January 2005


Board Meeting – January 16, 2005

Present: Jimmy. Janet, Nancy, Ed, Dwayne, John, David, Kathleen, Tammy, Leon, Anne, Scott McCall (guest)

All present.

Host: Ed Edmondson

Minutes from the last meeting were approved. New board members Tammy Miller, Dwayne Plaisted, Anne Merkel were welcomed.

RFL Opening and Closing: Current and new board members were asked to sign up for opening and closing duties…the list was circulated.

Finance Committee:

Checking Account as of 1/14/05:

Roof Fund: $16,997.32

Harvest Moon: 10,083.40

TOTAL: $27,080.72

Upcoming Expenses:

Moondance deposit: $2000

Accountant fees: $800-$900

Flyer mailing: $350

Nancy and Ed will get together to prepare for taxes. We will use same accountant. We are listed as a social organization and not a non-profit. Ed contacted the CDSS and he hasn’t heard back but we need to pursue that avenue. Anne will check with the Columbia organization to see how they got their non-profit status.

Building Committee:

The following wordage “Gates locked at midnight” was discussed for a sign at RFL (so that cars don’t get locked in behind the gate). This information could be part of the announcements at the dance.

Roofing & Repairs: Ed made a motion that we take up to $20,000 which was collected and set aside, to make repairs to the building and roof this summer. The motion passed. None opposed.

We could not reach an agreement with Leon about a depreciation rate on the proposed building projects.

Dwayne volunteered to be on the building committee.

Publicity and Outreach Committee:

The dancing etiquette and terminology for beginners poster needs to be revised. A printed flyer might be a good thing for beginners to take home with them. A board member poster needs to be developed and displayed at RF and on the web site (it was suggested that only email addresses be displayed as contact information). Tammy volunteered to work on these projects.

Web Site: Tammy doesn’t want home address on the website….just the name and email.

Jimmy is in the process of getting dance schedule information out to the community via:

  • HMFS web site
  • Yahoo newsletter
  • DanceAsheville newsletter
  • LINK (Greenville News)
  • Harvest Moon Newsletter

He stated that we have a monthly average of about 350 hits on our website. We now have a radio station link on our website. Let Jimmy know how HMFS website can be improved.

John said that Jonathan Gilbert from the Asheville Old Farmer’s Ball has t-shirts for sale. He said we could have a reciprocal arrangement at each other’s dances to sell t-shirts and split the profit.

OFB has asked if we could meet together some time and share common issues and talk about them. There was a positive response to the idea.

Nominating Committee:

We still need one additional board member as we just have eleven members currently. David requested that we wait for Terri Puzutto who has said she would come on as a member soon. We will discuss via email in the next couple of months.

Ed discussed the rotation of the board members and suggested that four members retire each year. Our three new members (Tammy, Dwayne and Anne) need to decide which year they want to rotate off and let Ed know.

Band and Caller Committee:

Moondance: Meeting will be scheduled in February or March. The main band is the Latter Day Lizards with Lisa Greenleaf calling.

River Falls Dance Fee:

  • There was discussion of a family rate. It was tabled until next meeting.
  • David said we need to talk about when the $8 fee ends. He suggested we make it $7 after the roof is repaired. This discussion will continue via email over the next couple of months.

Adjournment: Ed adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be on Saturday, March 5th at River Falls Lodge from 3-5 pm (before the dance)

Upcoming meetings:

May 21st (Saturday) at River Falls Lodge from 3-5 pm (before the dance)

July 17th (Sunday) at Dwayne Plaisted’s house in Travelers Rest at 4 pm with potluck afterwards.



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