March 2006


Board Meeting – March 4, 2006

Present: Ed, Jimmy, Janet, Terry P., Elaine, Teresa W., Tammy, John, Neil, Wayne, David, Kathleen, Nancy, Dwayne

Minutes were approved from the previous board meeting

1) We reviewed our progress and efforts on the RFL purchase. This week, Ed ordered and paid for half of a restricted report on RFL ($400, $800 total). It will take 3 or 4 weeks. This gives HMFS and Leon Chapman some third party help with a baseline for price negotiations. Wayne and Ed made some inquiries about occupancy limit, code restrictions, and the like. These are preliminary. We have not set another RFL purchase meeting date. We will continue our efforts, share information, and discuss our progress online (or conference call), as needed.

2) We approved a 2006 budget. It is, as Teresa, Elaine, and others suggested, a roadmap. The budget includes a $7 admission prices. We decided to table band payment, admission price, and other ideas until later. We can discuss these and other important budget-related topics online. Specific questions go to Elaine. General ideas and suggestions should probably be discussed with the whole.

3) We reviewed and discussed a process criteria proposal to give us guidance on hosting activities that promote our mission. We’ll need at least one month to discuss this By-Law amendment before we can vote on it. The date is no problem, since our next meeting will be on May 7. Please send your comments to David.

4) We briefly reviewed our committee assignments.
a) Since Kathleen has resigned, the nominating committee will need to be reformed. Please contact Ed if you would like to be involved in this work.
b) Teresa Wilson and Theresa Pizzuto have made some great suggestions for volunteer coordination. Please read and comment on them to Theresa P. They might want another member or two, as well.
c) Jimmy has the edited committee assignment sheet. Please send him more information about your interests.

5) MoonDance ’06 meeting will be on April 2, at Chris Bueker’s home. Please send David second band and caller suggestions. David is negotiating with Footloose to play at MonsterMash. Send caller ideas to David or Ed.

6) Our next meeting will be on Sunday, May 07, 4-6 pm at John Bryson’s house.


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