February 09, 2009

    HMFS BOARD MEETING   Feb 8, 2009, Anna Rowe’s home Acknowledgements and Welcome – Thanks for the help with our really large crowds of dancers the past few weeks.  It has taken a group effort to make the dances flow.   Old Business: Minutes from December – ·        Unanimous approval for December minutes. Minutes will now say “Pending Approval” until the minutes are approved by the board at the next meeting.  The pending process includes time between one board meeting to the next when board members review and edit minutes as needed once they are emailed out by the … Read MoreFebruary 09, 2009

May 30, 2009

MINUTES – HMFS BOARD MEETING   May 30, 2009  River Falls Lodge 3:00pm-5:30pm   Attendees: David White, Wayne Richard, Dwayne Plaisted, Jennie Wakefield, June Glenn, Tamara McGovern, Frank Farmer, Anna Rowe, Jennifer Whiting, Tammy Miller, Catherine Scott   Acknowledgements and Welcome….  [5  min] HMFS recognition (CDSS & more), Frank et al. – Work day Catherine et. al (Moondance), Jennie/Anna free Y dance Upstate Forever   Old Business: [5 min] Minutes & Process Motion by Wayne to accept the minutes, second by Tamara, all approved, none opposed. David updated the board on the process of editing and posting minutes: Once Anna sends … Read MoreMay 30, 2009

August 2, 2009

    Minutes – HMFS BOARD MEETING   August 2, 2009   3:00pm-5:30pm Tamara McGovern’s House    Attendees:   David White, Wayne Richard, Dwayne Plaisted, Jennie Wakefield, June Glenn, Tamara McGovern, Marenda Moore, Anna Rowe, Catherine Scott,  John Bryson       Acknowledgements and Welcome….  [5  min] Marenda Moore NEW MEMBER [Vol incentive prog], Jennie and John (for the donation follow through with accident from Y Dance), Tamara, Wayne (septic)     Old Business: [10 min] Minutes (all approved, none opposed) Formal approval for Nov 8 Sunday dance (all approved, none opposed) Banjo workshop (all approved, none opposed) Motions: “HMFS will sponsor … Read MoreAugust 2, 2009

October 10, 2009

HMFS Board Meeting of 10.10.09 at Jennie Wakefield’s home. Board Members present:  Paul, Catherine Steve, Jennie, June, Tamara, Jen, Marenda, Wayne.   (These minutes recorded by Steve Simmons) The meeting was opened with acknowledgments for attendance and Jenny as host. The minutes from the 9/20 meeting were read, motion to accept by Tamara and seconded by David Wayne began with a few comments:   His meeting goals will be to encourage participation. The motion process should follow Robert’s Rules of Order. He prefers that motions be prepared prior to the meeting, written and copies brought to the meeting, with emailing … Read MoreOctober 10, 2009

December 4, 2009

    Board members present include David, Tamara, June Marenda, Jennie, Frank Jen, Wayne.   Not present:  Anna, Steve, Paul, Ethan   Thanks to June and Jennie, Jimmy   Minutes coming for 10/10 meeting.   Wayne commented on Catherine Scott’s announcement that morning of her decision to resign her board position.   Frank:  Credit:  No RFL taxes paid yet.  HMFS should be in position to possibly make offer on RFL.  Contact John Allen?  Talk to BBT?  Wayne will contact BBT. Varied discussion ensued.   Jennie:  Report on Y-dance future. Anna contacted Chris Holcombe, OFB.  Got info re: hosts, volunteers, etc.  … Read MoreDecember 4, 2009

September 2002

Minutes 1st Board Meeting – September 20, 2002 Held at Roger Burns house Ed Edmondson presiding Present: Brenda S., Gail O., Roger B., Emily D., David Weston, David White, Jimmy S, Laurel H, Ed E., Anna Lynn E., Chris B. Absent: Leon C. No previous minutes to read, Ed opened with thanks to all Laurel talked about what is a non-profit organization We also talked about member and non-member groups – deciding on a non-member type being best for our needs. An official election was held for officers Ed Edmondson – President Brenda Swearingen – Vice President Anna Lynn Treasurer … Read MoreSeptember 2002

October 2002

Minutes Board Meeting – October 25, 2002 Present: Gail, David Weston, David White, Jimmy, Chris, Emily, Brenda, Nancy, Ed, Roger Absent: Laurel, Leon Ed opened with approval of minutes / carried Discussed Anna Lynn leaving and Nancy taking her place. Elected Nancy as board member and then as treasurer / carried. Further discussed who should write checks, Ed and/or Nancy only. We talked about payment of bands/callers. Form for intake and outgo and how to deal with short fall. Chris gave finance report $10,400. Monster Mash setup on Saturday morning Nov.1 Some talk about Greenville/Asheville board meetings – we attending … Read MoreOctober 2002

December 2002

Minutes Board Meeting – December 6, 2002 Present: Emily, Gail, Brenda, Ed, David White, Laurel, Chris, Roger Absent: Leon, Jimmy, Nancy, David Weston Ed opens with approval of Minutes Chris gives a finance report $8,727 with $1,097 being RFF funds. David White talked about bands for MoonDance and how much we had agreed to pay each band member and caller. Chris/David/Laurel talked about the MoonDance committee and if it needed to be narrowed down and how. It was decided that it was the Board responsibility to decide who is on the MoonDance committee. Possible date for MoonDance meeting on 2/21/03 … Read MoreDecember 2002

January 2003

Minutes Board Meeting – January 4, 2003 Place: Chris Bueker’s home Present:  Ed Edmondson, Jimmy Smith, Nancy McLean, Gale Oliphant, Emily Dunford, Brenda Searingen, Chris Bueker, Laurel Horton. Absent:  David White, David Weston, Roger Burns, Leon Chapman. While waiting for board members to arrive, Chris Bueker showed a video, called “Together in Time,” which discussed the history and development of New England contra dance. Following the video, Ed called the meeting to order and passed out copies of the agenda.  In Roger’s absence, Laurel served as secretary.  Minutes of the last meeting, December 6, 2002, were approved.  Committee reports and … Read MoreJanuary 2003

March 2003

Minutes Board Meeting – March 7, 2003 Place: Roger Burns’ home Present: Ed, Roger, Chris, David, Jimmy, Leon, Nancy Absent: Laurel, Gail, Brenda, Emily Ed opens with discussion about replacing David Weston. Decided that board members will ask around to see who is interested. Nancy was next with financial report. $7,922 total with $2,974 for River Falls repair. Chris recommended that we keep close to $4,000 in the bank to run H.M. Nancy – Keep 100 dollars in ones for the next dance. Form 1099 at dance for callers /musicians who make more than $600 – hope we don’t have … Read MoreMarch 2003