July 20, 2008

HMFS Board Meeting
Elaine & Peter’s Manor
20 July 2008

Present: David White, Tammy Miller, Teresa Wilson, Wayne Richard, John Bryson, Jimmy
Smith, Catherine Scott, Elaine Robson, Anna Rowe, Jennifer Whiting, Neil Cross, Jennie
Wakefield, Dwayne Plaisted
Absent: Frank Farmer, June Glenn

Meeting was called to order at 3:45 pm.


David’s acknowledged :

• Wayne and Jerry for helping to reduce our carbon footprint by installing water fountains so
  we no longer buy cups
• Wayne for installing paper towel dispensers in the restrooms
• Website committee and Kurt for the new and improved website
• “New” callers and musicians who participated and assisted in creating a successful
  “Community Caller/Band” Y dance
• Moondance committee: Catherine/Theresa/Gari as co-chairs, Anna for the flyer, John for
  website registration for camping
• June for arranging callers and bands for Monster Mash
• Elaine for simplicity and clarity on finances and handling money at a dance

Wayne moved to accept the minutes as published. John seconded. Motion carried.

Old Business

Resignation: David accepted Jerry’s formal resignation from the Board.

Policy -Jimmy on behalf of the Policy Committee recommended to accept the following
addition/correction to the policies:

Dance, festival, performing and visual arts materials may be displayed at HMFS
sponsored activities.

During discussion, some one suggested prefacing with “Only” for clarity. The policy was
changed to:

Only dance, festival, performing and visual arts materials may be displayed at HMFS
sponsored activities.

Jimmy moved to accept this policy. Catherine seconded. One opposed. Motion carried.

Caller instruction – David has updated some of the information on the website, which he has
emailed to the Board previously. Tammy moves to accept revisions to caller instruction on the
website. Jennifer seconds. Motion carried.

CCD video links – We will add the CCD instruction video link to our website. Also suggested to
have “take home” handouts at RFL and the Y. Tammy agreed to make the handouts.

New Business

Nominating Committee.

• Wayne has accepted the chair of nominating committee beginning immediately.
• By-laws state September and October as beginning dates for new Board members. We will
go with the October date, as we have been doing in the past.
• The Committee re-nominates Wayne and Neil for another 3 year term. Wayne accepts. Neil
is still considering. On behalf of the committee, John moves Wayne be re-nominated.
Motion carried.
• On behalf of the committee, John moves Anna Rowe be nominated to the Board. Motion
Officer Elections

The slate presented:

President – David White

Vice-president – John Bryson

Secretary – Anna Rowe and Frank Farmer

Treasurer – Wayne Richard

Secret ballot results and officers approved:

President – David White

Vice-president – John Bryson

Secretary – Anna Rowe

Treasurer – Wayne Richard

Finance. The checking balance is $11,529. Profit for the first half of 2008 = $596. Elaine handed
out the half-year report (see attachment) of expenses vs budget. This does not include any
Moondance income, as we have not deposited any as of 30 June 2008. The bottom line is we’ve
taken in more income than we projected in the budget which has covered expenses that exceeded
the budget, thus leaving us with a small profit of $596. David acknowledged Elaine for all the
hard work she’s put into creating clarity in regards to financial aspects.

HMFS Committees – David passed out the Committee list with current chairs and members.
With some rotating off the Board and a few others on numerous committees, there are some
openings available. Chairs to be filled: Governance, Finance, Volunteer Coordination, Facilities,
and Public Relations.

Break: 5:15-5:20

Check-in with remaining committees (the minutes only include those who had contributions to
Building/Maintenance: Bathrooms and fans need maintenance.
Special events committee : June is continuing to work on Monster Mash.
Moondance committee

Need 50 more men; $10 late registration fee now applicable; cabins have less bunks due to

remodeling by the park, thus some may not get into cabins because of request for single beds;

scholarship person needed; need 16 dozen more eggs; John and Jennifer are doing lights; more

attenuation needed to replace what’s at the Y; Harriett will cater dinner
Next Moondance meeting : 8 Aug 2007 @ 6pm at RFL before the advance dance.

Advance dance – make announcements clear that Advanced dance is for those who have been
dancing for awhile and feel comfortable dancing without walk throughs.

Y- Dance-Having a successful year w/ good attendance and staying with budget and payment
plan. Steve Walker should be paid $150 for sound since he drives from Mt. Rest.

Volunteer committee – reviewed the requirements to volunteer. Clarified confusion that progam
is for RFL only on Saturday dances and not the Y, though we could certainly consider
developing a program for the Y.

Booking/callers – any questions/concerns contact David

Sound Committee: John is the new chair of this committee. Immediate attention of the committee
is sound attenuation as related to Moondance and the Y.

Next meeting: 21 Sept 2008 @ 3:30-4:15, Moondance follow-up, party @ 4:30 at David’s house
in Pickens.

Tammy moved the meeting be adjourned. Dwayne seconded. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm

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