January 5, 2008



Board Meeting: January 5,2008

Place: River Falls Lodge

Present: Jimmy Smith, David White, Jerry Vice, John Bryson, June Glenn, Frank Farmer, Wayne Richard,Tammy Miller, Neil Cross, Jennie Wakefield, Catherine Scott

Meeting began at 3:10 pm


– David thanked the movers of the old outdoor equipment (ice machine, dtc.) that were hauled off to the landfill.
-Thanked the Web Review committee for their work gathering information.
-Thanked Jerry and Wayne for their work in preparing for water fountain installation.
-Thanked Wayne for working on the bathroom repairs, etc,.
– Jerry acknowledged David for his work on preparing agendas for the board meetings.
– John acknowledged Teresa Wilson for her patience with meetings as she takes minutes.
Robert’s Rules of Order

Robert’s Rules of Order

Wayne handed out and presented a primer on Robert’s Rules.
An ex-officio member is someone who is already a member of an existing committee.
An honorary member is one who is non-voting. While motions should primarily be prepared ahead of time and written down and read when presented, it was added that motions can be verbal, allowing for some spontaneity.



John moved to accept the minutes as read, Wayne seconded. All Approved.


Scheduling Meetings

It was suggested that meetings should not be held on first Saturdays as it presents a conflict with already scheduled Food Co-op meetings which Teresa attends.There is a preference for afternoon meetings.

Old Business

Report on Monster Mash – Catherine reported on the positives and negatives of hosting the Monster Mash. It was agreed that a detailed report would be sent out with a proposed alternative to the Monster Mash for the future.


Jimmy is presently responsible for keeping up the website for HMFS. His term is up in September. While he will not continue as a board member, he would like to continue working the website. There is a desire by the committee to have more that one person be able to make changes if necessary.

The Website Committee consists of Jimmy, Jennie, and Jennifer. Due to Jennifer being sick and absent from the meeting, Jennie made the presentation of their information finding to date. It was presented as a handout. No decisions were made other than they will continue to research the possibilities of having the site done professionally.

Inappropriate Behavior

The Inappropriate Behavior Committee consists of Jimmy, Jennifer, and Jennie.The committee had a handout prepared regarding recommendaations that address inappropriate behavior.Their hard work was acknowledged. A motion was put forth: The (Inappropriate Behavior) Committee move the board accept the Inappropriate Behavior Policy as written. Discussion was started. Due to time constraints, Wayne made a motion for the discussion to be tabled for now. Tammy seconded the motion. It was decided that discussion continue by email.

Leon Chapman Benefit

The Leon Chapman Benfit Dance Committee consists of David, John, and Tammy. An update will occur later.



Jerry presented a summary of the budget. A request was made to include moondance in the update.



Jerry discussed progress on RFL signs. A target for sign completion was set for one month.

Jerry and Wayne discussed water fountains. A motion was made to purchase up to 2 water fountains for installation at River Falls. The motion was seconded and approved.

Wayne discussed toilet draining procedures and how much washer fluid to add.


Band/Caller Payment Guidelines

A motion was put forth: Jerry Vice made a motion to remove all exceptions to minimum payment guidelines for future bookings, specifically these exceptions: Friday dance, Sunday dance, and touring bands for the Y dance. That is, all RFL dances will have the same minimum $100 payment with maximum $200 and there will be no extra payment for special bands. Discussion began.The purpose is to assure that more dances break even or make a profit. Catherine seconded the motion. It was approved.


Y Dance

A motion was made by the Y Dance committee that:

“The admission fee for the Y Dance, starting in February 2008, will be

 $5  for 14-17 year olds, and $8 for adults.” Motion was approved. No second was needed since it was a committee motion.


A motion was made by Jennie Wakefield:

“The time of the Y dance will now be 7 pm for beginner’s lessons. The dance itself will be from 7:30 until 10 pm, beginning in February 2008.”  The motion was seconded by John Bryson. The motion was approved.


An amendment to the by-laws was passed that would allow for youth representatives to be on the board. *The motion is to amend Article III of our by-laws with the addition of a new section, entitiled “Youth Representatives.”
Under “Youth Representatives” it shall read:
“In addition to the 12-15 members of the HMFS board, the board of directors may elect ‘youth representatives’ to serve as voting members of the board of directors. Youth representatives do not contribute to the quorum. Youth representatives must attend or have attended a local high school or college in the past year. Youth representatives will serve 1-year terms and a maximum of 3 consecutive terms. Youth Representatives will participate in board meetings and serve on a committee of interest to them.”This was emailed to the board on November 19, 2007.

Minutes completed by Catherine Scott and David White

Next meeting : Sunday February 24th, 2008, 3:00pm at Jennie Wakefield’s house.

The meeting adjourned at 5:45 pm.


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