Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, the host for the evening’s dance will be responsible for making the decision to hold the dance based on whether the roads seem safe to drive and/or whether there is power at the lodge. He/she may call other board members for their advice and support to get their input. TV, radio and internet weather reports will provide local information as well.

  • The host may call the River Falls Fire Dept. (864) 836-3203 to see if there are known problems at or near the lodge.
  • Cancellations will be recorded on our main Announcements page and our Facebook page.
  • The host may also call WNCW radio station to announce closing at 828-287-8080 or psa@wncw.org.

If it is determined that a dance will be held but that there are cautionary conditions, this can also be put on the Harvest Moon Hotline and the web site. If a dance is cancelled, the sound tech and a band member will need to be called. Phone/cell numbers will be provided for the band.


Pets are not allowed in the building, and are to be leashed and under the control of the owner at all times. (Approved June 9, 2007)

Publicity Materials

Only dance, festival, performing and visual art materials may be displayed at HMFS sponsored activities. (Approved July 20, 2008)

Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking

All dances sponsored by Harvest Moon Folk Society are held in an alcohol- and drug-free environment. Smoking is not allowed in the building or on the grounds inside the white fence.(Approved August 20, 2006)

Inappropriate Behavior

If a dancer believes that his/her personal space has been violated or that he/she has been verbally sexually harassed, and that dancer complains to the Board, the Board will take action against the offender by following this Three-Strikes-You’re-Out scenario:

a. The offense happens.
b. The offendee complains to a board member, who then speaks to the offender (if the offendee speaks to the offender personally, the strike scenario is not invoked).
c. The offense continues.
d. The board may then inform the offender that he/she has Strike 1 (2 month suspension from HM dances).

e. If the offense is repeated, the board then calls Strike 2 (4-6 month suspension from HM dances). If the offense is again repeated, the board then calls Strike 3 (permanent ban from HM dances). (Approved February 24, 2008)

Host Responsibilities in Regards to Volunteer Help

Host responsibilities have not changed with the implementation of the volunteer program. Volunteers are meant to assist the host with the duties required to open/close and manage the door.

We will continue managing the door as we do now, with Board members helping the host take admission, except as noted below. The host has the option to ask for people to help pick up trash at the close of the evening, but there will be no compensation for this, i.e., no free dance.

Dance Host – Non Board Member

Board must approve any host that is not a Board Member (Approved July 27, 2007)

Free Dance Admission – Board Members

All HMFS board members get free admission to any RFL dance but not CityDance dances.  (Approved December 4, 2009)

Free Dance Admission – Webmaster

The HMFS webmaster gets free admission to any RFL dance but not CityDance dances.  (Approved February 7, 2010)

Caller Responsibility

After trying several variations on teaching beginners we have arrived  at the following policy that requires the caller to actively instruct  beginners, and encourage experienced dancers to match up with beginners.  We want beginners to view the caller as the voice of authority for the  entire dance, believing that this will reduce some of the inevitable  walk-through chaos, and confusion. The caller is responsible for leading  the beginner’s session, starting at 7:30, and lasting until dance time, 8:00.  (Approved July 20, 2008)

Guidelines for Special Activities

Special activities sponsored by HMFS are defined as folk and traditional dance and/or related music. This might include, dance or music workshops, performances, and festivals. The scope of HMFS involvement in special activities will be decided on an event basis. HMFS involvement can be classified as follows:

  1. Sole organizer – HMFS is fully responsible for all aspects of the event.
  2. Partner – HMFS is an active participant in the event and coordinates with partner(s). Partners might include for-profit or non-profit entities or individuals, at the discretion of the Board.
  3. Co-sponsor – HMFS is not an active participant in the production of the event but may choose limited involvement. This might include having one or more board members present at the event, publicizing the event, or allowing use of HMFS property or equipment.
  4. Non-sponsor – HMFS may choose to have limited involvement in an event but will not be listed as partner, co-sponsor etc. in any publicity or marketing efforts.

All special activities proposed by HMFS to occur at the dance venue must be approved by the venue owner. Compensation to the owner for the use of the dance venue must be agreed on before any event is scheduled. Compensation, if any, to HMFS for its involvement or for use of its equipment will be decided for each event. (Approved July 27,2007)