November 16, 2007


Board Meeting: November 16, 2007

David White’s House

Present: David White, Tammy Miller, Dwayne Plaisted, Teresa Wilson, Wayne Richard, John Bryson, Jerry Vice, Jimmy Smith, Catherine Scott, Jennifer Whiting, Neil Cross, Jennie Wakefield, Elaine Robson.

Meeting began at 7:05 pm.

David acknowledged

Cathy and Monster Mash committee Plus Wayne, John, Joanne etc.
Jennie – Efforts for Y dance grant
Elaine – holding down the fort (knox) [MD and moreā€¦]
John Bryson and co. – workday at Y

Corrected: After discussion, Wayne moved we give dance a year [before we
raise fees or what??] (April 07-April 08) and reassess at that
point. Catherine seconded. Yes 10; Abstention 1.

To: After discussion, Wayne moved we give dance a year before we raise
fees (April 07-April 08) and reassess at that point. Catherine
seconded. Yes 10; Abstention 1. (Note: change is italicized).

John moved to accept the minutes of the last meeting. Neil seconded. All approved.

Initially, David talked about organization/group dynamics and change and the importance of respecting each other’s differences. Then everyone was encouraged to share their perspective and/or feelings on where we are as an organization, in the context of our commitments and activities and carrying out our mission. Several perspectives emerged ranging from feelings of burnout and being overwhelmed to feeling very positive about what we are doing. David added that as a board we are doing incredible work but in order to avoid burnout we have to distribute the work better as well as make adjustments to our work load – that is, make decisions about how much we take on as a group and as individuals.

David read the following to clarify the dance minimum payments for our policies:
1. River Falls: $100 minimum up to a 5 person band; Any band larger than 5 persons will split $500.
2. Y dance: $100 minimum up to a 3 person band; Any band larger than 3 persons will split $300.
Wayne moved that dance payment policy be accepted as read by David. Elaine seconded. 10 approved.

Board Elections
David read the slate nominated for officers from the last meeting:
President: David White
Vice President: John Bryson
Secretary: Teresa Wilson
Treasurer: Elaine Robson
Jennie moved we accept all as officers as read. Tammy seconded. All approved.

Theresa Pizzuto has resigned from the Board and would like to serve on the Board as ex-officio member. John moved we accept Theresa as ex-officio board member. Neil seconded. No discussion was held. 10 approved. Since the Chair did not ask for discussion after the motion and before the vote, Tammy moved to rescind the vote and John seconded. The consensus was that more information needs to be obtained before adding ex-officio members. All approved.

Elaine gave the financial report. She has opened a savings account where all contributions to HMFS will be deposited. Jennie can officially sign checks now.
We have $12,000 in checking and $300 in savings. Elaine handed out an expenses report covering Jan-Nov 2007.
We all applauded Elaine for her time-consuming efforts in these reports and treasurer duties.

Dance Updates
Each board member needs to sign up to host for 5 RFL equivalent dances pre year (i.e., hosting 2 Y-dances = 1 RFL dance)

Crossnore Benefit Dance – this is the benefit dance in honor of Leon. The dance is scheduled for 01 Mar 08. David, John, Tammy are the committee members. This will be an open band/open mike event.

Greenville Library Benefit dance at the Y, 20 Feb (Wed). This is a free dance open to all to support one of the library promoting a new book by Tommy Hayes, “The Pleasure was Mine”. RFL and contra dancing is one feature in the story. The library has the money allocated and will pay for dance hall, caller, band, and sound personnel.

International Folk Dancing (IFD) – Marcia Gottlieb, an international folk dancer from Asheville, wants to hold a monthly IFD at River Falls. They are willing to pay $2 per person to HFMS for use of the building. They will also open the lodge after being coached on that by one of our board members. They don’t have sound, will likely use a boom box. They probably won’t dance in hot weather. John moved to support the IFD group from Asheville, so long as it does not cost HMFS any money. All approved. David will contact Marcia and work out details with her including payment to Scott for use of RFL.

Y-Dance Committee Report
Jennie has submitted a grant to the Greenville Metropolitan Arts Council (GMAC) for monies to support the Y-dance. She provided handouts of a summary of the grant and budget. GMAC will make award around the first of January.

Discussion ensued regarding the existence of the Y-dance. Elaine moved that in the time spanning Dec 20 and Dec 31, 2007, we discontinue the dance if both of the following occur; 1) the GMAC grant is denied and 2) the average dance income of $595 has not been met between 28 Nov and 20 December. Jerry seconded. Discussion: clarification of the $595. This means the Y-dance will have an average income of $595 with HMFS contributing $100/dance, which means the next two dances need to have an average of 85 dancers to meet these criteria. Motion denied: 7- against; 3 – yes.


Jerry gave an update on the road signs to be installed on US 25, US 11 and Gap Creek Road.

Nominating Committee

John recommended Frank Farmer as a board member. Jennie moved we accept Frank Farmer on the board. Wayne seconded. All approved.

John recommended June Glenn as a board member. Tammy moved we accept June Glenn on the board. Jennie seconded. All approved.

John presented the latest update on the Youth Representative duties. Wayne moved we accept the youth representative duties with the understanding the language will be tweaked. Neil seconded. All approve.

The following minutes were taken by Tammy, who covered for Teresa since she had to leave.

Dwayne made a motion to add youth representatives to the board in addition to the 15 regular board members. John seconds. Some discussion followed. Vote -all voted yes. [This vote was unnecessary as the motion to amend the by-laws can not be voted on until the detailed language of the by-law change has been circulated for at least one month].

/David later added more detailed language: The motion is to amend Article III of our by-laws with the addition of a new section, entitled “Youth Representatives.”

Under “Youth Representatives” it shall read: “In addition to the 12-15 members of the HMFS board, the board of directors may elect ‘youth representatives’ to serve as voting members of the board of directors. Youth representatives do not contribute to the quorum. Youth representatives must attend or have attended a local high school or college in the past year. Youth representatives will serve 1-year terms and a maximum of 3 consecutive terms. Youth Representatives will participate in board meetings and serve on a committee of interest to them.”

/[minutes continued]
Jerry volunteered to cover the hotline task for six months and asked for a volunteer to do the following six months. John Bryson volunteered.
[these minutes submitted by David White for Tammy ….for Teresa…]

Next Meeting

05 Jan 2008 @ RFL, 3:00-5:30.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 pm

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