December 20, 2008




December 20, 2008  River Falls Lodge



Meeting began at 3:08pm.  Those in attendance were Wayne Richard, Tamara McGovern, Dwayne Plaisted, David White, Frank Farmer, Ethan Hummel, Anna Rowe, June Glenn, Catherine Scott, Jennie Wakefield

Guest: Roger Gold



Thanks to Jenny on the Y Committee, June for a job well done in Monster Mash, Wayne for padlock on the bathroom doors, Tamara for a welcome to the board and for a job well done thus far.


Welcome – David White


Old Business:

1.     Policy:  Official vote on mixer – All in favor, none opposed, approved by the board.

2.     Minutes from September – Entire board accepted September minutes, none opposed.


New Business: 


Committees Review: David White

            David went over committee list current as of 12/20/08

Changes in committees – Frank will take over as Chair over facilities and maintenance, Wayne will remain on the committee as well.


Volunteer and host committee – June and Tamara

·        June – Over the past months we have had a lot of board members, among others to help before and after dances.  June will email out ideas of how to continue to increase volunteer participation.

·        Tamara – Tamara passed around a volunteer sign up sheet for dances coming up the next few months…board filled in as many as possible during the meeting.


Finances – Wayne

·        Finances are good.  We are showing (as of 12/20/08) $20,275

·        Monster Mash dance statistics did not show up on the printout. However,  the take was $2,035 with an estimate of 136 dancers.  There were 2 callers, 7 band members, and sound counted twice. River Falls cut was $605.

·        In the next few weeks, Wayne will begin developing a plan for the budget in 2009.  He will discuss with the committee outside of HMFS regular meetings.

·        Wayne moved that the HMFS share of the Y fund raiser dance go to the Y dance. Second by Dwayne, all approved.


Building Committee- Wayne

·        Wayne is putting locks on the bathroom doors at RF as well as closing and latching the windows.  The doors and windows will be done by end of day on 12/20/08.  We hope that this avoids vandalism.

·        The restrooms are extremely cold so David and Wayne are looking to get heat in the restrooms.  Gas and electric heat are options.  They will bring space heaters, try them out, and make a decision from there based on how effectively they work.

·        Wayne will pursue heaters and costs via email to the board and committee members.


Y-Dance  – Jennie Wakefield (Summary and Motions )

·        Attendance was low the last dance and usually decreases around the holidays.  David White presented at 2 year trend based on attendance.

·        Jennie is working with Anna, Ethan, and Jimmy to come up with new ways to increase attendance at the dances.

·        Jennie, on behalf of the Y committee,  presented a motion and rationale regarding flexibility for running the Y dance, inserted below:

Rationale re:  Flexibility for Y Dance Committee


         The Committee is committed to maintaining a balanced budget.

         Within the context of a balanced budget, the Committee wants greater flexibility and autonomy.

         We’d like for funds generated by the Y Dance in 2008 (including the November fund raiser) and in the future to be earmarked for the Y Dance use. These funds would serve as “cushion” money and would help with the purchase of equipment and supplies. We would like to have flexibility to use that money to make purchases up to $300 per item without asking for board approval. 

         We’d like to have flexibility in setting and changing the pay plan for band/caller/sound and would start with the following pay plan: 

o   $260 minimum payment for local band/caller, $340 non-local (currently, $200 local/$300 non-local). Income that exceeds the minimum payment will be split as shares between band, caller and HMFS (Y Dance).  Band would be limited to three shares. For an occasional touring band, the Y-committee could offer a higher minimum.

o   $150 sound (operation and use of sound person’s equipment).

         We’d like to have flexibility in setting the price for the Y Dance.  Few college-age students attend the Wednesday dance.  There are likely several reasons for this, but according to our younger board members, one reason is cost, especially since many college students have to travel some distance to come.  This demographic could be a good one to support the dance and to be served by the dance, as evidenced by their attendance at River Falls.  To make the dance more attractive to this group, we’d like to try including college students in the student price of $5 for a a while (currently the $5 student price is for ages 14-17 only).  We don’t think this would affect the dance’s current income significantly, as very few dancers of this age are attending anyway at regular price.  



Y Committee moves that, as of January 1, 2009,

(a) the Y Committee have flexibility and autonomy regarding payment of

band/caller/sound person and for making purchases up to $300,

(b) funds generated by the Y Dance (2008 and beyond) be earmarked for the Y


(c) Y Committee have the authority to set the admission price for the Y Dance.


The motion was approved unanimously.


Special Events Committee

·        Monster Mash – June reported on the dance to the board via email after the dance.  Overall, it was a large success.  She read over her report aloud in the board meeting with everyone present.  June will email everyone to discuss pre-registration, callers, and bands for Monster Mash 2009.

·        Travis flat footing workshop proposal – Catherine’s friend Travis wants to do a flat footing workshop before the dance on January 10th.  Travis will market the event himself and HMFS can provide marketing via collateral at RFL and website announcements.  Catherine suggested at $5 minimum donation for walk-ins up to $100. 

Catherine made a motion for the special events committee of HMFS sponsor a flat footing workshop on Jan 10th, 2009.  We agree to financially support Travis Anderegg with up to $100 including donations and use of the facility.

Second by Anna

All approved

·        Holiday Dance (January 2nd) – David mentioned doing something special for the Holiday dance (whether desert or dressing up, etc.)  but we will decide over email next week.




Resume at 4:30pm

Band Caller Payment

·        Roger Gold (visitor) – Roger read his thoughts about musicians and pay.  He stressed the significance of having a formula for a smaller band payout.  As a suggestion, you can have a lower minimum but not have a maximum pending on the success of the dance.  Roger urged us that every little bit makes a difference, and there was a group discussion on whether or not to increase minimum payments.

·        Wayne Richard (Payment scenario and motion) – Wayne used data from all of 2008. 

Wayne would make a motion that we abolish the $200 maximum share and that we increase the minimum share to $140 effective January 1 for all River Falls dances.

            Jennie offered a 2nd.

            Approved:   6  out of 10

            Opposed: 3 of 10



PR and outreach committee – Jennie, Anna…Advance Dance etc.

We will post information online about callers, dances, etc.


Sound Committee – John

No Report other than the new sound board.  Frank and John will come up with potential costs or proposed costs for a wish list for RF sound.  They are also working with Weogo for list of prioritization and costs.


Nominating committee – Wayne, Tammy & Jennifer

No Report to note


Moondance  -Catherine

2nd Band, 2nd Caller – Anam Cara w/ Barbara Groh

Will vote on the Parachute online.

T-shirt designs will need to be in by April 1st


Band booking/callers –  David/Jennie

Will talk about numbers of dances and such online.



Next Meeting :  

Sunday, February 8, 2009 3:30pm-6:00pm

Host: Anna Rowe’s House







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