June 2005


Board Meeting – June 5, 2005

Present: Ed, Jimmy, Janet, Dwayne, Tammy, Leon, John, Kathleen and Nancy.

Absent:David and Anne

Host: River Falls Lodge

Minutes from the last meeting were amended and approved.

By-law Changes

  • The Governance Committee brought up that Leon Chapman, owner of River Falls Lodge, be made a permanent board member (Ex-Officio status). He would have voting privileges but would not be counted as one of the rotating board members. John made the motion and Tammy seconded it. Motion passed and the bylaws will be amended to reflect this change. (Note -This motion was reviewed and changed at the July 17,2005 Board Meeting)


  • Ed suggested that we make the number of board members variable. Discussion followed outlining the pros and cons. Ed made a motion that the number of board members be between 10 and 15 board members. John seconded it. Motion passed and the bylaws will be amended to reflect this change.

Nominating Committee
Leon said that the committee had three nominees to present to the board: Terry Pizzutto, Terri Chester and Neil Cross. Leon made a motion that they all be added to the board. Tammy seconded the motion.Motion passed.

Non-Profit Status
Ed applied for a non-profit status with the CDSS. They have been slow to process application. He was able to talk with them and they had some questions and clarifications were made to the application. They need to run it by the CDSS director and we expect a decision in a month.

Finance Committee (Nancy)

Checking Account:

Roof Fund: $19,724.77

Harvest Moon: 9,169.37

TOTAL: $28,894.14

Building Committee

  • Roofing Project: A roofing contractor has been selected: Omega Construction (Bill Cunningham, contractor). Decisions still need to be made about the ventilation system which was not included in the quote (Chris Buecker is looking over the options and will have recommendations). The building committee will present a proposal for us to vote on with different options before the next board meeting, via e-mail. Anyone who has suggestions is welcome to share their thoughts with the committee.


  • Work Day: The next work day is planned for July 16th. A variety of preliminary projects need to be accomplished before the roof is replaced.



  • Grass Mowing: It was asked of Leon if he would like help with mowing. Leon said he will take care of mowing.


Moondance 2005

  • Quotes have been submitted for the Moondance Sound by Wes Maluk and Weogo Reed. Discussion followed and Leon made a motion that we offer the job to Weogo. Nancy seconded it and the board approved this selection.



  • Moondance registration form – Tammy will send the form to Jimmy in PDF form for inclusion on the website. The flyer is supposed to be mailed out on June 13th and will be on the website a few days after mailing.


Monster Mash 2005

David sent a note to Lift Ticket and asked if they would play for the dance and a note to Beth Molaro to ask if she would call. If Lift Ticket can’t play, David could talk with Groovemongers.

Sound Panels

Weogo had a request from OFB asking if they could borrow our sound panels to see if they would want to purchase some for themselves. It was agreed that they could borrow them.

Dancer Conduct/Etiquette

It was suggested that dancer conduct should be addressed as follows

  • When teaching newcomers before the dance
  • At announcements
  • Posters on etiquette
  • Educate individually
  • Mention to caller

John suggested that those who work with newcomers before the dance be trained on dance teaching protocol. Janet, Tammy and Jimmy will develop the protocol.

Robert’s Rules of Order

A copy will be ordered to serve as a guide for our meetings.


There was discussion (brought up by Kathleen) on those who come to the dance and don’t pay. Several have been approached individually. It’s not a huge problem but it does happen.


Ed adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be on July 17th (Sunday) at Dwayne Plaisted’s house in Travelers Rest at 4 pm with potluck afterwards.


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