August 2011


August 13th 2011 at River Falls Lodge 3:00-5:30PM


Present: Wayne, June, Keith, Steve, Frank, Maggie, Marty, Minty and Hank

Absent: Anna, Marenda, and Tamara


Welcome and Acknowledgements: Wayne

  • Have a get together (maybe at Anna’s) just as a formality for voting

President’s Report: Wayne

  • Meeting Goals: involvement, focus, brevity, consideration, accomplishment


Scott McCall:

—-Marenda hasn’t received the W9 because it needs an LLC number, not a SS


Questioned the floor: structural or surface problems?

How long would he have to fix it?

Apparently he has had someone look at the floor and isn’t as worried.

Winterizing bathrooms: Could insulate the bathrooms and pipes more. Maybe putting space heaters in and check on them throughout the week. (Board explained the pipes outside would be the problem…Scott didn’t really understand, said he’d have to look into it/talk with someone about some more options.)


Old Business:

  • Attorney Consult

  • AED—Marty

4 year battery, training pads and training mode, adult pads are $60 to replace

we will lock the AED in the sound closet

  • June—Volunteer Duty list

  • Harriet Bugel

  • Roof leak

Hank said he would caulk it again.

  • MoonDance/MonsterMash event listing

In place and ready to go!

  • Storage options

***Get Wayne to attach copy of storage information

Stay with Marietta, PODS, or Cargo trailer

Frank made a motion to accept option #3 (Cargo Trailer), Hank seconded it. Board agreed!


*The trailer would also be able to tow a vehicle (the one used to pick up rental equipment!)

  • Facebook errors: “City Dance”

  • Contract: Keith/Wayne

  • Budget for Contributions: Wayne/Marenda



Secretary’s Report: Anna

  • Vote on previous minutes

Unanimous Approval of the Minutes.


Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee: Marenda

  • No Report


Governance Committee: Steve, Hank

  • No Report


Nominating committee: June

  • Johnny Dehlea, Kurt Stevens, and Maggie are now on the committee. Both Johnny and Kurt are considering joining the board.


Volunteer committee: June

  • No report.


Facilities Maintenance: Frank, Minty, Hank

  • No report.


Band/caller booking and Host reminding: Tamara

  • No report.

Band/caller lodging coordinator and Callers Collective: Keith

  • No report

Sound committee: Frank

  • No report.

PR and outreach committee: Anna, Steve, Wayne

  • No report

CityDance: Marenda, Anna, Hank

  • No report

Monster Mash: June

  • No report


Next Meeting: Sept. 25th at 5:00 pm for elections only followed by social and potluck




Board agreed on cargo trailer. So get back with Scott about the possibility of a storage unit here or rent space from Marietta



Old Action items

  • June is making a check list for Hosts/Volunteers to Open/Close to laminate and post in the dance hall.

  • Frank will get in touch with Harriet about cleaning the Lodge and may set up a regular cleaning schedule that would result in Harriet dancing for free!

  • Keith will try to get Pine Top Revival to play for Collective, which would also give us the opportunity to hear this new band. Otherwise we’ll be getting Marty to play.

  • Wayne and Steve are still looking to create a Web-site archive listing previous MoonDance and MonsterMash events

  • Wayne will call Jerry Vice to discuss his interest in purchasing the Lodge.

  • Anna will email the Youth Board Application out to the Board. Upon approval of the application, Steve will update the application on the web.

  • June to make a checklist for Hosts/Volunteers to laminate and post in the dance hall.

  • Frank will contact Harriett to work up an agreement for periodic (quarterly?) Lodge cleaning in exchange for free dancing.

  • Wayne is getting Charles Kellet’s email address (from Landmark Hall) to Tamara.

  • Wayne and Anna will work with Jimmy to correct the current Facebook Page’s information.

  • Wayne and Marenda will get together (before the next board meeting) to look at the budget and evaluate our extra expenses each year that we can contribute to service organizations (such as Crossnore School, River Falls Fire Dept, etc.).

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