March 2004


Board Meeting – March 28, 2004

Present: Ed Edmondson, Roger Burns, Nancy McLean, Kathleen Roper, Janet Swell, Jimmy Smith and John Bryson

Absent: David White , Leon Chapman, Brenda Swearingen, Emily Dunford and Carol Ball

Finance Committee

Nancy McLean reported the following balance:

  • Checking Account: $17,196
    $12, 023 for the roofing fund
    $ 5, 173 for Harvest Moon


  • Non-profit Status: Not completely approved but accountant said we can file non-profit tax return. Paid $75 for 1099 and $50 for a correction. A bill for $794 + $600 for previous work has been paid so far to set up non-profit status (this is the accountant’s fees). Other dance groups have set up non-profit status through the Country Dance and Folk Society and the cost was less for them and maybe we should have considered this approach. There was discussion as to whether we should have an annual report on the web (Ed and Nancy will talk about and report back).

Publicity Committee

  • Jimmy Smith suggested that only dance materials be displayed on the publicity table and at other areas at River Falls. He made a motion and it was seconded by Kathleen. A sign will be placed on the table stating that only dance materials can be displayed.
  • Discussion followed about whether this also applied to the SC Progressive Network and Forest Watch which hold benefit dances at River Falls (would their information flyers be allowed)? This brought about more discussion as to which dances are publicized as Harvest Moon Dances and if they should be indicated as such on the web site. Roger made a motion that we list these dances on the web site as we have in the past but make a note that these dances are not Harvest Moon sponsored dances. A link to the sponsor from the web site could be activated.
  • Newsletters are sent out several times a year announcing Harvest Moon dances at a cost of $1500/year. Should we keep sending out newsletters? Ed volunteered to make an announcement at the dance to encourage people to use the web site and we will continue to send to those that still want the mailing.

Volunteer Committee

  • The chair not at the meeting today but Ed had some thoughts about opening and closing responsibilities. He suggested that two people open and close the River Falls dances especially in the winter months as there are more chores because of the weather. New people need a mentor to help and for safety issues as well. It was decided that at least two people will be needed for the winter months and it’s up to the individual on the other months.

Education and Outreach

  • There was a discussion about the huge influx of beginners at the dances. Roger shared there seems to be about 35% newcomers and he has heard lots of comments. Regular dancers are not coming to the dances because of this situation. Lots of the newcomers do not come for instruction and don’t have the basic skills to dance. The solution lies in how to teach them and get more of them up to speed. Possible solutions are as follows:
  • The caller could be involved and announce contra etiquette and suggest that newcomers come early for instruction.
  • Waltz workshop at the break (Cliff has volunteered to help instruct)
  • Stephanie Wolf has said she would lead a workshop for those who would like to learn contra in the afternoon before a dance.
  • Enlist callers who work well with beginners (Diane Silver, Barbara Groh or Cis Hinkle)
  • John suggested that we post a note at River Falls that we are working with the newcomers to help them learn to contra and that there are training opportunities.
  • Roger suggested that we hold advance dances (one per month?) to help meet the needs of the experienced dancers.
  • John also suggested that one line be primarily for those who know how to dance
  • Announcements could cover some of these opportunities for all levels of dancers and emphasize beginner responsibilities (to learn, to help at RFL etc)

Facilities Maintenance Committee

  • John shared that the speaker mounts are being worked on to fix them.
  • John suggested that we not spend money on improvements to River Falls at the moment. However we will need to do some structural roof repairs before too long. We also do not have enough money in the fund for the major roof repairs at the moment and that it will need to wait another year. He suggested we might want to do a fundraiser. It was suggested that someone approach Leon about the situation with River Falls to get some assurance as to what is going to happen with the property and building before we commit to major repairs. Roger volunteered to contact him.
  • Spring cleaning at the lodge: the suggested date was April 17th from 1 PM until the dance begins. It needs to be announced via e-mail and on the web. Beginning dancers are encouraged to help.
  • Sound equipment: Weogo says there are some repairs needed on the equipment. He was given the ok to purchase a caller monitor. He also wants to buy a compressor which will improve the sound. Ed made a motion that the money be available for Weogo to purchase the compressor (approximately $500 or what is needed). John seconded it.

NOTE: As the attendance at the meeting was not a quorum, Ed asked Kathleen to send an e-mail to the absent board members requesting their vote on any motions presented at the meeting to make them official to include the following:

  • On the dance table at RFL, the motion was to allow dancing related materials ONLY on this table.  So far, vote 7-0 in favor.
  • Non HMFS dances to be advertised on our web site but not endorsed by HMFS. 7-0 in favor.
  • Motion to allocate $500 to Weogo to purchase a compressor to improve the sound at RFL. 7-0 in favor.

The motions listed above were approved by members of the Board at the Board Meeting on May 28th.

Upcoming Board Meetings for the rest of the year (tentative dates):

  • May 28th
  • July 16th
  • Sept. 24th
  • Nov. 12th+


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