July 27, 2007


Board Meeting: July 27, 2007

Jerry Vice’s House

Present: David White, Tammy Miller, Dwayne Plaisted, Teresa Wilson, Wayne Richard, Elaine Robson, Jerry Vice, Jimmy Smith, Neil Cross

Absent: Catherine Scott, Theresa Pizzuto, John Bryson

Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm.


David asks that every board member to thoroughly consider the proposed agenda when he sends it out before the meeting. Any items that need to be added, should be added at that time and not during the actual meeting, if possible. We know that there will often be exceptions but let’s try to minimize them.


David expressed gratitude for the following.

Thanks to Wayne for the time/energy on dealing with the broken pump and updating the bathrooms with paper towel dispensers.

Thanks to Moondance committee members on having the registration material, etc. out on time.

Thanks to Catherine and Jimmy for getting the last snail-mail newsletter out.

Thanks Teresa and volunteer committee for the finishing touches on the volunteer program and Jimmy, with Elaine’s help, in tweaking the website.

Thanks to Elaine for preparing and submitting the income taxes.

Thanks to Jerry for taking the initiative on things that need improvement.

Tammy expressed gratitude that David was on time and the meeting could start on time.


Elaine’s name was omitted from Board Members absent.

Teresa discussed that any sensitive issues that we do not want included in the minutes should be taken into an executive session. The hand written notes will be sealed and kept with a hardcopy of the minutes and can only be viewed by Board Members. These notes shall remain secret until such time the Board approves them as no longer secret.

Motion: Wayne makes a motion to approve minutes from the last board meeting. Elaine seconds. All approved.


Jimmy would like to see anything regarding publicity before it goes out, e.g., schedules, newsletters, promotionals for the Y dance.

Policy for special activities: We have unofficially approved the guidelines for special activities and they need to be voted on.
Motion: Jimmy makes the motion to approve the guidelines for special activities. Neil seconded. David reviewed the list. All approved motion.

Policy for special considerations for host at Y dance: Jennie has decided she doesn’t want to be paid for hosting the Y dance. She will still host some of the time at the Y. The question remains – Do we want to pay someone to host the Y dance? All agreed not to pay a host for the Y dance. Discussion led to how to handle hosting at the Y. Ideas suggested: a) hosting 2 Y dances would equal hosting one RFL dance; b) to include past board members as a pool of hosts. No motions made.

Policy for fees/admission:
Motion: Wayne makes motion that hosts do not pay admission for the dance they host. Neil seconds. All approved the motion.

Policy regarding who hosts:
Motion: Tammy makes a motion that the Board will [must] approve any host that is not a Board Member. Wayne seconds. In the discussion it was clear that we will eventually need to address/develop the criteria for approving non-board hosts. All approve.


Elaine reports the Y dance has to date lost an average of $136 per dance. David requested that in her spreadsheet, that she include a gain/loss column (for each dance).

HMFS current bank balance is $32,000 . We have received $23,000 income for Moondance registration and spent $8500 toward Moondance expenses (cabins, camping, airfare, etc). Other expenses are anticipated: $3200 for Saturday night dinner, food for the rest of the weekend, band/caller payouts, etc

We examined the budget (actual, budget, difference). Based on actual expenses, we are in the black ~$1200.

Nominating committee

Wayne presents the nominating committee report and has two recommendations for board members.

Wayne makes the motion that the nominating committee recommend Jennifer Whiting for board member. Neil seconds. All approved the motion.
Wayne makes the motion that the nominating committee recommend Jennie Wakefield for board member. Neil seconds. All approved the motion.

The nominating committee is still working on a concise description, including definitions and responsibilities of a student representative or seat, and how many we will have on the board at one time. David suggested that we have a representative from 2 age groups: high school age and college. Once the draft is complete, it will be emailed to all board members for review before the next meeting.


Jerry suggests purchasing an electric leaf blower to clean off the covered porch before the dances. All agreed. He will purchase one.

Wayne suggests leaving the water on for campers during non-freezing weather. This will require leaving the main breaker switch and the well pump switch on as well. This information will be included in the open/close procedure for the hosts.

We may have been overcharged for the well pump work. Wayne is looking into this further.

No work day has been scheduled. Wayne would like to talk with Scott to find out more about what he’s willing to pay for in RFL repairs. David has proposed dates to Scott for he and Wayne to meet with him to discuss this and other matters.

Jerry and John are still trying to determine why the Christmas lights aren’t working.

Teenage Admission Fee

Policy – youth admission: It was suggested we raise the price for the youth (14-17) admission to $5.00.
Motion: Wayne makes the motion to raise the youth (14-17) admission from $4 to $5 effective next quarter. Neil seconded.
Discussion: this is only for RFL dances. Some thought the increase was unnecessary. Effective the beginning of October, though we will start announcing in August at all the dances of the increase. Ayes 10; Abstain; 1.

New signs for RFL

Jerry has priced signs to be placed on US 276 and US 25 showing the direction to RFL. These would be 3 ft X 5 ft, 3 to 4 lines and aluminum clad. The two signs would cost $800. This does not include installation of the signs.

Tammy offered to paint signs if someone else would prep the plywood [or other material] before and after she painted. Dewayne agreed to help Tammy with this project.

A smaller one at/near the fire station would also be good.

Monster Mash

Laura and the Lavalamp were selected to play for the afternoon dance.

Dancing Bears w/ Barbara Groh calling will play for the evening dance.

David will arrange for another caller for the afternoon dance.

Inappropriate dancing

David has made efforts to get in touch w/ the dancer that was suspended last month but has not had success. He will try one more time.


The next Moondance meeting will be before the benefit dance at the Y in Greenville on 11 August 2007. Wayne and Theresa will send out an email.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm.
Next Meeting
22 September at River Falls Lodge, 3-5:30 pm

Minutes submitted by the Secretary,
Teresa Wilson
28 July 2007

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