July 2003


Board Meeting – July 11, 2003

Place: Chris’ House in Saluda, NC

Attendance: Ed, Chris, Nancy, Brenda, John, David, Leon, Roger, Jimmy, Laurel.

Absent: Emily, Gail

Ed opens , talked first about Monster Mash at RFL-limit to 200? Chris believes 200 is maximum number. General discussion about how to limit dance to 200 people. Decided on ticket sales – ticket only to dance. Some discussion about staying over Sunday morning to waltz. Camping $5.00 extra.Ticket price – $15.00 for both dances. Of the $15 , $3 will go to RFL. Monster Mash committee will work out other details

Roof $1000 + against a tent for $300 or so plus 200 more for side walls. Ed – Who does what where and when. Paid for from RFL funds?? Leon – would like a tent now and shed structure later. Ed called for a vote – Tent no. Chris motion for a structure. Laurel 2nd. All carried. Building Committee will work on details of shed.

John – a few safety concerns, fire extinguishers, Roger will supply

Nancy – RFL funds-7,474 General fund – 20,500.

Volunteer cord./ open and close-Jimmy
Nominating-Roger / Laurel / Leon
By-Laws-Laurel will stay on and work on that
Caller/ band booking-David
Finance-Nancy / Ed
Facility/maintenance-John / Ed / Leon / Roger
Outreach-Emily / Roger / Leon
Publicity-Jimmy / Emily Terry ( w/Ed)

Moondance meeting at David’s on 18th

Ed – $7,500 in RFL fund in 1 1/2 years ( pretty good )

Roger – dance courtesy – wild dancers and what to do about it.

Ed – Insurance for sound equipment 500 a year will check on other prices.

David – Need a sound committee? Board will think about it. It would be under David.

Next board meeting Aug. 15th at Laurel’s house

David – How do we recognize a large contribution? Board will think about this one.

Jimmy will create stationary

Chris will create prints of the lodge.

Ed closed


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