July 2006


Board Meeting – July 1, 2006

Present: David, Jimmy, John, Teresa W., Wayne, Nancy, Janet, Tammy, Neil, Theresa

Absent: Elaine and Dwayne

We need to be thinking about officer positions. Teresa Wilson is thinking about secretary role. David is ok with being on the slate for president. We also need more board members. Younger dancers don’t want to be on board. Perhaps someone can talk with Jennie Wakefield about this group. Wayne and Tammy will work with John Bryson on nominating committee. We will nominate officers at the next board meeting in August and then vote and elect new officers at a meeting in September.

It was discussed what role the caller should have in teaching before a dance. Wayne and Neil feel that callers should assume responsibility for teaching as a group with an experienced dancer paired with each newcomer. A cordless headset may help a caller to get into the crowd and teach. Tammy will talk with Atlanta who has a “dance mom” who helps from the sidelines with beginning dancers. The band booker (currently David) will communicate with the caller prior to the dance and send a reminder a few days before the dance to stress responsibilities. The host for the evening will make sure these happens and needs to make contact with band/caller that evening before taking money etc.

Wireless Microphone:
Wayne talked to Mike and Weogo about the cost of one ($500-$1000). Will see if there is a possibility of using theirs and about the possibility of purchasing one.

Elaine not present to make report. Nancy shared that there was a mistake in the dance payment form after the last dance but that the new formula is a good one.

Volunteer Committee:
Teresa W., Wayne and Theresa P. met and discussed opening and closing responsibilities. They talked about Old Farmer’s Ball and how they handle this. They have slots for opening, closing and covering the door. Each job entitles a person to a free dance. Theresa P. will follow up with OFB. Tentatively, we could have 3 on opening, one at the door and 3 for closing (the door person would get two dances free as it would be required that they cover for the whole dance). These would not be board members which would free host to serve as coordinator and do other things. David would like to hear alternative options. The volunteercoordinator would coordinate the volunteers.
Work days: volunteers who worked four hours could get in free. We’ll vote on at the next meeting.

RFL Maintenance:
Wayne and John came up with a list of projects. These were accomplished at the July 1st workday.

  • Lighting in men’s bathroom.
  • Walkways added
  • Gutters installed
  • Gates realigned
  • Electrical work
  • Wood sawed up
  • Furniture rearranged inside
  • Shrubs cut and landscaping worked on
  • Trash to the dump
  • Grass mowed

Septic system was fixed. The cost was $540.
Grass – Wayne will call someone to cut the grass (Thursday or Friday before dance). Other options include

  • Use Leon’s mower
  • Have a volunteer cut it
  • Hire someone to cut it and add this amount to the budget ($150 per mow)

Discussed additional information in newsletter which Theresa P. puts together and mails. Suggestions include acknowledging those who help with work days, dates for the next workdays which Wayne will provide, photos and miscellaneous news.

It’s about closed to women and couples. There are slots for single men.

Elaine has taken it on and Nancy will share letter from the IRS with her.

Band booking and Callers:
John reports that he would like more dances scheduled on a regular basis.

River Falls Lodge Purchase:
Discussion followed on whether we want to consider buying River Falls Lodge. Several possibilities of how this might be accomplished were discussed. A motion was made to purchase RFL and enter into negotiations with Leon. Neil made the motion and Wayne seconded it. A vote followed: the majority was in favor (9/yes and 1/no). Discussion followed. A committee will be formed to start working on this with David as the lead negotiator. He will talk with Leon this week. If we get to the point where we can work out the purchase with Leon, we will need to have a formal contract developed by a realtor. Neil will talk with a realtor and Wayne will talk with Ernie about what kinds of details need to be in contract.

Next Board Meeting:
It was decided to have the next meeting on Aug. 20th at Neil’s house. This meeting will be combined with MoonDance meeting.

  • Swimming at 2 pm,
  • Board meeting at 3 pm
  • MoonDance meeting at 5 pm
  • Potluck at 6:30 pm.


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