December 2002


Board Meeting – December 6, 2002

Present: Emily, Gail, Brenda, Ed, David White, Laurel, Chris, Roger

Absent: Leon, Jimmy, Nancy, David Weston

Ed opens with approval of Minutes

Chris gives a finance report $8,727 with $1,097 being RFF funds.

David White talked about bands for MoonDance and how much we had agreed to pay each band member and caller.

Chris/David/Laurel talked about the MoonDance committee and if it needed to be narrowed down and how. It was decided that it was the Board responsibility to decide who is on the MoonDance committee.

Possible date for MoonDance meeting on 2/21/03 at David White’s.

Next board meeting at Chris’ 1/3/03

No board meeting in February

March 7 board meeting at Gail’s

It was discussed that David has major input in booking.

Ed talked about opening/closing. Leon asked that main breaker be turned off. All board members should know the procedure for opening /closing.

We talked about keeping the $2.00 extra for now, as much more repair is needed. Ed also spoke about getting Leon’s permission to do work on the lodge/roof.

Chris recommended we keep around $4000.00 for MoonDance funds.

Insurance – $ 800.00 is paid.

Grass cutting issue is still unresolved.

Bylaws – Laurel said next step is (Fed 5013 – non profit) Board to look at bylaws – make changes? Review and get changes to Laurel after Jan 03.

Now registered as non profit in S.C.


Ed closed.


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