February 09, 2009




Feb 8, 2009, Anna Rowe’s home

Acknowledgements and Welcome –

Thanks for the help with our really large crowds of dancers the past few weeks.  It has taken a group effort to make the dances flow.


Old Business:

Minutes from December –

·        Unanimous approval for December minutes.

Minutes will now say “Pending Approval” until the minutes are approved by the board at the next meeting.  The pending process includes time between one board meeting to the next when board members review and edit minutes as needed once they are emailed out by the secretary.  We will try to get the minutes on the website as quickly as possible after the board meeting occurs.

-Anna will communicate with Jimmy on how to upload the minutes so Jimmy doesn’t have to.


Y/UF dance vote

The Y committee moves that :
HMFS partners with Upstate Forever to put on a FREE dance at the YWCA on Feb 11, 2009, with Kris Yon of UF providing all but $65 of the funding for this dance (the $65 will come from Y-dance funds).

VOTE: All in favor.  None opposed.


New Business: 


Volunteer and host committee

  • June – Volunteer committee –motion

June proposed that “the volunteer committee post a placard on the admission desk with details of the volunteer program”.

Motion made, second by Jennie Wakefield. The motion was approved unanimously.


  • Tamara – SIGN UP sheet….

Each person will need to sign up for 5 ½ dances.  Thanks to all who have already sign-up and hosted.


Finances –


  • There was discussion on how the Y-Dance Budget fits into the River Falls Dance budget.  The Y committee and David will work with Wayne to clarify the Y’s level of autonomy and its financial management.
  • The YTD budget was presented. There will be an online discussion about a benefit dance for 2009.
  • At the next meeting, we will be voting to accept the budget.


Motion:  “River Falls Lodge dance admission by coin payment will no longer be acceptable starting April 1, 2009.”

·        The motion was approved unanimously.


Building Committee- Frank Farmer

·        Frank would like to note that it would be good to schedule a work day and we will do so in the near future.

·        David mentioned parking as something to address to Frank whether we add cones or signage; he also offered to increase parking space by cutting some of the kudzu and other brush.


Moondance  – Catherine

·        The first Moondance meeting will be around the beginning of April. 

·        We really want to see more people attend the meeting if they can free up time in their schedule.

·        David and Catherine will discuss combining of board meeting w/ 1 or more Moondance meetings (short board meeting preceeding Moondance meeting).

·        Expect to be sending updated reports online soon.


Y Dance – Free Dance – Jennie/Anna

·        We are expecting a good turn out and looking forward to the dance!

·        John Bryson is learning how to be a sound technician, so many thanks.


Sound committee – John

·        We have a lot of money to buy new things, but can only purchase what John has room to store and carry to the Y Dance each week.

·        Wayne has requested a detailed bill in advance from Weogo about his monthly billings so that John and finances are prepared for that.

·        Weogo started a contra sound forum.  John shared some interesting pieces of information he has been learning.


PR and outreach committee – Jennie, Anna…

·        John is responsible for the Hotline.  His duties will end by Feb. 28, 2009.  Anna will take over the hotline in March.

·        Anna is creating a facebook group for the Y Dance.

·        E-announcements will now be sent out at the beginning of the month with the list of dances for month.  David will send out emails throughout the month as needed for special dances or band/caller announcements to pass along to the list serve.


Band booking/callers –David/Jennie

·        Great job to Jennie for calling a great dance last night.

·        The bands and callers have been great!  Thanks to David for a great job booking the dances!


Special Events Committee – 

Futones at contra dance

·        The Futones will be scheduled to sing in the Spring with free admission.


Monster Mash – June

  • We could use a few more people on the committee as well as getting board members to show up to help set up.
  • June proposed the following motion.

Motion 2

I motion that MM be held as an afternoon and evening event with two bands. Each dance will have a caller. If we hire two bands, the afternoon band will consist of no more than three members. The evening band will consist of no more than five members. There will be a break between both dances, with a community potluck. Charge for the entire event will be a flat rate of $15, with no advance registration.

All approved the motion, one abstained.


Nominating committee – Wayne, Tammy & Jennifer

·        As we look for new board members, we recommend potential nominees to get to know the board members and possibly come sit in a meeting or two.

·        Several names were discussed in consideration.


Crowd Management – Discussion, committee

·        David shared statistics about the dance attendance numbers over the past few years and opened up the room for discussion.

·        He asked for a committee to form to discuss how to manage the problems and issues associated with large numbers of people attending the dance.

·        The Special Crowd Management Committee is as follows:

      Frank Farmer






Next Meeting :  Saturday, April 4, 2009 at River Falls Lodge   3:00-5:30pm

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