August 14, 2010



August 14th at River Falls Lodge 3:00-5:30PM

Present: Wayne Richard, Jennie Wakefield, Tamara McGovern, Frank Farmer, Steve Simmons, Anna Rowe,
June Glenn, Minty Norris
Absent: Jen Whiting, Paul Boska, Marenda Moore, David White, Keith Eustis

Welcome and Acknowledgements: Wayne
• Special thanks to Steve for all of his work with taking over the media/website updates.
• Special thanks to Marenda for taking care of accounting in the midst of a lot going on with family.

President’s Report: Wayne
• Meeting Goals: involvement, focus, brevity, consideration, accomplishment

Old Business:
• Minutes from 6/12/10 meeting
Motion was made and approved by all to accept the 6/12/10 minutes.
• Scott McCall Relationship: Wayne, Anna
There has been no contact other than money taken from the lodge for camping. Anna will wait to
contact until the tax situation has been figured out.
• Investing
At the last meeting, we talked about putting money into certain investments, but from what we
can tell, no progress has been made on this. We will most likely wait on the tax situation about RFL
before making any progress in tying up the money into investments.
• Brush cutter for parking area
The project is put on hold. We may work on this in the winter when the dance numbers go up and
the visibility is low. For larger dances, we may put cones out to direct cars into the grassy lot for
parking. We may re-visit this agenda item at the next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee: Marenda
There was no treasurer’s report for this meeting, but once we get the report, board members can
provide feedback to Wayne via e-mail.

Governance Committee: David
• New Chair Needed
David White will no longer be serving in this position after rotating off the board at the end
of September, and Jennifer Whiting is moving, thus we need a new Governance Committee

Nominating committee: June
• Mark Hackett , Maggie Brown, Steven Duda, Eldon Vaughn, Andy Molenbrock
Mark Hackett has been willing to be involved in the board. He is a regular dancer and has expressed
interest. Now that the school year has started, Anna will touch base with Maggie about applying for
the board. Steve Duda seemed like a good prospect. Eldon Vaughn is waiting until he knows more
about his job. Hank Czubek is a strong possibility. The board will talk to him tonight. John Allen is
still in consideration as well.
• Jen Whiting
Due to her recent marriage and moving out of town, she may not be staying on as a board meeting.
• Recruit, recruit, recruit!
• Wayne made a special recognition and thanks to Jennie Wakefield, David White and Jimmy Smith
for all of their hard with the HMFS Board over the past few years. With their service as board
members, officers, spearheading new committees/dances, and the media, we are very thankful for

Volunteer committee: June
There had been some confusion about those who volunteer and what the perks are for volunteering.
It has now been corrected on the website. For clarification purposes, a volunteer who OPENS the
night, gets into the dance for free and gets a free dance ticket for another dance. A volunteer who
CLOSES gets into the dance for free that night. A volunteer, who opens and closes, gets into the
dance for free and two dances tickets for later dances.

Facilities Maintenance: Frank, Minty, John, Roger Burns
• Floor Repair
No report.
• Clean up by Harriette
We contacted Harriette about dusting RFL in exchange for 10 dances. We are looking forward to the
Lodge getting cleaned up! She will most likely come up to the Lodge on August 27-29th when there
are no dances at the RFL.
Anna will make a coupon for Harriette to use for the 10 dances.
• Minty reported that we are still good to go on supplies, but there was a need for clarification on
what gets used for Moondance vs. what stays at RFL. Wayne will help clarify what goes to the
Moondance and what stays here.

Band/caller booking and Host reminding: Tamara
• Remember: Don’t announce Advanced Dances
• We have bands and callers through the end of the year and hosts through early November. We may
need permission to book a 4 person band for October of 2011. This would be a Sunday dance, so
approval and arrangements will need to be made. There is another idea about a March/April dance
event at RFL. Other ideas were discussed about bringing a band like Perpetual E-Motion into town
and making a “dance weekend” of the event where there is an advance dance on Friday and maybe
two dances on Saturday.
The issue with hosting long dance events at RFL, have to deal with the septic system…which is
something we will not be able to fix until HMFS is in a lease.

Band/caller lodging coordinator: Keith
• Have you accepted or declined being a musician/caller host?
If you have not responded “yes” or “no” to Keith about housing band members, please do so ASAP.

PR and outreach committee: Jennie, Anna
No report.

CityDance: Jennie, Marenda, Anna, David, John.
Wayne mentioned that the attendance at the CityDance is declining. There was discussion about
deciding on the Landmark dance by the Friday in September, or giving it a year from the date of its
first dance. By giving it a year, we would be able to see a trend in dancing.
• Rescind old web site verbiage; host duties and credit, dissolve search committee
Jennie did a great job making a “host duty” manual. There is some confusion about where to put the
signs for the dance, but we will continue to put signs out for the dance. The official search committee
for CityDance is temporarily dissolved, but Wayne urged the board to present other ideas for new
Anna will contact the Greenville News and other local publications about providing press for the

Landmark dances.
Volunteers –
Details about volunteers will go online. Volunteers will get free admission for the Landmark dances
in which they serve.

MonsterMash: June
• Potential bands, callers
Jan is working on the design for the flyers for Monster Mash.
• T-Shirts
Jan mentioned T-Shirts for the event. She and June will work on this with more details to follow.
New Business:
• RFL Taxes
The 2009 taxes on RFL have not been paid. There has been discussion about what can happen if we
were to buy into tax lein for one year. There seems to be a consensus about attempting to purchase
the tax lein. HMFS will need to have the monetary means to purchase the lein at the time of the sale.
• CityDance Volunteers (already discussed in prior agenda items)

Next Meeting: Saturday, October 9, 2010 at RFL 3:00-5:30pm. Followed by social, potluck and dance.

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