December 2010

December 12th, 2010 at Anna Rowe’s home 3:00-5:30PM, social and pot-luck to follow

In Attendance: Tamara, Hank, Wayne, Frank, Keith, Steve, Anna, Maggie, June, and Marenda

Welcome and Acknowledgements: Wayne
• Maggie and Hank
• June
• Wayne introduced the new board members and reviewed each of the board member responsibilities.

President’s Report: Wayne
• Meeting Goals: involvement, focus, brevity, consideration, accomplishment

Old Business:
• Scott McCall Relationship: Wayne
Wayne had several correspondences with Scott to discuss the septic system. Currently, we believe that is under control, but will continue to try and discuss leasing the building with him as soon as possible.
• Vote Minutes of August 19,2010
The minutes of the August and October meeting were attached from an email from Wayne.
Marenda made a motion made to approve the past meeting minutes, second from Steve. There was a unanimous approval of the August minutes.
• Vote Minutes of October 9,2010
There was a unanimous approval of the October minutes.

Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee: Marenda

Governance Committee: Steve, Hank
• Youth Representative name-change, application form, quorum clarification
• Wayne suggested changing the name from “youth representative” to “student representative”. He also addressed the application form.
• Anna Rowe made motion to change the name of the Youth representative to student representative as it more accurately reflects the character of the position. Second by Marenda. There was a unanimous approval by the board to change the name.
• We need to make a clarification about the quorum and application form. Wayne encouraged the board to look at the current application to see if we would like to edit the application to customize it towards students.

Nominating committee: June
• Marty and Mark?
• June made the motion to accept Marty Spencer as a board member. There was a unanimous decision to accept the motion by secret ballot.
• Recruit, recruit, recruit!

Volunteer committee: June
• The volunteers are stepping up at the present. June has a running list of 3-5 volunteers that have offered up their services. If board members need a volunteer, they can let June know and she will contact the volunteers.

Facilities Maintenance: Frank, Minty, Hank
• Water heater maintenance/repair
• The brooms that were lost from MoonDance were discovered. We ran low on fluid on 12/11/10 ance. Frank will manage the fluid to make sure we have enough. Only purchase windshield wiper fluid with methal alcohol (-28 degrees).
• The floor continues to wear and it’s only a matter of time until we have to make a decision about what to do. We will try to put a sign up about dancing with shoes on. “Shoes required on the dance floor.”
Board members discussed asking for “new floor” contributions or hosting multiple benefit dances.
Maggie Brown made a motion to get a contract written up for the ownership of the building. June made a second. Motion was withdrawn and June withdrew the second.
We feel that a lot of money could be raised, thus it will take some partnerships and agreements to make it work.
Frank Farmer made a motion to create a committee for investigating the process of the purchase of River Falls Lodge.
Committee approvals could be done via email and the committee would email approvals/denials to the board throughout the process(es).
There was a second by Maggie Brown. All in favor, none opposed. Unanimous approval.
The committee for purchasing the building includes Maggie Brown, Steve Simmons, and Frank Farmer.
Ongoing roof leak

MonsterMash: June Glenn
• 10 shares of $155 each, great bands, great callers. Success! Special thanks to everyone who helped.

Band/caller booking and Host reminding: Tamara
• We have committed to booking CityDances through the end of 2010 but Tamara would be interested in looking at the costs of the dances (and thus, how much of an expense it is).
• Tamara mentioned possibly having a few “benefit” dances that included new or a few lesser known callers/musicians. This would help us gain awareness of different options for bands and callers in the future.
• Remember: Don’t announce Advanced Dances

Band/caller lodging coordinator: Keith
• Have you accepted or declined being a musician/caller host?
• If board members have responded to Keith about hosting callers, please remember to tell her if any of your lodging arrangements change and you would be able to host.
• Nearby band lodging with Pam Campbell – Wayne reported that Pam Campbell lives right beside RFL and may be able to assist in lodging.

Callers Collective: Keith
• Callers Collective Meeting hosted by Keith on 12/11/10 – There is a 3 hr Callers Collective
Workshop on February 12, 2010 (2:30-5:30)
• We would like to announce the NEW CALLER’S WORKSHOP at the dances to attend on February 12th. The workshop will focus on the new callers but also provide availability for people to practice on the open microphone.
• Wayne commented that Weogo commented that OFB does open mic as well. He suggested that we have either open mic or open band, but not to combine the two.
• Once we have a set of callers ready to participate, Keith will facilitate the collective and getting theopen band/mic evening coordinated.

PR and outreach committee: Anna, Steve, Wayne
• Facebook, Gvl. News, Yahoo, Hotline
• Anna has contacted Greenville Forward and the Greenville News to get the information for CityDances posted amongst several different websites and news publications amongst the Greenville area.
• Website update
The website system is very outdated. Steve is having a little bit of trouble working on Zoomla so he may have Hank assist with navigation of the program.

CityDance: Marenda, Anna, Hank
• Shares Policy in web site
Wayne announced that we need to change the pay verbiage on the website so it doesn’t reflect what the Y once was. Wayne will send Steve the updated verbiage to post to the website.

New Business:
• Dance Workshop (Marenda and Frank) – Frank and Marenda had to leave the meeting a little early, but will report on the workshop at the next meeting.
• Signage – Wayne mentioned being a little concerned about the liability of dancers getting hurt through risky dance moves and bare feet. We will try to ask the callers to challenge the audience to dance small and continue to be safe.
• Officer elections
All of the officer elections passed with a unanimous YES.
• Non-paying dancers

The board had a discussion about the insurance for both dancers and board members.

Next Meeting: Sunday, February 20th at 3:00-5:30pm at Steve’s House. Followed by social and potluck.

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