December 4, 2009



Board members present include David, Tamara, June Marenda, Jennie, Frank Jen, Wayne.


Not present:  Anna, Steve, Paul, Ethan


Thanks to June and Jennie, Jimmy


Minutes coming for 10/10 meeting.


Wayne commented on Catherine Scott’s announcement that morning of her decision to resign her board position.


Frank:  Credit:  No RFL taxes paid yet.  HMFS should be in position to possibly make offer on RFL.  Contact John Allen?  Talk to BBT?  Wayne will contact BBT. Varied discussion ensued.


Jennie:  Report on Y-dance future. Anna contacted Chris Holcombe, OFB.  Got info re: hosts, volunteers, etc.  New board and dancers, in general, have reduced the age distribution.  Jennie presented the Perks Sub-committee’s two motions (attached).Tamara likes option #2 (host one dance, get two free tickets) because some do more than others. Tie perks to investment.


 June likes #2. Tamara determined the perks will cost  $960/yr.


 Wayne commented about the philosophy of giving no-strings-attached perks, that the result might be that recipients might feel compelled to volunteer.


Jennie moved option #1:  All HMFS board members get free admission to any RFL dance but not CityDance dances.  No second deeded.  Passed four to three.


Treasurer’s Report: Marenda had emailed the Y-dance report including the St. Mark dance report.


Tamara moves elect Keith Eustis to board status.  All in favor, none opposed


Discussion of direct deposit of the rent check.  No action.


Volunteer Committee:  June spoke of attempts to recruit committed volunteters.  Discussion followed.


Tamara presented list of hosting appointments.  David offered to take some women’s hosting dates.  Jen’s concerned about hosting, given her new second shift job.


David spoke of meeting with Scott.  And he agreed to continue to pursue meeting with Scott.


Facilities:  Frank.  Gas will be checked. Spoke of the antifreezing process. 


Meeting Bill Whalen:  Fewer people rather than more.


 David/Jennie:  Dance booking.  David training Tamara for doing this for RFL.  Jennie reported that the YWCA (“Kimberly”) has doubled the rent.  No 2010 in-town bookings yet.


 Band/Caller lodging.  No coordinator yet.  Band-booker can help lead into this by knowing band personnel and home port..


David spoke and moved “Second Wednesday Dance will be held at the Sat. Mark United Methodist church and that HMFS is no longer involved with the Greenville YWCA” Affirmative and unanimous.


Further discussion about the possibility of a Sears Shelter dance.  Is Wednesday the best night?  Jennie brought up if the former Y dance committee would shift to being the committee for an intown dance.  June knows of a church near Y with good floor.


David moves that the dance formerly known as the Y-dance be now called “CityDance”  Affirmative and unanimous.


June spoke about Monster Mash.  180-190 dancers.  Shares $205.  Deposit of $879.  Successful potluck.  Many people stayed to the end.  Few complaints about $15 admission.  Advertise earlier 2010.  End at 11:30?  People feel they get their money’s worth if it goes til midnight.  Long break for costume parade. 


Comments were mostly positive about asking callers to finish the evening by parading the dancers up to the stage to appreciate the band.


June:  Closing in winter lags because dancers socialize and are slow to be done with bathrooms, so could callers ask people to leave?


Frank suggests we have some business cards made up.  Marenda says Vista Print is good bargain.  Frank will follow up.


Marenda asks people turn in receipts only once a month.


Adjourned about 5:20









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