October 2005


Board Meeting – Oct. 1, 2005


Present: Jimmy, Janet, David, Kathleen, Ed, John, Elaine, Tammy, Terry Pizutto, Leon and guest, Charlie Shipman

Absent: Neil, Terri Chester, Dwayne, Nancy

Host: River Falls Lodge

Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved. Ed welcomed new board members.

Nominating Committee: Kathleen is taking over as chair of the committee. Leon recommended two new board members: Charlie Shipman and Scott McCall. It was suggested that they fill out board profile forms. The committee recommended two board members as discussed at previous meetings: Wayne Richard and Teresa Wilson. Elaine made a motion to accept both nominees and Ed seconded it. All accepted the vote. All the board positions are filled with these two new members making a total of 15.

The current officers agreed to remain in their positions after polling for new nominees. All approved as follows:

  • Ed Edmondson, President
  • David White, VP
  • Janet Swell, Secretary
  • Nancy Woods, Treasurer

Finance: Ed reported in Nancy’s absence.


Publicity: Jimmy discussed his feeling about the content of the web site. Feels it should and does describe who we are, where we dance and when, information for dancers including conduct. He feels we need to work on spicing up the web site with graphics. Tammy, Terri P. and John agreed to work with Jimmy on this project. Mission statement needs to go on the home page and Jimmy will make sure it gets there.

Volunteer Committee: Ed requested that this committee be responsible for enlisting opening and closing volunteers on dance nights. In the past he and John filled in when these responsibilities were uncovered by board members. Terry and Kathleen discussed ways to enlist help from the dance community and will work on it. Leon suggested that opening and closing duties be separate responsibilities. Ed suggested we train new board members on how to open and close and he is willing to do this for the next couple of dances. Discussion about board perks followed including the possibility of offering scholarships for volunteer help. John would like there to be more dances…discussion at the next meeting. Terry, Ed and Tammy will form the committee and will work on these issues and bring back to the board at the next meeting.

Building Committee: John shared that although the roof is now covered, several items still need to be completed including the broken rafter, work on the vents, gutter work (this needs to be bid and is not included).

Other projects for the future:

  • Bathroom upgrades.
  • Work on the floor (patching bad places).
  • Landscaping (Elaine was interested in helping).

Work Day: John will make a list of jobs to be accomplished. Cleaning the building and putting plastic over the windows are two projects that need to be done as well as others. It was agreed to have a work day on Oct. 22nd, before the next dance.

Special Dances: Moondance – a great success per David. Made over $7,000. The Moondance committee suggested band possibilities for next year.

Monster Mash, Oct. 29th:

  • Full Tilt Boogie will play with Hank and Diane calling.
  • Registrars are Elaine and Janet. Kathleen will handle finding places for out-of-towners to stay.
  • Limit for the dance is 200. So far 55 people have signed up.
  • Set-up is at 10 am. before the dance and need volunteers. Will put up a sign-up sheet at the dances to enlist help. Elaine will call volunteers to remind them of their commitment prior to date. Lunch (pizza) will be provided for volunteers.
  • Leon purchased two large tents which could be used for dressing rooms.
  • Board members urged to get their registrations in soon.

Sound Equipment: Our amp died and we are using an OFB amp. We need a new one at a cost of $500-$800. We can continue to use the borrowed one for a while and can decide on the purchase of a new one after the roof is completed.

Bands and Callers: David enlists suggestions from board members on callers and bands. Discussion followed regarding how Harvest Moon might work to sponsor/support other dance/music events. David will send out a letter describing opportunities and criteria that Harvest Moon may have beyond the twice/month contra dances. Examples might be benefit dances, advance dances and music festivals.

Adjournment: Ed adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be December 3rd, (Saturday) at River Falls Lodge at 3 pm before the dance.

Note: Elaine reminded us that mileage to and from our board meetings is deductible, due to Harvest Moon’s tax exempt status.


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