December 2005


Board Meeting – December 3, 2005

Present: Ed, Jimmy, Janet, Dwayne, Terry P., Elaine, Teresa W., Tammy, John, Neil

Absent: Wayne, David, Kathleen, Terri C., Nancy

Host: River Falls Lodge

Minutes were approved from the Oct. 1 board meeting. Dwayne made the motion and Terry P. seconded it.

Thank-you note: Elaine read the note from the Greer Soup Kitchen which thanked us for left-over food we brought from the Moondance.

The River Falls opening/closing sheet was passed around for sign-ups.


  • A bill for $953 was received for liability insurance for the coming year. Ed will go ahead and have it paid as there were no objections.
  • There was discussion that we might want to develop a yearly budget with expected expenses. We wouldn’t have to vote on expenses as they arose but once at the beginning of the year. Elaine will work with Nancy on developing the budget.
  • The balance in our account is $7400.

Septic Drain Field: Needs replacing. Ed and John will talk with Leon about getting quotes and expenses involved.

Rent: $200 per dance. Out of that comes electricity, property taxes and lawn mowing. Discussion on the future of River Falls followed. Board members are encouraged to bring their ideas, options and preferences to the January 29th meeting at Elaine’s house.

Terry Pizutto was asked to lead the rest of the meeting as she has leadership skills working with groups. The purpose is to look at what we are doing well as a board and what we would like to improve so that we can all be more satisfied with what we are doing as a group. Ideas are listed below:

    • Elaine: Would like to see more dances as our attendance has been good.
    • John: Would like to look at the capacity at each dance.
    • Teresa W.: Stated that she feels Ed and David are good communicators and their gifts in this area are appreciated.
    • Elaine: States that we have an active board of directors and that there is a waiting list of people who would like to serve.
    • Dwayne: Board Meetings are open and would like to find ways to encourage others to attend.
    • David: (although absent, gave Ed his views to share): Good shared leadership. But need more members to take on leadership roles. Would appreciate feedback when he writes emails to board members with his ideas and proposals.
    • Tammy: States that the barrage of board emails has become overwhelming. Some feel that when discussions via email ensue, responses should be copied to all and others prefer to respond to the sender only.
    • Elaine: States that workdays are poorly attended and that there should be communication to the board members on expectations to come to these and how to draw others to help. Terry P. feels that we need to get the word out earlier to the email list and have it be separate than the dance notices.
    • Ed: The level of volunteer participation is not as good as it could be.
    • Terry P.: Committees need to be looked at and how to create structures to hold responsibilities.
    • John: There used to be instances when issues which were brought up at meetings were referred to specific committees to resolve and the recommendations were brought back to the board. That eliminated the need for the entire board to deal with every issue. Perhaps we should go back to that model.
    • Ed: Would like the younger dancers to help more and be represented on the board.
    • Dwayne: would like to see more dancers come to the dances and not limit the numbers. Others disagreed that it became too crowded and was not safe.
    • Terry P.: Opening and closing duties could be separated. We could encourage others in the dance community to help with these duties and offer free admission.

Out of this discussion, we were asked to:

    • Look at the committees to see what we would like to be on.
    • Think about what we could do to support our leadership.
    • Volunteer
    • Follow through
    • Proactive
    • Make appreciation part of each meeting.

Next Meeting: Sunday, January 29th at Elaine’s house. 4:00 Meeting and 6:00 Potluck. Directions will follow via email from Elaine.


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