May 2006


Board Meeting – May 7, 2006

Present: David, Dwayne, Elaine, Jimmy, John, Teresa W., Wayne, Nancy, Janet, Tammy
Guests: Brad, Roger Burns, Jerry Vice
Absent: Neil and Theresa P.

David agreed to serve as interim President as Ed moved to Richmond and John Bryson will serve as interim VP until October elections. Both positions were approved by the board. David will need to give up some of his other responsibilities (band booking and MoonDance) if he runs and wins the presidency position in the fall. Others may want to consider these roles. Janet will be leaving the board when her term is up in the fall and we need to find a replacement secretary. No one has volunteered so far. Wayne feels that board members should have some experience before they take on leadership roles. There are 12 board members now and we may want to increase our numbers to the maximum of 15.

Additional Dances:
2 motions were passed that will result in more dances and pave the way for more ‘other’ dances, including Advance Dances, Sunday dances (sometimes in conjunction w/Saturday dance), waltz or couple dancing and workshops etc.. HMFS wants to support Travis’ and other’s efforts for the Anderson/Clemson benefit dance which is scheduled for June 10th but suggests the dance be a single day/night dance.

Scholarships (4) were officially approved. Joanne/Teresa are going to look for best buy on a 20×20 tarp

Dance Instruction:
Decided that Beth’s approach to doing an introductory teaching dance for all was great. Wayne suggested not doing circle dances as a first dance as its counter productive for newcomers.

River Falls Lodge:
It was recommended that we post emergency numbers in case there is a need and Elaine will include on dance payment form as well.

New dance payment form was used for the last night without difficulty. Elaine passed out a handout with our net worth and a budget sheet from Jan-April of this year. Balance is approximately $6000 in the checking account. A motion was made to accept the new dance fee of $8 and the budget agreed upon via email (Harvest Moon to get $2 of the dancer payment). Elaine made the motion and John seconded it. We are running out of $1 bills at the dance and it was suggested we start out with $100 in ones and $50 in fives to help with change. The area where money is collected is too dark and a light would be helpful. Wayne will look into. Discussed many ways to generate money to purchase River Falls (low interest loans and/or donations from members of dance community and beyond). We will have a meeting on the subject later in the summer. The board was not interested at this time in changing our mission in order to qualify for government grants/loans.

Nominating Committee:
John Bryson is taking over as Nominating Committee chair (needs at 1 or 2 others to be part of committee).

Building and Maintenance:
Wayne reported on various maintenance issues, his work on floor and inspections of joists etc. as well as septic. Wayne will check w/ Leon about grass etc. Suggestion was made to start planning/considering window addition to RF. Water coolers need cleaning w/clorox/water or other suitable cleaner. Four need replaced. John will look into replacing these. The hose was replaced with the MoonDance hose. Roger (a non-board member) has offered to help with this committee. It was decided we will have a work day on July 1st from 9-2. Wayne and John will make a list of projects that are needed and Elaine will make a list of volunteers.

Next Meeting:
Saturday, July 1 from 3-5:30 at River Falls which will be preceded by a work session from 9-2.


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