March 2003


Board Meeting – March 7, 2003

Place: Roger Burns’ home

Present: Ed, Roger, Chris, David, Jimmy, Leon, Nancy

Absent: Laurel, Gail, Brenda, Emily

Ed opens with discussion about replacing David Weston. Decided that board members will ask around to see who is interested.

Nancy was next with financial report. $7,922 total with $2,974 for River Falls repair. Chris recommended that we keep close to $4,000 in the bank to run H.M. Nancy – Keep 100 dollars in ones for the next dance. Form 1099 at dance for callers /musicians who make more than $600 – hope we don’t have to.

Leon gave us a little health update. He is doing better.

Ed: Band Payment. We have before gave $100 each for band, member/caller. Some dances just don’t make that. We agreed that we would only guarantee $75 each. If the dance makes good, they make more. Leon now gets a fixed rate of $200 a dance. Leon will now take care of the gas bill and cut the grass.

Admission charge: It was decided that age 14 – 17 will pay $4.00

Who ever opens needs to have someone to take money till around 8:30

Chris gave us his idea about the River Falls T shirt. Bill West designed it- looks good. We decided to get 100 made.

Ed talked more about the roof. $14,000 for a new one. Fundraiser on 6-21 for roof.

1st ever mid week dance on 6 – 4 Flapjack (band)

Leon talked some about having a square dance on some of the Saturday nights H.M.F.S. does not use the lodge.

Ed will get prices to see if we want to insure the sound equipment.

Discussion about who will do sound at MoonDance.

Ed: Food at Moon dance. Laurel and Kathy will help but we need to get more people involved. No firm decision on food yet. Discussion about next MoonDance meeting nothing firm

No April Board meeting. Next Board meeting May 16 at Gail’s

Ed closed


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