May 30, 2009


May 30, 2009  River Falls Lodge




David White, Wayne Richard, Dwayne Plaisted, Jennie Wakefield, June Glenn, Tamara McGovern, Frank Farmer, Anna Rowe, Jennifer Whiting, Tammy Miller, Catherine Scott


Acknowledgements and Welcome….  [5  min]

HMFS recognition (CDSS & more), Frank et al. – Work day

Catherine et. al (Moondance), Jennie/Anna free Y dance Upstate Forever


Old Business: [5 min]

  • Minutes & Process

Motion by Wayne to accept the minutes, second by Tamara, all approved, none opposed.

David updated the board on the process of editing and posting minutes:

Once Anna sends the minutes draft to David, he may add additions/comments (using track changes on word) and then pass along to rest of the executive committee (Wayne and John) for comment. Anna then revises as appropriate and posts to the website as “pending approval”. Other board members can suggest changes at the next board meeting prior to approval of the minutes.


New Business:

Building Committee- all [15 min]

  • Septic – Frank reported that River Falls is having some septic issues and that we are looking at moving very quickly to address the septic problems. We are hesitant to move forward on capital improvements without further clarity w/ Scott. We have a few alternatives on the table and we think that extending the drain field has the most potential of working. David has been communicating with Scott on this issue and we are waiting on Scott’s decision before moving forward.
  • Floor – When HMFS had the work day, a lot of deficiencies were found.  Frank reported that the floor is a major issue and there are a lot of places on the floor that need some attention.  If we replace the floor, we may consider an oak or maple wood and use our current floor as a sub-floor.  David added that we can do some research on the floor replacement. Frank will research costs. David and Wayne will investigate possibilities with Scott.
  • Ultimately, the floor is a “wanna have” in the future but the septic system is a “gotta have”.  The board will see something in the near future via email to vote on.


Y Dance – Jennie   [10 min]

Based on a request from Wayne at the last meeting, Jennie prepared the following:

Statement Clarifying Y Autonomy


A motion giving autonomy to the Y Dance in several areas was passed in December 2008 [see below]. The motion enables the Y Dance committee to

1) set or change amounts paid to band/caller/sound,
2) make purchases up to $300 without board approval,
3) set admission costs for Y dance.
It also indicates that funds raised by the Y dance (past and present)
will be earmarked for the Y Dance’s use.


This means that, as always, the treasurer will keep track of Y dance funds and list the Y Dance’s annual income/expenditures in the budget. If the committee wants to purchase an item over $300, it will seek board approval. Other purchases (such as sound supplies, cups) will be recorded and noted.
The Y Dance, at this time, is not asking for its own checking or savings account but will continue to send payment sheets, payment sheet revisions, receipts for expenditures, and related items to the treasurer for the records. If the treasurer wants more assistance from
the Y committee in working with Y-related budget tasks, the committee will be glad to support that as directed.
Motion in December 2008:
Y Committee moves that, as of January 1, 2009, 
              (a) the Y Committee have flexibility and autonomy regarding payment of
                  band/caller/sound person and for making purchases up to $300, 
              (b) funds generated by the Y Dance (2008 and beyond) be earmarked for
                  the Y /Dance, 
             (c) Y Committee have the authority to set the admission price for the Y


Wayne acknowledged that he is satisfied with this clarification. Wayne and Jennie will coordinate regarding  Y Dance finances,  to gain a sense for budgets on a regular basis .


Also, Frank, Dwayne, and John had to take down the YWCA sound attenuation panels because the fabric used was not certified flame retardant, so we are looking to either purchase new panels. The Y committee is also looking for alternative venues.


Finances – Wayne [20 min]

  • Budget Approval and Update

Wayne distributed the budget with all income and expenses.  Our current profit stands at $3673.47. We may be looking into placing our profit into a CD or account that earns a higher interest rate.


The main topic of discussion regarding the budget was  the Y dance  as to what is recorded and paid when  out of town callers or band members  get different shares from local callers or band members.  While not making a motion, he just wanted to seek clarification on how these differing payments should be recorded for the budget.

-See copy of the budget for details and clarification-

  • Tammy made a motion to accept the budget as presented, second by Jennie.

All in favor and none opposed.


Nominating committee – Wayne [10 min] 

Wayne presented nominee Marenda Moore.

            A motion was made for Marenda to become a board member.

            The motion was approved.


Wayne informed the board of one potential student representative and one potential regular board member and the need to get to know these individuals. Different opinions were expressed about what we are looking for in a student rep but generally it was agreed that we don’t expect as much from them (before voting) as we do regular board nominees.


Volunteer and host committee [15 min]

  • June – Volunteer – changes/suggestions

June noted that there was a lack of clarity on the website about volunteers and when a volunteer could expect to help and get in free (both advance and at the door). We need to make some changes to the website to make sure that the volunteer expectations and communications are clear. June will email everyone the changes she would like to make and get approval from the board online.

  • Tamara – SIGN UP sheet: Tamara passed out the sign-up sheet and requested for everyone to fill in the open slots.
  • Hosting reminders, camping and water – David reminded all board members to be sure to thoroughly clean the bathrooms on their hosting day.  He also reminded the board that during the warm season, we can keep the water on for campers after the dance as long as one of them will shut off the main valve that is outside.


*******************Break (4:20): 10 min — **************************


Dance Quality/Slam Dance/Crowd Management Committee – Tamara  [20 min]

  • Update and motions (Ethan was added to the committee)

Tamara updated the board on all of the email communications about the crowds at the dance. Multiple suggestions were discussed and ultimately, the committee would need to meet face to face, in order to make a final decision on which solutions we will act upon.  Tamara asked that other board members email her other suggestions to bring to the face-to-face Slam Dance committee meeting.


Special Events Committee [5 min] – Monster Mash – June

June reported that the band and callers are booked and she will set a time for a meeting.


Moondance  -Catherine [10 min]

There will not be a reduced rate for students this year.  The cabin prices have increased as well. The flyers will be mailed on June 1, thus in house by June 3 at latest. The next Moondance meeting will possibly be on July 17th or the end of June. Theresa and Catherine will keep everyone posted with meeting dates and times.


Sound committee – John [5 min]

            Absent, no report.


PR and outreach committee – Jennie, Anna… [10 min]

Wayne is taking over the hotline for Anna. Anna is looking into the facebook marketing outside of what we already have.

Jennifer Whiting created a website called that provides a dance listing all around the Upstate.


Band booking/callers –David/Jennie [5 min] 

            David and Jennie are doing a great job with booking bands and callers.


Next Meeting : 

Sunday, August 2,  3:00-5:30 – Tamara McGovern’s House in Spartanburg


Meeting adjourned at 5:32pm

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