Roger, Jimmy, David, Brenda, Emily, Laurel

Ed – Finance – Total 36,700, general RFL 7,739 approximately 24,000 received for MoonDance.

Roger – Discussion about 3 new board members. Vote passed to accept Janet Swell, Kathleen Roper, and Carol Ball as new Board members. New board will be announced at MoonDance.

Laurel – we don’t have to keep the same Board officers can but don’t have too

Next meeting Sept 19 at John’s house.

General discussion about publicity. Do we need the newsletter? Keep for now . Cut to 3 times a year and try to encourage people to get off the snail mail. Paper newsletter publish in April, Sept and Dec. Jimmy will get information and send to Terry. Make sure return address is now our new P.O. Box – not Chris’ address. Keep Nancy informed about $$ needs for printing newsletter.

Whoever closes do not leave trash outside – dogs. David will recycle. Evening announcer should mention yard clean up and recycling.

Much general discussion about River Falls sign up sheet. Each board member is responsible for a month each year.

Band member/ caller who makes over $600 a year should pay tax.

Monster Mash – Chris will work on tickets around 3rd week in Sept. Gender balance? – Yes!!! Committee will work out details. Dance will generate about $3,00. RFL will get 600, 300 to Leon, 225 to each band member,125 to each caller, 125 to each sound person leaving about 700 for miscellaneous.

Leon will get wood cut for shed roof. Work day Sept 27th. Harvest Moon will pay for shed out of general funds.

John to keep up with paper products.

Road clean up ? Leon will check and see if we are still on the list.

David – kid policy -16 and under free for Monster Mash. Parents responsible for their own kids.

Chris will make a list of things to be said at the break for whoever is doing announcements.

Next meeting on 9/19 at John’s


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