March 4, 2007


Board Meeting: March 4, 2007

Present: David White, Elaine Robson, Janet Swell, Tammy Miller, Dwayne Plaisted, Teresa Wilson, Wayne Richard, John Bryson, Jerry Vice, Jimmy Smith, Catherine Scott, Neil Cross.

Absent: Theresa Pizzuto.

Guest: Jennie Wakefield


David thanked those involved in the quick action on crowd/beginner challenges. The colored tags seem to be working and allowing experience dancers to be aware of beginners and reaching out to assist.

David thanked Wayne for organizing the work days in January and February, as well as those who helped out not only from the board, but from the dance community at large. Wayne indicated that those not on the board who helped out were Chris Berg, Ezra Burns, Roger Burns, Shirley and David Wright and son.

David opened the floor for additional acknowledgement. Neil thanked Jimmy for being the web-keeper. Tammy thanked those who helped her open and close last week.


John wanted to add the following as an addition to the 20 January board meeting, so that it would be on record:

Under the agenda item “River Falls Purchase”:

Elaine asked Leon “What would happen to RFL if you left us?”

Leon replied “Scott McCall is my heir, and he would end up with it.”  Leon then said that he would “inject” into the will either replace Scott McCall with Charlie Shipman. Leon then explained how he set up RFL LLC as distinct from Another Time, Another Place LLC.

Elaine offered to pay legal fees to change the will.  Leon declined.


Wayne moved we approve the 20 January minutes with the addition. Tammy seconded the motion. All approve.

Effective Board Meetings

The following points were brought by David and others to guide us in being more effective in our meetings.

  • Talking about situations with less restrictions is sometimes good. There may be times we shift to hands only or the talking stick/ball to give every one the chance to be heard. Neil’s signing also forces us to comment one at a time.
  • Stick to the point, get to the bottom line, stay on topic. No need to elaborate or detailed explanation unless someone doesn’t understand. No need to reiterate details some one just has.
  • Respect each other by listening and respect the other’s time, intent: thoughtful contributions. Ask “Is it relevant?” before commenting.
  • Suggested that we limit the alcoholic beverage intake till after the meeting, may contribute to us remaining focused. General consensus agrees.
  • Showing up on time so the meeting to starts on time.

We decided to meet approximately every 6 weeks and if we follow the above guidelines should be able to complete all items on the agenda within 3 hours.

Volunteer Program

Wayne stated the program will officially begin on the 24 March dance. Teresa Wilson will be the primary coordinator with Wayne until someone chooses this as their volunteer duty.

Some clarification: The board member who is the host for the dance, will continue being the host from opening to closing, just as we have been for the past few years. Dancers will not be allowed to “show up” and volunteer at the dance that night (at least not initially). To maintain consistency and fairness, any one who would like to volunteer will need to talk with Wayne or Teresa W. first. Teresa W will be developing job duties for hosts and open/close volunteers, as well as special jobs, such as yard maintanence, supply helper, volunteer coordinator. All information regarding the volunteer program will be posted on the web site, as well as contact information.

The perk for the volunteer will be free admission to dance(s) depending on the duty requirements. For example, someone who chooses to help open, the first half of the dance, they will be working and be free to dance the last half of the dance that night (they are admitted free that night as well) and receive a coupon to be redeemed at a later regular dance of their choice. Everyone who works one crew on one night gets in one night for free (If someone wants to volunteer to open and close in the same night, they would get two free dances)

Elaine suggested we consider acknowledging Forrest and his son, David, for helping to open (filling water jugs) for the past year or so. John suggested asking if they would consider some free coupons.

Open/Close Issues

Catherine requested we have step-by-step instructions for turning on the heaters, preferably with instructions located at the heaters. Wayne will look into having the pilot updated for ease in turning on and will create the instructions.

Mentoring opening/closing for new board members. The current mentoring process seems too unorganized and confusing. Perhaps we need to rethink this process

Wayne would like to have localized instructions for the water turn on/off in the bathrooms as well. He and Tammy will work on this.

Booking/callers – no comments

Nominating committee

John proposes two youth chairs or representatives to serve on the board. Looking for students who will be spokesperson for their age group, i.e., high school and college. After discussion, it was decided that John, Wayne and Tammy will put together a proposal to present to the board.


We have approximately $11,600 in the checking account.

Elaine handed out a budget for 2007 and income/expenses for January/February 2007.Wayne made a motion that we accept the 2007 budget. Dwayne seconded. All approved.

Kudos to Elaine for creating output that is easy to read and understand!


Last dance, someone was dancing barefoot and cut his foot on a nail. We will post a sign at the door, Dance Barefoot at Your Own Risk.

Wayne stated that pine flooring wears out too fast due to dirt, sand being ground into the floor during dancing. He will come up with proposal for a walkway from the gate to the lodge and also a proposal for the cost of an oak floor.

Extend Our Reach

Several options for additional dances to complement the dances at RFL on Saturday nights.

Saluda, NC. Proposed by Neil.

    • Dance Hall available for $700/dance (if we schedule multiple dances), includes dance hall, sound equipment and sound man, heat/AC, bathrooms, nice wooden floor.
    • Capacity is more than the barn at Table Rock.
    • Available only on Fridays or Sundays.
    • Cost would be $1200 if one time

Discussion: prefer dances to remain in SC. We would need ~120 dancers to break even (at the $700 fee), is this feasible?

YWCA, Augusta Rd, Greenville, SC. Proposed by Jennie Wakefield and David.

  • Propose 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. (Y also available Fridays and 2nd Saturdays)
  • 3 month trial period
  • Rental – $200-250/dance
  • Additional cost – moving sound equipment (in addition to sound man’s share), possibly another $200-250100/100/dance
  • Jennie has volunteered to host several dances (and advertising), but would eventually like some compensation.
  • Eventually pay host $50 or more for hosting (so we won’t need board members to host)
  • Use volunteer program to help setup/close dance.
  • HMFS may have to subsidize first few dances
  • 7:30pm beginners session; 8-10:30 dance

Discussion: Why not Fridays? Some felt Wednesday would be better, as that’s the night dances were at the Handlebar and that worked out fine. We could go to Fridays if there is the demand for more dances at this venue. What is HMFS’ responsibility if successful? We’ll decide that after a 3 month review. Jennie will provide monthly updates. After a lively discussion, admission fees were decided as $7 for 18+, $4 for 14-17.

Tammy made the motion to try out the Wednesday night dance at the YWCA in Greenville as outlined in the proposal above, beginning the second Wednesday in April 2007 (11 April 2007), with the addition of the admission fees of $7 for 18+, $4 for 14-17. Dwayne seconded. Eight approved, none opposed, the rest were in abstention.

Clemson University. Jennie brought up that the Clemson Contra dance Club on campus will probably go away if they don’t find a faculty sponsor by the fall. The president of the club is having a difficult time finding students to help with dance. Jennie suggested HMFS “hold” the few hundred dollars the club has for future dances in Clemson. It was suggested that the Clemson student talk with Becky Walker at the Walhalla dance about working together. Jennie will relay the message and set up a meeting with the student and Becky. We decided to hold the money for the Clemson dance, if they want us to.

We decided to table sponsoring the Clemson dance or a dance in Saluda and focus on the Y dance.


Catherine suggested we no longer mail out the dance schedule, since the information is quickly outdated. Instead the publicity committee proposed to provide paper copies with a 4 month schedule at the dance and for handouts at other dances. The web schedule will always be current. Moondance flyers will continue to be mailed out. One more mailing will go out with a note stating that it would be last mail out and suggesting dancers check the web for current schedules, the hotline, or join the Yahoo email group and that paper copies will be available at RFL.

Catherine made a motion to discontinue the mailings and provide paper copies at RFL with a four month schedule. Wayne seconded. All approved.

Kevin Burke concert

After a brief discussion, we decided the timing was not good for this concert. In the future, we would like to have concerts and other music/dance related activities with time for more planning.

Next Meeting

David White’s house, 22 April 2007, 3-6pm followed by potluck.

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