February 2011


February 20th, 2011 at Steve Simmons home 3:00-5:30PM, social and pot-luck to follow 


In Attendance: Tamara, Hank, Wayne, Frank, Steve, Anna, Maggie, Marty, Minty and Marenda 
Welcome and Acknowledgements:  Wayne 
President’s Report: Wayne

  • Meeting Goals:  involvement, focus, brevity, consideration, accomplishment
  • Successor:

Wayne’s term comes to a close September 30 of 2011. He recommended that the board start talking to June and the nominating committee about recommendations for the incoming board president. Anna is also finishing her first 3 year term as Secretary effective on September 30 as well.

Wayne encouraged that current board member(s) start taking on tasks that are involved with his current role such as the weekly hotline, weekly yahoo groups email, and the quarterly hard copy of the dance schedule that dancers can take home with them at the dance. 

Old Business:

  • Scott McCall Relationship: Wayne

Wayne has talked with Scott briefly about the drain field situation. The comment was “go ahead and use it as normal since we think we have it cleaned out.” Board members have not heard anything in particular about the issues so we are ok to continue to use the facilities as normal.

  • Vote Minutes of Dec 12, 2010

Motion made by Steve, second by Anna, unanimous approval of minutes by all. 

Treasurer’s Report/Finance Committee:  Marenda

  • Marenda received a notice from the IRS taking out 32% instead of 28% from Scott’s rent payment.
  • The treasurer’s report reflects the end of 2010. The total income is less than the total expenses, but only in part to Moondance (the rental for the facility taken out before Moondance income comes in).

Tamara moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, second by Hank. 

Governance Committee:  Steve, Hank

  • Youth Representative application form, quorum clarification

Anna will look at the board application to edit it specifically towards students. She will bring hard copies to the next meeting to for the board to review and approve. 

Nominating committee:  June
      June was unable to make the meeting. No report on nominating committee. 
Volunteer committee:  June
      No Report. 
Facilities Maintenance:  Frank, Minty, Hank

  • Water heater maintenance/repair

Hank got the hot water heaters working. The hot water heaters are being dissolved by the well water. The one in the ladies bathroom may stop working first, but we could easily use one hot water heater for both bathrooms. Wayne sent a copy of the bid the board. Even though we own the heaters, we have to consider how much more money we want to put into Scott’s property that we may not be able re-claim.

  • Ongoing roof leak. Hank will check that.
  • Safety:

Frank spoke to the Board about the situation with Ed Skewe’s condition last week. He recommended to never get rid of the landline on the property. Parking is becoming an issue and when the ambulance was unable to get onto the road to the lodge. Frank put parking tape up at the last dance, which helped the situation. There is a whole roll of parking tape in Leon’s closet to use for the dances. Frank will start with getting signage on the spaces of the road that need to remain clear. Board members are encouraged to keep an eye on the parking tape.

Lastly, Frank discussed safety. Everyone needs to be aware of the fire extinguishers on the wall. The board is encouraged to be aware of where those are located. We are looking at getting EXIT signs up on the wall. Frank thanked Minty for updating the first aid kits. He will also add disposable gloves and a rescue breathing mask.

Signage – Marenda took a class on dance signage. She will email the information on the signs (which ones we need) and then Tamara and Anna will decide on the signs and have them printed. 

Band/caller booking and Host reminding:  Tamara

  • Remember:  Don’t announce Advanced Dances

Tamara has the hosts lined up through July. She is undecided about the Sunday dance in May. Tamara mentioned having Keith get a tally on Tamara’s calling an advanced dance.  

Band/caller lodging coordinator: Keith

  • Have you accepted or declined being a musician/caller host?

Keith was not able to attend, but thanks the board to responding to the “out of town band hosting”. Keith reported to Wayne that she had 20 people listed on the Caller’s Collective list. 

Sound committee:   Frank

One issue at the moment is that Mike has been bringing a subwoofer. It has made a nice difference in the sound. Mike has offered to let it stay on the grounds of RFL for free with the exception that if we write up an agreement, HMFS would insure its repair/replacement if it was damaged in our possession. Wayne agreed that it would be a good idea to let it stay at the lodge. Frank offered to make a motion that we would write up an agreement between HMFS and Mike to read, vote on, and move forward with keeping the subwoofer. Marenda will call the insurance company to make sure we can add an additional $3,000 to our equipment insurance. 

PR and outreach committee:  Anna, Steve, Wayne

  • Facebook, Gvl. News, Yahoo, Hotline

Tamara and Anna update facebook and the News for the Landmark Hall dances (since the RFL dances do not need advertising at the moment.) 

CityDance:  Marenda, Anna, Hank

  • Shares Policy in web site

Since we have reduced the shares of the dance <down>, there was discussion about changing the way that the CityDance payments work. Frank made a motion that “we alter the pay schedule (once again) for Landmark Hall dances. This includes taking out $200 for sound and allocating the rest of the money for talent. The decision will be reviewed at maximum of 12 months from now (Feb. 2012)”. There was a second by Tamara. Motion tabled at 4:56pm.

  • Maggie made a motion to continue to Landmark Hall dance for one full year beginning April 2011 through April of 2012. There was unanimous approval by the board.
  • Motion back on the floor that we alter the pay schedule (once again) for Landmark Hall dances. This includes taking out $200 for sound and allocating the rest of the money for talent. The decision will be reviewed at maximum of 12 months from now (Feb. 2012). There was a second by Tamara. There was a unanimous approval by all. This will be implemented at the February dance coming up.

Monster Mash:

  • June asked that “if we have suggestions of bands and callers for Monster Mash, we should email June by March 21, 2011.”

Tamara suggested that we try to find a way to list the past callers and bands on the HMFS from MoonDance and Monster Mash. Wayne will follow up with Theresa Pizzuto to get the list from previous years. 

New Business:

  • Special Committee: Maggie, Frank, and Steve

Steve reported for the committee. There is a document with all of the information (see attached form).

Between now and the next meeting, Wayne encouraged the board to review the form and brainstorm on the items. Please respond to the committee (or Reply All) with suggestions/thoughts.

  • Dance Seminar:  Marenda and/or Frank

Hold until the next meeting.

  • Emergency preparedness

Marty will look into getting an AED for River Falls Lodge (expense, time, training, etc.) as well at the Red Cross CPR and AED Certification.

  • Crossover Dance Sponsorship
Wayne shared an email from a Clemson dancer requesting HMFS sponsorship for his dance. Board consensus was that HMFS should not sponsor the proposed techno-crossover dance but would go-between with Landmark Hall and would help advertise. 


Next Meeting:  Saturday, April 9th from 3:00-5:30pm at River Falls Lodge followed by potluck and dance.




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