July 2005


Board Meeting – July 17, 2005

Present: Jimmy, John, Ed, David, Tammy, Kathleen, Dwayne, Terri Chester, Nancy, Janet and Leon

Absent: Neil, Anne and Terri Pizutto

Host: Dwayne Plaisted

Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved. Nancy will purchase Robert’s Rules of Order to serve as a guide for future board meetings. Ed welcomed Terri Chester as a new board member and explained the board responsibilities.

Non-profit/Tax Exempt Status: Leon Chapman, River Falls Lodge owner, dance host and vital member of our community, was voted off the Board.  This move was to remove the perceived conflict of interest between Board activities and Lodge ownership. The executive director of the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) indicated this is the major obstacle to the HMFS tax-exempt application. Ed will advise the CDSS contact of our decision and try to address additional concerns that CDSS might have.  The two advantages for being exempt for tax purposes are:  1) that donors may deduct taxes to charitable organizations (that’s us) and 2) tax-exempt organizations do not have to pay state and local sales taxes on purchases made for the organization.

Web site: It was agreed that an open Board meeting invitation would be posted on the website and should include contact information and date of meetings.

Board Members: Anne has said she will go off the board in September as she lives too far to attend the meetings. Nancy said that Elaine Robson was interested in serving on the board and she has accounting experience. David as head of the nominating committee reviewed her application. Tammy made a motion that she be added to the board and Kathleen seconded it. Approved by all.

Finance Committee (Nancy):

Checking Account

Roof Fund: $20,896.00

Harvest Moon: 7,632.00

TOTAL $28,528.00


Building Committee:

  • Roofing Project: John explained the different types of ventilation.
  • Passive Vents: Vents in the roof and would cost $1000.
  • Box fans: We could buy them used from the rental place as we do for Moondance at a cost of $1000. These would be combined with the passive vents and would cost $2000 total.
  • Active Vents: Would include 3 exhaust fans and would cost $3000.
  • Dwayne suggested ceiling fans as well. Kathleen suggested commercial grade ceiling fans which would be quieter.
  • John made a motion to purchase passive ventilation. David seconded it. All approved.
  • David made a motion that skylights be installed. John seconded it. All approved.
  • Ed made a motion to cap the repairs at $25,000 (at Terri Chester’s suggestion) and that John can make decisions on his own up to that amount. Tammy seconded it. All approved.
  • John made a motion that we should discontinue the River Falls Lodge roof fund once the roof work is completed. Tammy seconded it. All approved.
  • David made a motion that we charge $7 admission when the roof work is completed. The disbursement formula will be discussed at the next meeting. Nancy seconded it. All approved.


  • Need more food captains.
  • Next Moondance meeting set for August 17th at Kathleen’s house.

Monster Mash:

  • Full Tilt Boogie will play with Hank and Diane calling.
  • Need registrar.
  • Kathleen will be the housing coordinator.


  • The Chattanooga Dance group asked to use our dance courtesies and tips on their web site (with acknowledgement). It was approved. Jimmy made a motion that anyone who asks to use our verbage on etiquette will be given permission. Ed seconded it.
  • The Harvest Moon newsletter is going out next week. David books bands far ahead making three newsletters unnecessary.

Dances (all will be discussed at next board meeting):

  • Discussion as to whether we should have a November 26 dance. It would be an extra dance that month. Ed will talk with Leon about the possibility.
  • Benefit Dances were discussed and whether we want to sponsor other dances and on the web site. As for Pam and Ron’s marathon dance to benefit Heifer International on Aug. 21st, It was agreed to put dates of the dance(s) and links to the organization it will benefit.
  • Advance Dance: Beth would like to do her advanced dances at River Falls Lodge. Discussion followed. David will talk with Beth about more of the details. Will put on agenda for the next board meeting.

Ajournment Ed adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be October 1st (Saturday) at River Falls Lodge at 3 pm before the dance.


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