September 2002


1st Board Meeting – September 20, 2002

Held at Roger Burns house

Ed Edmondson presiding

Present: Brenda S., Gail O., Roger B., Emily D., David Weston, David
White, Jimmy S, Laurel H, Ed E., Anna Lynn E., Chris B.
Absent: Leon C.

No previous minutes to read, Ed opened with thanks to all

Laurel talked about what is a non-profit organization

We also talked about member and non-member groups – deciding on a non-member type being best for our needs.

An official election was held for officers

Ed Edmondson – President

Brenda Swearingen – Vice President

Anna Lynn Treasurer

Roger Burns – Secretary

Carried 100%

Ed spoke about the various committees that had been formed Everyone accepted their duties.

Laurel talked about the 3 years rotation of board members

Ed brought up board meetings: when, where, etc.

It was decided to have a monthly meeting on Friday night before the 1st Saturday dance whenever possible. Meetings rotate at board members houses. Next meeting at Ed’s house on the 25th October. Skip November . December 6th at David White’s house.

Next discussion was policy on grievance: If someone has a problem/comment it is to be taken to a board member in writing. It will then be presented before the board at the next meeting. The board must speak with one mind.

There was some discussion about MoonDance bands – ideas, nothing firm yet.

Ed next talked about hosting dances. How to open and close – walk through for those who never have done so.

Discussion about keeping $8.00 door for now to cover work in progress.

Anna Lynn asks for a finance meeting soon.

Chris will take care of Monster Mash again this year as he has already booked bands.

The meeting ended with a general discussion about Leon; His relationship the HMS/RFL. Leon cutting grass at the lodge and other maintenance items.

Thanks again from Ed.

Roger Burns – Secretary


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