October 2002


Board Meeting – October 25, 2002

Present: Gail, David Weston, David White, Jimmy, Chris, Emily, Brenda, Nancy, Ed, Roger

Absent: Laurel, Leon

Ed opened with approval of minutes / carried

Discussed Anna Lynn leaving and Nancy taking her place.

Elected Nancy as board member and then as treasurer / carried.

Further discussed who should write checks, Ed and/or Nancy only.

We talked about payment of bands/callers. Form for intake and outgo and
how to deal with short fall.

Chris gave finance report $10,400.

Monster Mash setup on Saturday morning Nov.1

Some talk about Greenville/Asheville board meetings – we attending some of theirs meetings and so forth, trading off of ideas.

MoonDance: Possible bands, 1st and 2nd bands and callers. Several names thrown out , Nightingale, Double Date, Rocket Boys (2nd) Beth as caller. Discussed last date to cancel MoonDance registration still get money back.

Ed talked about cold weather plans for water pipes. David asked about hot water (showers)
Roof issues: planned a work date for 11/16 for roof, floor ; plastic on walls.

Grass cutting – need Leon’s take before making a decision.

Emily said she would take over the regular email.

Gail brought a suggestion box, also had “cheat” sheets for dance instruction.
Roger asked about a hard core, no walk through dance every so often – met with mixed reviews.

Ed closed. Next meeting 12/6 David White’s house.


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