February 7, 2010



 June Glenn’s home 3:00-5:30PM

Board members present include: Steve, David, Tamara, June, Anna, Jennie, Frank, Wayne, and Jennifer

Not present:  Paul, Marenda, Keith, Ethan

Welcome and Acknowledgements:  Wayne

Steve for City Dance, June for hosting, Marenda for Treasury work, City Dance Committee for work overall

President’s Report: Wayne

  • Meeting Goals:  involvement, focus, brevity, consideration, accomplishment

Old Business:

  • Minutes from 10/10/09 and 12/5/09 Meetings

Wayne thanked those who helped with Minutes the last few meetings. Motion was made to accept the two sets of minutes as published by Tamara, second by Steve. Pass – unanimous.

  • Credit establishment:  Wayne

Wayne will continue work with the credit establishment.

  • Meeting venue for cold weather

The board decided that we would just plan to meet at board member’s homes during the cold winter months of board meetings.

  • Meet with Bill Whalen, Esq.

Wayne has not made any further arrangements in terms of meeting with Bill, but he will let the board know as soon as progress has been made.

  • Scott McCall Relationship: David

David spoke with Scott before the last meeting, but has had no further communications since that time. David suggested that we arrange a meeting with Scott and Wayne. David will plan to set up a meeting.

Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee:  Marenda, Wayne, Elaine

The figures for the City Dance will be different than the report, but we are waiting to see what those figures turn out to be. Steve had some suggestions for the Treasurer’s Report.  Wayne and Steve will contact Marenda about adding a starting and ending balance to the report to get a better idea of the year.

Governance Committee:  David, Jimmy

No Report

Nominating committee:  Tamara, David, Jen 

  • Vote for Officers and Directors

Tamara proposed that we consider Minty Norris’s application for board membership.

David nominated Frank Farmer for the Vice President position of the HMFS Board. Second by Tamara.

A secret ballot was taken.

Results: Minty was elected to the HMFS board.  Frank Farmer was elected VP.

Volunteer and host committee:  June, Tamara

  • Additional Signage: Signs have been hung but no one has contacted June about volunteering.

Tamara distributed host sign-ups.

Anna will bring volunteer incentive ideas to the next meeting.

Facilities Maintenance:  Frank, John, Dwayne, Roger Burns

  • Brush cutter for parking area

We have a limb down on the roof of RFL. We will need two people to help get it down.

Also, there are problems associated with restrooms/plumbing. Frank will contact a plumber in TR and get in touch with Wayne to get that taken care of.

David also suggested better signage around RFL for new dancers.        

On the next agenda:

David, Wayne, and Frank will look into parking areas and whether or not we want to cut the brush down from the middle area of the parking field.

Band/caller booking:  David, Jennie

  • David has gotten positive responses on the Friday, September 3rd dance with the Avant Gardeners. Also, David is booking a French Canadian band in November that also plays Cajun music…he will be in touch with the Asheville dance community to spread the word in that circuit as well.

Band/caller lodging coordinator:

  • Still looking for a coordinator

 Sound committee:  John, Frank

  • Weogo’s equipment cage

Weogo would like to cut back on moving in and out of the lock-up. The board discussed the idea and felt that, with costs considered, we show interest. Frank’s concern is that building is not secure enough to keep all of the equipment at RFL.

PR and outreach committee:  Jennie, Anna, Jimmy

  • Anna changed the Y Dance Facebook page to the CITY DANCE and sent out a mass email to all 150+ group members about the dance.

CityDance: Jennie, Marenda, Anna, David, John

  • We have a dance this Wednesday night at St. Mark’s Church.  We will most likely skip March and have a dance in April
  • Fifth Friday in April will be a contra dance at the Sear’s Shelter.
  • Landmark Hall will be the next venue for City Dances.

Special Committee for CityDance Futures:  Steve, Jennie, Marenda, Anna, David

  • The Landmark Hall in Greenville is available the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. Jennie will work to coordinate with David for the City Dances.
  • We will book St. Mark dances for March and April, and start the City Dance at Landmark Hall in May of 2010.

MoonDance:   Theresa

  • Second band, callers, co-chair

The2009 Moondance income will probably be another $1,500 and expenses probably an additional $6,000.

Theresa will be sending out another email about another band and co-chair.

MonsterMash:   June

  • Potential bands, callers

June will count the votes tonight and let us know the bands.

New Business:

  • Confirm Webmaster vote

Jimmy would be admitted into dances with no charge. This was agreed upon online, but Wayne wanted to confirm the agreement. Motion made by Tamara. Second by David.  All in favor.  Motion accepted.

We also discussed whether or not sensitive information should be included on the website.

 Next Meeting:  Sunday, April 11th at Marenda’s home in Taylors 3:00-5:30pm. Followed by social and potluck.  Directions follow closer to the time.

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