February 24, 2008


Board Meeting: February 24, 2008

Jennie Wakefield’s House

David White, Tammy Miller, Dwayne Plaisted, Teresa Wilson, Wayne Richard, John Bryson, Jerry Vice, Jimmy Smith, Catherine Scott, Jennifer Whiting, Neil Cross, Jennie Wakefield, Elaine Robson, June Glenn
Absent: Frank Farmer
Guests: Anna Rowe, Chris Bueker

Meeting began at 3:10 pm.

David’s acknowledgements:
Thanks to all who participated in the WYFF filming of contra-dancing at RFL
Thanks to Catherine for recording the minutes the last meeting.

Due to confusion, the corrections David made to the minutes from the last meeting in January were not added to the original minutes and re-submitted to the Board for review. David and Catherine will get together and re-submit the minutes. After board members have had time to review the minutes, we agreed to vote on-line to accept the revised minutes.

Old Business:
Inappropriate behavior. The detailed policy is attached to the minutes as Attachment A. To summarize the committees suggestions:

1) Most problems can (and should be) dealt with on the spot, by the host and/or other board members present
2) Violation of personal space and/or inappropriate verbal harassment violates the policy
3) Need formal compliant from the offendee for board to be involved, then board talks to offender.
4)See policy for strikes 1 – 3.
5) Post policy on the web.
6)Last ban is permanent.
7)Policy: Committee makes motion to accept the Inappropriate Behavior Policy as written.
Ayes – 11; Oppose – 2.

New Business:
Finance. Current bank balance = $10,287.

Jerry thanked Elaine (for hosting and providing lunch) and Wayne for spending 4 hours with him in working on the 2008 budget. Jerry handed out copies of the 2008 budget. Included this year will be a Flexible Fund category, to handle expenses like sound repairs/upgrades, emergencies, etc. The following budget items in the Flexible Fund category were voted on separately before voting on the entire budget.

The Y-dance budget was discussed separately bulk of which is already committed, includes fundraiser in Nov to help with funding Y dance; plan is to hire local bands/callers, limit $200 total per band/caller. Every 4th dance, we will budget $300 for band/caller. The Y-committee is not asking for anymore than allocated, since they are taking means to reduce the cost per dance, have received some funding from a local grant, and potential monies from the benefit this fall. The Finance committee made the motion to accept the Y-dance budget as presented.
Ayes – 11; Oppose – 2.

Also included in the 2008 budget is for upgrading the website. Two proposals have been submitted: from Kurt Stevens and Blake ??. The committee made the motion to accept Kurt’s proposal for $1000.
Ayes – 12, Oppose – 1

The Finance committee makes a motion to accept the budget as presented
Ayes – 13; Oppose – 0;

Elaine goes over the new payout sheet and a change in handling the money bags.
Important: New procedure for handling the money bags at the end of the dance
1) Count $150 start money (preferably 100 – $1, 10 – $5)
2) Replenish $150 emergency ones from the night’s take
3) Count rest of money – this is the dance income
4) Follow new payout sheet to determine shares.

Trash pick-up: the waste management company will not empty the green trash can if there is lose trash. Recommend moving the trash away from the gate BEFORE the dance starts.

Funding for capital improvements: Sound equipment. Sound committee will inventory sound equipment with Weogo. Initially bass speakers will need to be replaced. A mobile back-up system is needed. Recommend holding current flexible sound budget in reserve and make recommendations for purchase in 2009.

Benefit Dances:
Crossnore: in memory of Leon ( March 1)
GoTigers: hosted by a Clemson University group w/ Megan Witcher planning (April 12)
Discussion ensued on if/how much HMFS will charge for benefits. Committee will reconsider and make a motion.

Nominating Committee:
Nominating committee nominates Anna Rowe as youth representative to serve for 1 year.
Ayes – 13, Oppose – 0

Next meeting: April 19, 2008 at RFL 3:30-6:00
Tammy moved to adjourn. Neil seconded.
Meeting adjourned at 5:49 pm

Attachment A. Inappropriate Behavior Policy Proposal  Recommendations that address "Inappropriate Behavior" Short-term special committee: Jennie Wakefield, Jimmy Smith, Jennifer Whiting. requested to  1. Develop a poster that clearly states what is inappropriate behavior (IB).  2. If deemed necessary, complete something like the three strikes policy that we started but never  finished.  3. Develop more clear language for hosts making announcements.  4. Present these and other proposals for approval at the next meeting.  This document recommends policy pertaining to  -a poster,  -announcement language,  - a Three-Strikes-You’re-Out policy,  -communication of that policy on the website  1. Poster  The poster already on view at River Falls, written by Caroline Quinn, addresses sexually suggestive  dancing (IB) as well as wild dancing. The committee believes the poster sufficiently clarifies what IB on  the dance floor is. Its overall language emphasizes and takes for granted that contra dancers are  responsible, considerate people, a positive approach that we believe is key to attracting and keeping those  responsible considerate dancers. An additional poster pertaining specifically to conduct would be an  overstatement. Therefore, we do not recommend an additional poster. We do recommend creating a new  poster, or revising the one we have, that reflects the policy as stated in this document. That would alter  the last sentence of item 8 (see below) to, "Dancers who exhibit offensive behavior repeatedly will be  asked to stay away from the dance."  For your information, the language as Caroline wrote it is as follows:  Some love to twirl, some don't. Some prefer a good ole curtsey turn to a twirl, so be  considerate on the dance floor. This is mainly addressed to men because men are typically the  twirlers (vs. the twirlees). A woman should be given the opportunity to twirl, not be twirled by  her partner. A forced or "cranked" twirl can be quite uncomfortable. After your partner twirls, it  is your responsibility to help her become oriented towards the next move. In other words, don't  "twirl 'em and leave 'em"!  About that swing: Be respectful of the person you are swinging. Do not dance or swing too  closely (as in pressing yourself against your partner) or dance suggestively unless you are  absolutely sure your fellow dancer wants you to dance/swing with them like that. Never do so  with a minor or newcomer.  If a fellow dancer does anything to you that you deem inappropriate, let them know. If you  cannot tell them during the dance, then do so afterwards. If they continue, notify the dance  organizers. Dancers who exhibit offensive behavior repeatedly will be asked to leave.  2. Announcement  We have developed a script that we recommend be read from the stage once a month during  announcements by two people, one man and one woman, preferably board members. We have identified  two groups of people who would benefit from the announcement: (1) women or men who perceive that  sexually suggestive behavior is the norm at RFL and feel pressure to accept it, (2) women or men who  exhibit sexually suggestive behavior and think it’s appropriate.  We suggest one male and one female because diverse voices would convey a stance of no-nonsense  paternal supervision, as well as a stance of instructive maternal caring, and would call attention to the  announcement.  We recommend making the announcement only on the first Saturday dance. Any more than that would  construct the problem as out-of-hand when it isn’t.  The script is as follows (the speakers should wait until everyone is quiet to begin):  She: We know that contra is a playful, flirtatious dance form. However, if you’re offended by  someone’s behavior - and you’re uncomfortable asserting yourself to that person - please let the  dance organizers know.  He: And if someone lets YOU know that your behavior has been offensive, please accept  responsibility for your part in that and rein it in. Contra dance is a clean, secure, relaxed,  multigenerational social dance form. Please do your part to keep it that way for us all.  3. Three-Strikes Policy  The policy is a way to deal with perceived violations of personal space and/or verbal sexual harassment.  The policy does not apply to uncontrolled, inconsiderate dancing; inappropriate costumes or dress; or  public drunkenness. These behaviors should be dealt with on the spot at the dance, either by the caller or  the dance organizers. However, multiple behaviors of this nature will be dealt with at the discretion of the  board, as will other behavior not mentioned here.  We define the scenario of personal space and/or verbal sexual harassment-violations this way:  a. An offense happens.  b. The offendee complains to a board member, who then speaks to the offender (if the offendee  speaks to the offender personally, the strike scenario is not invoked. The strike scenario is  invoked only when the offendee complains to a board member).  c. The offending behavior continues.  d. The board then informs the offender that he/she has Strike 1 (2 month suspension from HM  dances)  If that entire scenario is repeated, the board then calls Strike 2 (4-6 month suspension from HM  dances).  If that entire scenario is again repeated, the board then calls Strike 3 (permanent ban from HM  dances).  This procedure assures that an offender always gets a warning before getting a strike and gives the  individual plenty of opportunity to modify his/her behavior. It also protects the offender from a  vindictive accuser.  When someone from the board informs the offender of the strike, the board member should note that this  is an official action by the Board and should encourage the offender to modify his/her behavior.  4. Website info on IB  We recommend that the website statement of Conduct remain as it is and that the following policy be  stated on the website under a section on Board Policies:  When a dancer believes that his/her personal space has been violated or that he/she has been  verbally sexually harassed, and that dancer complains to the Board, the Board will take action  against the offender by following this Three-Strikes-You’re-Out scenario:  a. The offense happens.  b. The offendee complains to a board member, who then speaks to the offender (if the  offendee speaks to the offender personally, the strike scenario is not invoked).  c. The offense continues.  d. The board may then inform the offender that he/she has Strike 1 (2 month suspension  from HM dances)  If that entire scenario is repeated, the board then calls Strike 2 (4-6 month suspension from HM  dances). If that entire scenario is again repeated, the board then calls Strike 3 (permanent ban  from HM dances).  We do not recommend any additional references to IB on the website.   

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