January 6, 2013

AGENDA – HMFS BOARD MEETING 6 Jan., 2013 at Jennifer’s new house 2:00-4:30PM, pot-luck to follow Attendance: Wayne, Jennifer, Pam, Tamara, June, Ben, Maggie, Marty Absent: Sean, Keith, Todd, Marenda Visiting: Carl and Greg Welcome and Acknowledgements: Work day thanks! President’s Report: Tamara Meeting Goals: brevity, inclusion, respect Old Business: Appraisal Kurt gave info about possibly getting funding through the historical society. Tamara may have some friends that’ll do some research on the history of the building. Also suggested that we may need to do some sort of membership…even just $5 dollars just to show some committed membership. Wayne…no problem on the land, but no comps on the building (could do replacement value). Wayne will contact Robert (loan officer) at BB&T in Seneca Scott has agreed to split the cost of the appraisal, so we should probably go ahead and act on that. Wayne…solar powered exit lights for $75 each. Should try one to see if it works before we buy the other three. Ben motioned to approve, Maggie seconded it ****Carl may be able to help us with the website**** Kurt and John are updating the software to the new version. Secretary’s Report: Maggie Vote on previous minutes (last 2 months sent out) June made a motion to approve, Pam seconded it. Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee: Marenda, Wayne New accountant? Investigating accountants (because of the fine that we received for not filing our non profit status papers) Tamara spoke to Secretary of State office and said that accountants usually file that for us. Our accountants said at first yes, but then said, “We’ll send the papers to you.” SO, we’ll be looking at our accountant options. Governance Committee: Steve NEED ADDITIONAL PEOPLE HERE Nominating committee: Marenda, Jennifer Dickson Anyone may approach committed dancers who may be potential board members Three years may be a little long and scary for people to committ. Maybe we should say that it’s not a legally binding document and we understand sometimes big life changes OFB is restructuring to have a smaller board (proper) and then have other members serve on smaller committees. May see how it works for them and consider whether it would work for us. Wayne heard that a new young couple may be submitting their applications soon: David and Brittany Bounds Volunteer committee: June Maybe need to post June’s email to advertise the correct email address. Could make a sign with the info in little strips that could be pulled off. Offically, how many volunteers for opening and closing? June will check the policy (if we have written one) on how many volunteers and what time to show up…(time is contingent on potluck) Ben moved to table the discussion until we’ve decided on potluck Facilities Maintenance: Marty, Ben, June The windows in both the bathrooms need to be replaced (didn’t we decide on this awhile ago?) Leak in the women’s shower next to the door. Also a crack in the plastic pipe in the other shower too. Wayne got a double sink for the ladies bathroom (good faucets and traps!) Move one of the paper towel holders to create Carl suggests we move the floor compound to the front….just rearrange some of the “stuff” by the men’s door. Poke holes in lid of floor compound so no condensation or just leave lid off??? Include “replace trashcan underneath the leak.” Band/caller booking: Tamara Host scheduling: Pam Tamara will send names and emails of past board members to Pam so she can contact them about hosting (Katherine Scott, Dwayne Plaisted, John Bryson, David White) Pam will let know Sean know that we feel comfortable with taking money. Promote the Sunday dance!! Band/caller lodging coordinator and Callers Collective: Keith (more hosts? CC in spring) Placing a dry erase board so we can put the upcoming dances, especially so people know about the Sunday dances Sound committee: Marty Purchase of amplifier is still pending…digital processor is still out for repair PR and outreach committee: Jennifer, Sean, Todd ***Remember if you go to another dance, promote ours*** OFB and Jonesborough all send out messages/post on our fb CityDance: Marenda Name tags, snacks $ 18—100 placstic carriers with pin $ 40 for 50 clip ons….both include paper $ 77 for 100 clip ons June motioned, Jennifer seconded, all approved Pam to get 100 plastic badges for $18 When announcing City Dance, remind people to bring a snack to share Make Board member buttons (for people to wear both at City and RFL) so people know who to go for questions. ***Wayne will contact Joan Shear*** Ad hoc committee to save Saturday: June, Sean, Ben Thinking up ways to improve the quality of the dance contacting older members to see if they’ll come New Business: potlucks snack to share Wayne—not enough people who WOULD bring food are coming to the Saturday dance. Jennifer—we should not feel obligated to make enough food to feed a band (who is getting paid) Ben made a motion to limit potlucks to special events (board meetings and clean up days) abstain—June opposing potluck altogether—Todd agree—Ben, Tamara, Pam (Keith), Jennifer (Sean), Marty, Wayne, Maggie Tamara will check the last email sent out that still mentions potluck. After that, we will need to start announcing that there is no longer a potluck. Now volunteers and host should be at the hall by 6. ***Update website about time once potlucks are done insurance MonsterMash report Nor’Easter may be coming through around that time Monster Mash committee Moondance 2013 Decided to not have registration on our same website with our software—almost a disaster last year To use another site, the cheapest site is 99 cents per ticket sold Marty is going to set up some examples and send it to the board to test it out. Benefit dance – 3 march (Sunday)? 5 april (Friday advanced dance)? Start an inaugural benefit dance Scott may even agree to donating the $200 for rent fine with callers (collective, Tamara, Keith, and Jenny) David White expressed support to be part of the band…Greg could be on guitar Saturday May 4th looked like a possibility but we are tabling this discussion New Stuff: Open mic Sunday dance? Tamara will ask David to cooridinate to have a more of a community dance. Wayne heard Scott say that he would let the rent slide if we had additional Sunday dances (like charge for one Sunday that month, but if another Sunday that same month he would let it slide) Next Meeting Sometime in March

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