May 2004


Board Meeting – May 28, 2004

Present: Ed Edmondson, Roger Burns, Nancy McLean, Kathleen Roper, Janet Swell, Jimmy Smith, David White , Leon Chapman, Brenda Swearingen, Emily Dunford and Carol Ball

Absent: Leon Chapman and John Bryson

Finance Committee – Nancy Woods

Nancy Woods reported 16,842.48 in HMFS account

  • $12, 913 for the roofing fund
  • $ 3,929.48 for Harvest Moon

Expenses since the last meeting include:

  • $800 for tax services and taxes
  • $135 for storage
  • $120 for Source link
  • $1000 for rent (5 dances)
  • $570 for newsletters and mailing

Note: we were short the last two dances and Harvest Moon subsidized these dances but the average profit per dance is $138.

General Comments:

  • David would like a spreadsheet of Moon Dances of the past. Nancy and David to do an analysis of costs.
  • Ed suggested that he and Nancy put together an annual report. Perhaps it would be advisable to look at the CDSS for style.
  • The accountant stated that HMFS did not qualify for non-profit status….we were more social. May see if CDSS would organize our non-profit status. Although we have spent $1500 on accountants.

Publicity Committee – Jimmy Smith

Ed said that the web site looks great…and thanks to Jimmy for his good work.

  • Jimmy suggested that the Public Relations and Outreach Committees be combined into one committee to include Emily, Jimmy , Janet, Roger, Brenda, David and (Terry-non board member). Motion was made by Jimmy and Carol seconded it. Mission/job description of committee should be revised with both committee responsibilities outlined. Suggested new name of the committee will be Public Relations and Outreach committee.
  • There have been a large number of beginners at recent dances and in an effort to recognize their needs, Ed has been speaking to each caller to explain the beginner situation, the beginners’ responsibilities to attend a lesson and to acknowledge the needs of the experienced dancers as well. There was discussion of how and when to teach beginning waltzes…either at the break or during the beginner lesson. Cliff Carroll had done it before and we could approach him to continue the lessons.
  • Beginner Instruction Improvement: Jimmy would like to have the callers teach the beginner’s lessons (and promote this on the web). Ed feels that the small group teaching encourages community building. Roger feels that the present system of teaching is working or as an option, the caller could teach what he/she would be calling that night.
  • Emily, in her emails promoting the dances, could encourage experienced dancers to come out and teach to make new-comers feel welcome.

Volunteer Committee – Brenda Swearingen

  • System is working to enlist help opening and closing at River Falls
  • Roger asked if anyone could cover the opening/closing of the Aug. 7th dance he was responsible for. Kathleen agreed to cover it.

Bands and Callers – David White

  • David enlists comments about bands/callers. Bands are booked through December. The band Lift Ticket is coming through the area in February and will book them.
  • Monster Mash: KGB, a band from Seattle will play with Seth Tepher calling on Saturday, Oct. 30th. It was agreed that it will be at River Falls again this year. KGB only wants to play for the evening dance so there was discussion as to whether we should hire an afternoon band or just have an evening dance. With two bands, there will be more help needed for set-up. Need to sign up volunteers to get there at 11 a.m. to cover the set up.
  • The Monster Mash Committee: In the past this committee included Chris, Brenda, Ed and Wes Sturgis. There was discussion if Charlotte wants to continue to co-host the Monster Mash. If so, we need to communicate with them better to enlist their help. It was agreed the Monster Mash committee will contact the Charlotte group to clarify their involvement.
  • Suggestions for the afternoon band:
    String Beings
    Foot Loose
    Fly by Night
    Mock Turtle Soup

Moon Dance – David White

  • Moon Dance flyers will be sent out June 1st and two days later it will be promoted on the web site as pdf file. Can’t register by the web site but instead by printing out the flyer and mailing it in.
  • T-Shirts will be pre-ordered only and will be like the 1994 design.
  • The price for the Moon Dance will be $85 this year.
  • The following captains are needed: Meal, Snack, Clean-up and Saturday dinner meal. Contact Jennie or Carol to sign up.
  • Sound: three bids were sent out to Wes Maluk, Weogo Reed and Chris Blair. Wes and Weogo sent back quotes. A motion was passed to ask Wes to cover the sound and David will contact him.


  • Speaker mounts are up.
  • Roof: $13,000 in the roof fund.
  • Grass mowing: discussion as to whether we should pay to have it mowed as it has been so grown up.
  • Leon owes us for cost of wood for patio cover.
  • Rental agreement with Leon is secured until March 2005.
  • Endorsement of fundraising/benefit dances: Roger talked with Leon about this issue and he wants HMFS to be responsible for benefit dances as he doesn’t have insurance on the building to cover non-HMFS dances. We need to talk with him further about this issue.

Other Discussion

  • Calendars will be ready by Moon Dance per Kathleen
  • Motions from the last meeting were approved.
  • Nancy will have next meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, July 16th at her house:
    Nancy Woods
    206 Bobolink Dr.
    Seneca, SC 29672
    (864) 882-7464

Upcoming Board Meetings for the rest of the year (tentative dates):

July 16th

Sept. 24th

Nov. 12th


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