July 2004


Board Meeting – July 16, 2004

Present: Roger Burns, Nancy McLean Woods, Janet Swell, Jimmy Smith, David White, Brenda Swearingen, John Bryson

Absent: Leon Chapman, Ed Edmondson, Emily Dunford, Carol Ball and Kathleen Roper

Nominating Committee (Roger, David and Emily)

  • Need new slate of officers and new board members to replace the two members rotating off (Emily and Roger). The committee will contact potential candidates for the board to see if they are interested in serving. Will discuss the selection of new officers at the next board meeting (in September) with the hope of election before the end of October.


Finance Committee (Nancy Woods)

  • Nancy reported:
  • $29, 678 in Harvest Moon account ($26, 216 Moondance deposit so far)
  • $13, 623 (River Falls repair account)
  • $43,301 (TOTAL)
  • The last two dances made $125-$168.
  • Jimmy states that the bylaws say we need an annual report and Nancy will provide some information to Ed. The report should also include accomplishments etc.
  • John suggests that the popular two-person bands (for example Larry Unger plus another musician) should get more money for their performance as they draw more people. One idea is to set such a band up as a 4 person band ($400) and from the balance pay Harvest Moon, the sound person and caller. Another idea would be to pay the caller and sound a flat rate. Will table the discussion for now and discuss at a later meeting.


Publicity Committee (Jimmy Smith)

  • The notebook needs to be updated with the minutes at River Falls. Janet will see that copies get put in the notebook.
  • The minutes need to be mailed to Leon which Janet will do.
  • Jimmy asks that there be an addendum to the March Board meeting (which did not have a quorum in attendance) to say that the March 28 meeting motions were approved at the May 28 meeting.
  • Jimmy wanted to put on the web site suggested attire/shoes to wear to dances. He will add to the contra dance tip link on the HM site.
  • There was discussion of the minutes. Should they be the same on the web as in the notebook or two different versions. Brenda suggested an abbreviated version be put on to the web.

Volunteer Committee (Brenda Swearingen)

  • There is need for coverage for opening/closing of the dances beginning in September. David will send out an email to enlist help for Sept./Oct. which is the immediate need.

Bands and Callers (David White)

  • Per Leon, we need to schedule our dances on the first and third Saturdays on a regular basis unless we check with him first if we need to schedule other nights.
  • John suggested having Beth Molaro more as a caller.
  • Moondance report:
  • Moondance 2004 is full except for male dancers.
  • Need meal captains and clean-up captains for meals.
  • David talked with the Clayfoot Strutters and they cannot do the dance in 2005. Will talk with Double Date as that was the second choice for band selection.
  • Monster Mash report:
  • David has not contacted other bands to play during the day for Monster Mash. Possible choices include:
  • String Beings
  • Footloose
  • Mock Turtle Soup
  • Elftones
  • Fly by Night
  • A vote took place and Mock Turtle Soup was the favorite for David to ask.

Facilities (John Bryson)

  • Christmas lights are out and he will get them fixed.
  • Well water testing at RF was discussed. It will be $375 for the major tests. John will talk with Leon about this. A motion was made to sample for fecal Chloroform. John made the motion and Nancy seconded it.
  • Photo Board. Janet needs to get the last pictures (Brenda and Emily) for the board poster.
  • Sam’s Club Card was discussed and whether to get a membership. Will talk about at a later meeting.
  • Roof repairs were discussed and getting quotes is an option. John Bryson will begin to get quotes. Need to talk w/Leon about roofing options.
  • Discussion as to what could be in an agreement (if we are to do the roof repairs) in the event something was to happen to Leon or if RF were sold. Email David with suggestions of what we would be comfortable with so that a legal agreement could eventually be drawn up. Wordage could be something along these lines: “In the event that Leon dies or RF is sold, HM would get a percentage of funds that were contributed towards the roof repairs”.
  • David made a motion that we resolve concerns about the patio costs and write it off. We paid $4100 and volunteer work for the patio. Leon’s share will be the building of the kitchen. The motion was stated that Harvest Moon Folk Society donates the cost of material of $4100 and labor to River Falls Lodge. John seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Comment: Leon intends to build a kitchen that we could ask to use at times.
  • Another site will need to be secured while repairing the roof. Each can give ideas of a site to John Bryson.

Upcoming Board Meetings for the rest of the year (tentative dates):

Sept. 24th at River Falls Lodge.

Nov. 12th



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